Pablo Jill (Geonosis Arena)
Released September 2005
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 12, 2004


While not necessarily the most wanted Jedi figure ever, this apparent leftover from Saga is a welcome addition to the line. Despite having no lines and a very limited presence in and out of the films, Pablo Jill does the line one better by giving it yet another freaky alien Jedi.

The Jedi includes a lightsaber and a base.


As this wave is believed to be largely made of nearly-finished figures from years past only just now completed, it stands to reason this could very well be a figure leftover from 2003's Saga range or perhaps a holdout from early 2004, delayed when the Original Trilogy Collection took center stage. Either way, it's recent enough that it fits right in with the other Jedi figures in your stash.

While this is a new figure, it's good to note that Hasbro didn't go back to the mold farm to reuse existing limbs to make this figure. With Pablo's unique structure, it'd look crappy.

Part sea-monkey, part Resident Evil villain, all action! Pablo Jill's alien head sculpt is represented here nicely with a lot of well-placed paint apps and a ball-jointed neck, giving you a figure you can look at and say "hey, there's no need to resculpt the head here." As this doesn't happen all that often, I'm quite pleased to see it turn out so well.

The large robes of a Jedi are a little problematic for most toys-- cloth doesn't drape well, and plastic more or less limts your poses due to how it will be sculpted. In the case of ol' Pablo here, Hasbro managed to work in a good number of joints that look good in more than one pose, with shoulders, elbows, and wrists as well as a waist joint and both hips. It's not bad, but as it doesn't have ball joints, it isn't exactly the most perfect figure, either.

As always, Hasbro did a great job bringing the robes to life with the right texture and such, giving the cloth a visual weight that really fits the default pose. There's not a lot that Hasbro hasn't previously done here, but the new alien components really look great.


This set includes the traditional stand and a lightsaber.

The base is nothing new-- but it is necessary. Pablo likes to take a nosedive.

The lightsaber doesn't break any new ground, but it fits in his hands nicely and has a removable blade. It'd be great if he could carry the metal part of the weapon on his belt, but as his pose is combat-oriented it really isn't necessary.


Since Hasbro decided to stick with what worked, we're getting more OTC-esque cardbacks. Hooray! It won't last so enjoy it while it does.

There's a lot to the packaging, surprisingly. The double-border is just like the original Kenner packaging, and the black background is also very similar to the old toys. Since it's a prequel figure, the OTC logo has been dropped but the remaining design elements have remained in place. Which is a good thing.

The background of Geonosis looks excellent, even though most fans (well, OK, me) remember this guy from the library on Coruscant. He's ready to fight, though, and as such looks very good on this background. It's a real shame Hasbro will be moving past these soon for the firey Revenge of the Sith packaging as these are the best cardbacks out of Star Wars, ever.

The nameplate for the figures is a sticker, and the plastic bubble is grooved so it fits snuggly in place and won't be off-center. Customizers will probably have a field day with this packaging, as there are a lot of generic elements you can easily change out andcreate a package that's very specific to your tastes.


As of today, this figure is just becoming available in the USA. Happy hunting!


The neatest and most dull thing about Attack of the Clones was the flood of Jedi-- there were so many new alien figures, yet all of them on film or in the comics were written to be mostly very dull. Thankfully, the alien design is quite striking and as such, it's easy to say to you that you should go ahead and buy this one. If you're all Jedi-ed out, though, skip it.

Our review sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in October 2004.

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