Clone Trooper
Star Wars Unleashed
Released January, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on February 13, 2004


The most obvious void in Unleashed has been a lack of Imperials and generic troopers, and the Clone Trooper has managed to fill one of those. Looking at the helmet and the armor, this may be the most perfect sculpt in terms of quality that we've seen of a Clone Trooper as of yet, and given the wealth of product based on these guys, that's saying something.

The set includes a figure, a removable rifle, and a base with a dead Clone on it.


If this isn't perfection, it's really close.

Congratulations, Hasbro, you nailed it.

From the glossy visor to the look and feel of the armor, this just seems perfect. I saw details on the crest of the helmet that I never even would have though to look for, along with tons of ridges, panels, and other nice little touches that you just never, ever see on a toy Clone Trooper. The black bodysuit has its cloth sculpted nicely, and all the little dirty details and every aspet of the armor is pretty much exactly as I would have wanted it to be. Some pieces hang off the body a little, while others are as snug as they should be. While it may not be perfect, and I know I keep using the word, it really, really, really seems close.

The paint job is par for the course, with some dirt bringing some color to an otherwise black, white, and grey generic trooper. He's climbing over a fallen comrade, holding his weapon and ready for whatever is over the next hill. It would have been nice to see the dirt be a little more uneven, or perhaps a little more varied. The relatively even layer of brown doesn't seem too authentic, but hey, it's a toy of a sci-fantasy character so what can you really hope for in terms of realism?

The figure has no meaningful articulation, but the gun is removable from his hands.


In addition to the removable blaster, you get the best base ever.

Definitely the best of the series and probably the best for the entire line. Instead of just a plain dirt base, Hasbro sculpted in a complete Clone Trooper body here. No severed limbs or shortcuts were taken here, and they even went through the trouble to sculpt separate fingers and cracks in the helmet. I believe the cracks would look more convincing had they not been colored in with white, and some of the cracks weren't painted in, but hey, this is still the greatest base I've seen in this series. The level of detail is right on par with the figure, plus it has some holes, gashes, and added smoke and grime added to it. What can you say, other than "wow?"

The base is molded in a grey color which is only slightly darker than the Clone figure. The Clone on the base is also a little darker, but it took me a while to notice this, so you might not notice at all. The figure has a little difficulty plugging in the base on my review sample, so it may require some work to get it in there right.


Keeping in line with the new packaging mandate, we're seeing some fairly decent graphics here.

The front of the card's coloring is reminiscient of some of the concept art from Attack of the Clones.


This series is just starting to hit some stores.

Pricing is usually $15-$20 in the USA. Also, keep in mind that Unleashed is primarily a direct market line these days, so ordering online or via mail order may be required to get this toy. Unlike others in the series, this art really doesn't look so hot, as the helmet looks a little distorted in the painting. The coloring is great, though, and it really works well as a background for the figure in the package. Also of note, the Clone Trooper name sticker has a nice touch with the rank pips appearing under the "per" at the end of the name. Nice work!


Do you own any Unleashed figures? If so, this needs to be added to your collection as quickly as possible. This is definitely one of the high points of this series, and it should please people who so far weren't impressed with the other statues. It's everything it should be, and as such, how can you say no to it? If you can find one, get one.

Our sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in January 2004.

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