Obi-Wan Kenobi with Cup
Released March, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on March 17, 2004


For some reason, lots of collectors have decided that the Burger King collectible glasses from the original trilogy are the most important thing ever. Hasbro apparently caught wind of this oddity and released Obi-Wan Kenobi with a plastic cup for all your drinking needs.

This figure is packaged with a cup.


The figure was released as part of the Power of the Jedi collection in 2000, and as far as I can tell, it seems to be pretty much the same figure.

There are no new parts used in the figure, and the hole in the belt from an accessory that is no longer present remains.

The head is the same as the previous issue, which was the same as the 1995 edition and pretty much all versions of Old Ben Kenobi since the line relaunched. The paint job has been improved since then,

The articulation and overall look of the figure is pretty much the same as previous issues. Aside from the contrast between the light and dark grays in his hair, I could find no obvious differences between this and previous releases.


This set includes a lightsaber and a cup. The previous release, which will be repackaged later this year on the new Original Trilogy packaging, will include the same parts as before.

The lightsaber is the same as the previous release of the figure, and especially interesting to include as Obi-Wan was never seen in this outfit with his weapon ignited. The colors are good, the paint job is nice, but it's nothing we've not seen before.

The cup, on the other hand, is the reason to buy this set. The figure really seems like an afterthought, you're buying a cup that just happens to have a toy with it.

The style is pretty striking, looking a little bit better than what Burger King offerered nearly 30 years ago. The artwork is new, and these are not reissues of cups from 1977-1983. You may have noted there are no logos indicating Coca-Cola or Burger King or anything like that, so what you're seeing here is an all-new collectible tribute to a classic collectible.


In 2004, Hasbro made a slight shift to an increased presence of plastic in their toy packaging, and as a number of housewares at Target have been packaged this same way over the years, it really works.


These are starting to show up a little everywhere in recent days, and considering the nifty nature of them, should be around for a while. As a Target exclusive, concentrate your search there or on eBay.


With this exact same figure being repackaged later this year (but minus the glass) it's really a wonder that they decided that this would be a good choice for a figure-with-cup set. While I understand not wanting to make a new figure for these sets, it really would have been nice to see a different one, just so I don't end up buying this figure multiple times in 2004.

For what you get, the price isn't awful. It doesn't seem to feel like a good value, but I don't think the stores could keep these in stock if they were $7-$8 or less, so $9.99 seems to be right on the money. If you like what you see, or don't have this figure yet, this is a worthy purchase.

Our regular sample was obtained from Target in March 2004.

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