Darth Maul with Cup
Released March, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on March 19, 2004


For some reason, lots of collectors have decided that the Burger King collectible glasses from the original trilogy are the most important thing ever. Hasbro apparently caught wind of this oddity and released Darth Maul with a plastic cup for all your drinking needs.

This figure is packaged with a cup.


The figure was released as part of the Episode I collection in 1999, and this new release has very few changes made to it. Actually, aside from what could be identified as general variations found in any figure's production run, like a little more paint here and there, this seems identical to the 1999 release of Darth Maul (Tatooine).

There are no changes in the figure's sculpt, and the only real differences that can be seen are in the head.

Here, the eyes seem to be slightly different with a larger black dot in the center. For whatever reason, this makes his appearance slightly more comical, and it seems all of the cup figures have this slight difference. The face itself still has a pink chin with the rest of the red on his face appearing to be slightly different, but the contrast isn't as obvious on this issue as it was on the 1999 release of the figure.


This set includes a lightsaber and a cup.

The lightsaber is the same as the previous release of the figure, which is appropriate given the outfit-- this is the only costume in which he fought with one blade.

Once again, the cup is the set's highlight.

As there were no collector glasses made for The Phantom Menace, this one is entirely new and seems to combine both new and old graphics styles. The illustration is both very clear and specific in some places while being slightly fudged in others. It's a nice, clear image that seems to be made of drawings based on existing still photographs from the film, which, of course, is how these things are usually done. This one seems a little more true to the 1970s style used back in the day than Obi-Wan's cup, and of the first series, this is arguably the better of the two.


In 2004, Hasbro made a slight shift to an increased presence of plastic in their toy packaging, and as a number of housewares at Target have been packaged this same way over the years, it really works.


These are starting to show up a little everywhere in recent days, and considering the nifty nature of them, should be around for a while. As a Target exclusive, concentrate your search there or on eBay.


Since the figure doesn't offer anything new, the question you need to ask is "so, do I like cups?" It's not a bad little set and for kids, would make a good purchase. As something to keep in the box, it seems great, as old-timey collectors that have this figure don't really need another one open right now.

While it's a little odd that the figure doesn't match the illustration on the cups, it's not a bad set. A must for Maul fans.

Our regular sample was obtained from Target in March 2004.

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