Admiral Ozzel (Executor Assault)
Released April 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on June 18, 2004


"More Imperial officers!" is a common request from fans of Star Wars toys, and Hasbro has decided we're worthy of the first new high-ranking Imperial since the CommTech days with their latest, Admiral Ozzel (Executor Assault).

Made of new parts, Admiral Ozzel includes the new style Imperial blaster and a rectangular grey base.


He's new, and he's choking. Can you ask for anything more?

It's always great to see Hasbro crank out a new Imperial Officer, but there's something a little bit morbid about this one. He's the second choking victim, but he's also about two seconds from death-- you don't get that much these days.

It's a brand new ball-jointed head, and while this is nice to see it also means his neck looks strange at some angles. The main advantage to this kind of joint comes in when having him choking, of course, but it also lets him look around easily and that's a good thing in any action figure. The face sculpt is obviously Ozzel, as is the paint job. However, it could be just a little bit better in terms of paint quality, as on my personal sample, the eyes don't seem to match too well.

In terms of his sculpt, it's a good figure. Hasbro has already proven they can make a good Imperial Officer figure, but this new release has a lot more in the way of fabric texture and wrinkles. Also, the figure has subtle gloves instead of fairly huge ones, which is a nice change of pace and makes this a very distinctive figure.

Decoration of Imperial officers is easy, with a fairly color-free paint job and very little in the way of detail. The figure doesn't break much new ground, but all the colors are where they should be and there is one radical departure from most previous Imperial officer figures in that this one doesn't have glossy boots. (Go ahead and compare it against Tarkin, the generic Imperial Officers, etc. I can wait. He's just like Motti in this capacity.) This makes it stick out a little bit, but then again Hasbro seems to redefine what's "standard" with figures fairly regularly, so even with shiny boots he'll probably stand out in a line-up.

One thing Hasbro really did well with Admiral Ozzel is articulation, as you can tell from the photos. He can assume a number of poses, and is jointed at the neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, and hips. While knee joints would be great to have him kneeling or keeling over, Hasbro did admirably here and the end result won't disappoint.


This set includes a base and a gun.

The base is nothing new, so you know what to expect from the gunmetal grey rectangle with the Star Wars logo stamped on it. You probably have one or several. They're nice.

The weapon is the same gun we've seen since it was introduced with Bespin Escape Leia in 2001. It's a much improved, smaller Imperial pistol and is a most welcome extra here. Even though we never saw Ozzel fire one, odds are he had one handy and we can always use it with another figure.


For 2004, the late-2003 revision is still being employed. More of the same, folks.

This figure is not scheduled currently to be repackaged later this year.


He's around, but tends to come and go quickly. As he isn't part of the OTC yet, you might want to get a couple while you still can.


It isn't perfect, but it's a great Imperial officer figure and surely the start of thousands of great customs. As it stands, it'll fill out your dioramas nicely and delight fans of toys that can't breathe everywhere. This is a no-brainer, buy it when you see it because it's great.

Our regular sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in May 2004.

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