Return of the Jedi Infinities #3
Dark Horse Comics, $2.99
Released March 2, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus on March 10, 2004

Finding a new twist on an old tale has been a favorite area for comics to explore for years now, with "Elseworlds" and now Infinities. This series looks at each of the Star Wars flicks with one minor event changed. For Return of the Jedi, it was the absence of C-3PO in Jabba's Palace.

Story & Art

As evidenced by the cover, issue #3 has Luke being captured by the Empire. Leia has re-rescued Han from Boba Fett, although things aren't as rosy as you might hope. Basically, unlike the other Infinities series, this tale seems to be getting considerably more bleak as the run goes on and the final pages if this issue plant the seeds of a potential confrontation that would have made an especially interesting scene on film.

Adam Gallardo does a good job with the story, moving it along quickly with a good attention to dialogue that I daresay is better than the actual film in some cases. It's obvious the guy saw the films and understands how to make the words fit the story, and there's an added bonus in that the author doesn't resort to little boxes of narration to tell you what it is you're reading. All in all, good job Mr. Gallardo! And kudos for putting the Slave I to good use.

The art in some cases is great, and in others, not so much. Saleem Crawford, Ryan Benjamin, and Joel Benjamin are responsible for the unique look of the book which alternates between spot-on likenesses and some pretty iffy expressions. The vehicles, in some cases, look like they might be computer renderings, but this could be a trick of the coloring. Some panels will knock your socks off, though, and there's a really nice sweeping robe on the Royal Guards in the last panel of the book. It gets the job done, but some faces just don't look quite right.


It's at fine comic book stores everywhere as of last week. As such, get ye to the store and snag a copy. Cover price is $2.99 in the United States.


If you haven't been reading this series, go back and pick the first two up and then read this one. As far as Infinities goes, it's pretty entertaining and frankly much more exciting than some of the blander stories we've seen coming out of the prequel era so far. (Which is to say, anything not involving a Tusken Raider or turncoat Jedi.) There's some nice art and good ideas here, and it's a bit of a shame that some of them didn't work their way into the actual Expanded Universe and are stuck in the Infinities ghetto. If you have some cash to blow, this is a series worth your pupils' attention.

Our sample was purchased from a local Atomic Comics in Phoenix, Arizona.

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