Star Wars Republic #61
Dark Horse Comics, $2.99
Released February 18, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus on February 25, 2004

Finally breaking away from the Jedi, Republic decides to focus on politics. Political action comics never really entered my mind as something I'd read, having picked up the likes of Star Wars books alongside Box Office Poison, Sock Monkey, and TransFormers. But here it is... I just read a comic in which there's a lot of debate.

This issue is a one-shot entitled "Dead Ends" in which Bail Organa gets a little bit of backstory and argues with Palpatine. There's a few attempts to kill him, which fail, and we get to meet some characters that will be making appearances in the final Star Wars prequel. Nothing of any great importance happens, and this definitely feels like a filler story, but it's fairly entertaining and has some great character designs.

Story & Art

John Ostrander cranks out a decent tale of political action and intrigue that could have been a real dud in the hands of a lesser scribe. While the topic wasn't exactly the most exciting subject matter for a story, he keeps the story moving and manages to trim most of the fat. We get a few amusing asides regarding Mr. and Mrs. Organa's family-to-be and the return of a character we haven't seen since about halfway through The Phantom Menace. I'd tell you more, but this nifty development is sure to delight people interested in such things. I'd say more, but that's spoil the story.

Brandon Badeaux and Armando Durruthy pencil and ink the art, which is very striking and easily recognizable. When you see Bail Organa, unless you have no idea who he is, he's instantly recognizable. The cover is adequate, but probably won't be made as a limited edition print anytime soon.


It's at fine comic book stores everywhere as of last week. As such, get ye to the store and snag a copy. Cover price is $2.99 in the United States.


As far as prequel-era comics go, there are many issues that are far worse. This one doesn't break new ground or advance a story to a new and/or exciting level, but it's a decent read and you won't snooze off while reading it. If you haven't yet snagged it, it's worth a read, but it's not going down as a classic story.

Our sample was purchased from a local Atomic Comics in Phoenix, Arizona.

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