Achk Med-Beq
Released August, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 17, 2003


The second figure to use this body mold and the second figure based on a cameo is Achk Med-Beq, based on Ahmed Best, best known for his turn as Jar Jar Binks. While not exactly a requested character, nor is it especially exciting, it is neat to see an oddball minor character relatively early in Attack of the Clones' lifespan.

This figure includes a glass, a blaster, and a bar table stand.


It's the same body used on Lt. Dannl Faytonni, with the same accessories and a new head and some minor recoloring. As such, if you liked the fairly versatile Faytonni, you'll like Med-Beq.

 The body, as mentioned above, is nothing new but that doesn't mean that it isn't anything special. 14 points of articulation, a holster, and a good clean sculpt is never anything to sneeze at, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. What we haven't seen before, though, is Jar Jar Unmasked: The Toy.

Once again, Hasbro manages to translate a high-quality scan into a fairly high-quality sculpt with a great face and mostly great paint. If you've seen Ahmed Best in the film, it's pretty easy to recognize this mug as his. The facial features seem decorated properly, and even if his skin color seemed a little iffy on our review sample it still looks pretty great. The only weird things to be found on this figure come from his hair. Mostly because in the film, he had very short hair, and on the figure it looks like they just painted his scalp-- there's no texture to be found here. There's also a little plastic nub at the top of his head from the molding process that seems to be present on many if not all samples of this figure, and this looks a little odd as well. These minor things shouldn't ruin the figure for anyone, but they might annoy a few of the more observant collectors out there.

Since he's basically just Faytonni with a new head, you may wish to read that review for additional information on the figure's body construction.


This set includes a blaster, a base, and a glass.

The base, complete with table, is the same as the Lt. Faytonni version. The gun is also the same. The only new element here is the glass, which instead of appearing to be a clear glass partially filled with a red drink is now just a solid blue glass. This is a bit of a step down, as the other one looked a bit more convincing and like a little more thought went into it. Considering the design process for the toy, though, the accessories are appropriate and work well for the figure.


New and improved? You decide.


As a new figure, it hasn't been seen much. Since it looks a lot like an existing release, though, he should start warming pegs shortly.


Sure, he's more of the same, but he's also part of a set. The Coruscant Outlander Nightclub has seen very few figures released for it and as such you should get this just to flesh it out a little more. It's an amusing figure design and a fun cameo, plus you could just swap his head with Jar Jar's and do an on-the-set version of the character pretty quickly. For five bucks, he's a well-jointed and nicely sculpted figure but won't bring much new to the table. It's a good way to show how to get more out of an existing mold, but it'll probably fail to excite all but the most hardcore fans.

Regardless, it's a neat figure and is probably worth snagging if you see it.

Our sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in December 2003.

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