Padme Amidala (Lars Homestead)
Released November, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 4, 2003


Femae figures are usually on everybody's most wanted figure lists because the likes of Padme Amidala wear dozens of outfits, few of which have made it to plastic. This time around, she's the third release of the character in 2003 with her Lars Homestead outfit.

The figure includes a base and an outer cloak.


Another shining example of how to squeeze the most from a mold, Janus Greejatus turned out as a great example of how to do one of the most requested (but not by name) figures ever.

This may be the best figure based on Ms. Portman to date, as she doesn't have a wacky pose, excessive gear, or an outfit that translates poorly to plastic. As such, she may become a new fan favorite.

This is, without hyperbole, the best Clones Padme to date. Her face looks right, her expression isn't goofy, and as long as you get one that isn't painted badly, her makeup seems about right too. All in all, this is as good as she gets, and her head's on a ball joint. A real ball joint. This is something that's new to Hasbro Star Wars toys and is a welcome change.

Her outfit is pretty much perfect, as it's a solid color with a few small details which are hard to mess up. The wrinkles are subtle, the fabric's look is smooth, and with the exception for the pieces that hang over her shoulders it holds together well. Sometimes the pieces for her shoulders separate a little from the rest of her, which looks odd. Still, I've seen worse.

Her articulation is limited to a uni-leg and her arms, capped by a ball jointed head. The head pops off easily which will either be a boon to customizers or a bane to others, as the head pops off every time you remove the cloak accessory. Still, the figure is jointed fairly appropriately and this is probably the narrowest action figure released under Star Wars since the vintage days.


This set includes a base and a cloak.

While not cloth, the cloak hangs well, holds together nicely, and is decorated appropriately. It's stiff, and will stand up on its own without the figure for support. The only real complaint is that the clasp around the neck is fused shut, meaning that it's difficult to position her head the way you want, and if you remove the garment her head will come with it. Still, the head pops right back on and the garment does give the figure an extra outfit, so it's like two figures. As such, it works nicely.

It seems odd that the narrowest figure would include one of the widest bases. There's room here for Padme and a few friends, and it's a great base with a lot of decoration. Hasbro could probably easily sell these by the bag, as it works great with the likes of Asajj Ventress or others needing a wide-stance base. It's marvelous... a little much for Padme, who doesn't even need a stand, but it's a fantastic stand.


Typical late 2003 fare, which is pretty nice but not all that hot given that it's the third style of Saga packaging we've had this year.

It's nothing special, but it could be worse.


At two per box, she doesn't seem to be going anywhere quickly, but then again this is the big holiday toy shopping season and Star Wars is finally getting stocked again. She comes and goes, so be sure to keep your eyes open as she doesn't usually go quickly.


As stated previously, this is the Padme to beat. Hasbro has yet to make a better one, and as their progress with Padme is one-step-forward-two-steps-back, she's probably as good as it gets for a while. After the wedding dress release, they really needed to prove they could do a figure of her properly, and they managed to pull it off nicely.

While she doesn't do much of anything, she looks great and has a great stand. The character is a superb example of how to do her right, so be sure to buy one for you and another as a gift for the person in your life who cares about such things.

Our sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in November 2003.

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