Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus (Death Star Procession)
Released November, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 1, 2003


"Always a bridesmaid but never a bride" is a saying that fits a lot of Fan's Choice candidates since 2001. Hasbro did say that most if not all of the candidates were serious candidates for release regardless of the poll's outcome, and thankfully the Imperial Dignitary has seen release. As an added bonus, there's been two thus far.

The figure includes a base of sorts, more on that in the Accessories section.


Another shining example of how to squeeze the most from a mold, Janus Greejatus turned out as a great example of how to do one of the most requested (but not by name) figures ever.

Not surprisingly for an old robed guy, he's wrinkly and there's a lot of robes. Action isn't on the menu today, but an excellent amount of articulation and a top-notch sculpt sre there for those who are lucky enough to seek them out.

Hasbro deftly nailed the head's sculpt, despite not making the figure look exactly like the reference photo. He's paler, and there's a noted absence of excessive makeup which actually result in a more dignified looking action figure. The expression is sour, the wrinkles are plentiful, and unlike many other figures of a generic type, this guy actually looks like somebody. There is, quite literally, no room for improvement on the sculpt, but sticklers for authenticity may be upset by the aforementioned lack of color in his face.

As a gimmick-free figure, the sculpt is spared the buttons, switches, and spring-loaded action that tend to prevent a toy from performing whatever its desired function may be. The robes are clean, and not ridiculously frayed, wrinkled, or otherwise made to look goofy. As far as textures go, it's right on the mark and the coloring highlights the outfit perfectly well. There's really nothing to complain about here.

This figure is jointed well, but not well enough to result in numerous exciting poses. You can find joints around his boots, where his arms meet his body, his wrists, and is neck. By limiting the articulation, it was easy to produce a figure that isn't loaded down with cuts that might make this look too much like an action figure, so odds are this will please many a fan. Since all these guys really did was walk around and not say anything, this figure turned out exactly as it should have.


This set includes a base.

This may be the most baffling base of 2003. As you can see, there's no Star Wars logo, nor is their a foot peg. The figure does have holes in his feet, but the stand has no peg. This begs the question, why? Am I supposed to believe I'll have the opportunity to collect enough of these Death Star tiles to cover a suitable Imperial docking bay, hallway, or throne room? They look nice, and they'll probably provide a great basis for making a floor for a budding customizer's displays, but as it stands it's pretty worthless. The figure needs no stand to remain upright, and the lack of a peg just makes this seem completely unnecessary. It's nice to have, but this is one of the few times Hasbro could have cut a corner and nobody would have complained. Unless this is to connect to some other larger toy in 2004, odds are this is going to be a forgotten extra.


Typical late 2003 fare, which is pretty nice but not all that hot given that it's the third style of Saga packaging we've had this year.

It's nothing special, but it could be worse.


This figure seems to be the most popular in its current assortment, and as such I have not personally seen one in the stores yet. More are shipping, so odds are he'll be sitting alongside Lott Dod and Padme Arena figures in no time.


Fans of the Empire, your day is here. After much waiting and begging, the first of two Dignitaries is out and for a paltry $5. This is a no-brainer, it's worth having unless you have an aversion to the character. It'll look great in any display and is sure to make a great gift for the hardcore fan.

Our sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in November 2003.

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