Yoda & Chian
Released May, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on June 5, 2003


One of the greatest things in Star Wars collecting is the occasional two-pack, and this year Hasbro's released quite a few already. Yoda & Chian is one of four so far in 2003, and a surefire winner.

This set includes a "hover chair" on a clear plastic base for Yoda, a blue lightsaber, a green lightsaber, a cane, and a helmet.


Two figures, five bucks. Obviously, this is a good deal. This makes at least four Yodas from Attack of the Clones so far and at least one or two more are coming this year, and Chian is making his first appearance as a toy right here. What's not to love?

This is the third Nikto released so far, assuming you don't count the Klaatu as part of the Nikto race, which a lot of people do for some reason. The little padawan has an excellent sculpt which he shares with his Bear Clan peers-- his torso and legs are reused.

As a standalone figure, he's great. The detail is just right, and while some will lament the lack of leg articulation, but truth be told the figure works as is. The folds and creases in his robes are very nicely done, and the figure just turned out as a wonderful example of what can be done with a properly reused mold. His head has a surprising amount of detail, with little painted ridges on his forehead and a neck of a man ten times his age.

Considering his size and level of detail, this figure by himself would probably be a worthy $4-$5 purchase. Now, keep in mind this is without Yoda. He can stand up, and with his limited articulation, he's still pretty decent looking if he is or is not holding his weapon. While it's unlikely hours upon hours of extra work went into the figure turning out as good as he did, it's nice to see something this great as part of a cheap set.

As you can see, there's some parts sharing going down. For those who heard the Imperial Dignitaries coming soon would share parts, this is what Hasbro meant. A few sources were saying this meant interconnected bases... no. Certain pieces of the figure would be reused to create a second figure, much like the upcoming Outlander Club patrons.

Chian is part of a great set, plus it's an alien Jedi kid. Which, were it part of a hypothetical Star Wars TV show on Fox Kids, would be unwelcome... but as a toy, it works, and works well.

Yoda is, of course, the reason 90% of the people who buy this figure will buy this figure set. He has jointed elbows, which is a first for Yoda, and has a magnificent sculpt. Problem is, this figure was sculpted primarily to sit in his hover chair. As such, when he stands, his cloak seems like it's blowing in the wind, which might work well for a dueling diorama or perhaps him standing on the gunship, but it looks odd if he's just standing there. The detail is admirable, though, and the feel of the figure is pretty good. After all, it feels like a toy.

Yoda's jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, and hips. While he looks like he has two separate legs, it's just one piece, which is a real shame. If they went through so much trouble to make it look like two pieces, why not go the extra mile?

Due to his articulation, he's capable of several great poses previous Yoda toys just couldn't do. Want both hands on his cane? He can do that. Double-grip the lightsaber? Not a problem. Want to pose his arm so it's like the scene when he raises the X-Wing out of the swamp in Empire? He can do that, too! All in all, he's a slightly strange figure due to his garments, but the final product makes for a terric toy and a fun figure.

So far, I've taken a look at six Yodas, and most of them have eye paint that's just a little off on each one. When making your purchase, if you can, choose carefully.

These two figures are an example of what's right at Hasbro. Great figures, good articulation, what's not to love?


This set includes two lightsabers, a cane, a chair, and a helmet.

Yoda's hoverchair is uniquely made for him, and as such, there's no other figure that really works with this accessory. He can sit on, and he doesn't look awkward. As the accessory works as expected-- properly-- this is a great extra in a set where the mere presence of just the two figures was already awesome.

The accessories continue to be just as great as the figures. The lightsabers are a new mold, to this assortment at least, and feature no metal parts. The paint job on the handles seems to be a mixed operation, but it can be set up to look just fine.

The cane is more or less the same deal as the 2002 Yoda with the base, so it's good, but nothing too amazingly notable. It's a cane, and it looks great if you're trying to reenact the scenes on Geonosis with Yoda in the gunships. Actually, this figure alone will make you glad you have a Republic Gunship, just so he can stand in it.

The one accessory that calling lackluster seems the right thing to do is the helmet for Chian. While it fits well, and it's sculpted nicely, the black lines on it look horrible. It looks like the prototype on the box and the shot from the film had slightly messed up black lines, but this is ridiculous. Thankfully, if it bothers you to any great deal, the headgear is easily removed.

So far in 2003, no basic figure has had a better array of accessories.


The 2003 Saga packaging is changed only slightly from that of 2002. It does the trick, it looks fresher, but it's by no means any big change.


He's new, so keep your eyes peeled. He's sure to be a hit with fans of all ages, if he makes it to the pegs.


Every once in a while, a figure comes out that's worth shoving small children out of the way to get. This is one of those figures.

When you get two figures for five dollars, you're doing something right. When you get a good Yoda, things are good. This package represents everything right with Hasbro, except for one thing-- availability. If you see this, get it. It's great. No Star Wars fan should be without it, and collectors should buy them for friends with a passive interest in the line just because it's that nifty.

Unlike some of the other figures this year, this set reeks of quality and high production values. It isn't perfect, as a few paint ops seem to be below par, but the end result is most excellent. Get this set, or regret it a year from now.

Our sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in June 2003.

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