Gamorrean Guard
Released May, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on October 29, 2003


While the Gamorrean Guard was one of the most anticipated figures in the 1/6 scale, it seems to have not fully been able to translate well to this particular size of plastic.

The figure includes a pair of axes.


The best thing about this figure is it shows Hasbro's willing to sculpt a new body when appropriate. The sculpt is incredibly well done, and there's a lot of detail here that turned out great.

Thankfully, they got the proportions more or less right, at least from the profile. From the front, it seems his torso is a little short and the part with the fur is a little big. There's also a lot of wrinkles here, and a great outfit covers the body instead of just sculpting the plastic parts to look like a leather uniform. But first, let's take a look at his head.

Here's where the figure starts to fall apart. You can see they spent a lot of time sculpting it, and a lot of time painting it. But the time spent painting it wasn't particularly well spent, as the colors seem off and the browns in the cracks of the skin just look awful. Someone with a little skill with a paintbrush could turn this into a fantastic figure, but as it comes out of the box, it leaves something to be desired. There's a lot of white around the eye, and a lot of dark paint surrounding the eye socket that really leaves one wondering if someone was asleep at the wheel when this got approved.

The body itself is jointed to the level that is to be expected at this size. There's a joint at the neck, at each shoulder, at the wrists, and at the hips. More articulation would have been welcome, but given the figure's design, what we were given is understandable. There isn't a lot you can do as far as posing him goes, so if you like him as is, this is a good piece for you.

The outfit is totally new, as it should be. There's a faux-fur trim around his waist and a pleather-esque tunix for his torso. While separate pieces would be nice for the metal armor, that's probably asking for too much. It's nice to see shortcuts weren't taken in his outfit, when it would have been very easy for them to have done so.

The figure is essentially a small figure blown up several times. I've always pictued them to be shorter, but as you can see here, this one's had a growth spurt.


The set includes two axes.

It's not often Hasbro splatters a sharp object with blood, but here ya go. Both axes are great and it's nice to have options of how to display this figure, especially if you're in to buying multiples. These are as good as can be expected if not a little better in terms of detail, and the only thing missing is the force pike that some of the pig guards carry.


This guy is big enough to warrant his own exclusive box.


He's $30 at Kay-Bee Toy Stores as an exclusive, and as of this review, he's still sitting unsold at many of the stores. If you can't find this one, you don't deserve to call yourself a toy collector.


If you absolutely need a new 12" alien, this is a good purchase. But as you can see, it looks ugly. Uglier than it should look, anyway. As such, go to the store and take a good, long, hard look at it. If it still appeals, snag one. Otherwise, well, hope for a repaint.

Our sample was obtained in July 2003.

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