Clone Trooper (Clone Wars)
Released December, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 8, 2003


Coming in at the last possible minute is the Clone Wars Clone Trooper which, it seems, is the figure of the year.

This figure is packaged with a small blaster pistol.


No figure has been resculpted and recolored so many times in such a short time frame. Each new version was just different enough to make fans interested, but this is the first one that's sure to please even the biggest opponent of resculpts.

So far, Hasbro hasn't done much to the basic Clone sculpt because they pretty much got it right the first time. While the pose has changed with almost every release, but the basic design was the same right down to the super-spiffy helmet.

Obviously, you've seen Clone Troopers before, but have you seen Clones that can do this?

He has ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, ankes, and knees. There's a ball at the neck, too. The waist has two joints in it that allow him to assume a number of poses, and the hips and wrists are typical wrist and hip joints. Despite this, there's really nothing typical about this figure since it breaks new ground for what a figure this size can do.

A few of the joints are slightly hampered by the figure's armor, but not enough to be much of a problem. Also, the figure has a lot of paint ops you don't normally see painted on a Clone toy, such as the soles of the boots or the markings above the belt on the midsection. So it's not only superbly sculpted, the paint job was improved as well. Some markings-- such as the symbols on the shoulders-- are still absent from these figures, though, so it's still not exactly perfect, but it's about as close as you can get.

This figure also appears like a customizer's dream, as it could be the basis for a truly amazing ARC Trooper or even an Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Trooper gear, as seen in the Clone Wars cartoon. Obviously, this is the version figure that will make army builders squeal with glee and as such it's easy to say this is as good as it's likely to get.

There's really only one notable absence in this figure, and it's one there's really no excuse for leaving out-- the foot holes. Thankfully, the figure can stand well on its own but the foot holes would be nice so you could pose this figure in a just-been-shot pose so it looks like he's collapsing backward or something.


This set includes a blaster. As this is the blaster that usually isn't packed with the figures, it's a nice change of pace.

The figure can hold the fun without a problem, as getting a figure to hold a gun with one hand isn't exactly rocket science. His finger can go in the trigger area, and it's just a really nice weapon even though we've seen it before.

It should be noted that the figure is also posed to hold the larger rifle as seen with the red Clone Trooper, the sneak preview Clone Trooper, and the Clone Trooper Bonus Pack figures. He can even be positioned to hold it like a sniper, much like the Sniper Wolf figure from Metal Gear Solid.


New for 2003, the Clone Wars package theme.

The figure also has a variant packaging in which the figure is posed differently inside the bubble. We do not have pictures at this time nor do we know which is rarer.


This series of figures has yet to hit retail establishments, and as such it's a little tough to find outside the Web. It's assumed more will show up near the end of the year.


Best Clone ever.

If you like army builders, if you like faceless armies of death, and if you like white armored goons, odds are you were going to buy this anyway. Since this figure is capable of more than any Star Wars figure released to date, and it doesn't have any obnoxious gimmicks, it's a no-brainer. You need one. Or two. Or six.

Snag it if you see it, even if you have a lot of Clone Trooper figures released previously because this one is just that good. If there was a better figure released in 2003, I don't know what it is.

Our regular sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in December 2003.

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