Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
Released September, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on October 3, 2003


A trend in this series is to give a lot of gear to characters who usually go without, but Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker holds an echo of his future when covered in his various armaments.

Anakin is packaged with a lightsaber, a bandolier, a headset, and removable gauntlets.


Anakin has been a frequent candidate for resculpts in 2003, from a really nifty Secret Ceremony version to a really horrible Swoop Bike pilot. This one is somewhere in the middle.

While he is covered in gadgetry, he still does have his old movie persona shining through-- for better or worse-- and the end result is a nicely sculpted, if slightly oddly posed, action figure.

 His outfit is sculpted with flowing cloth far beyond that which we've seen earlier, which is both neat to see and, at the same time, a little obnoxious. Yoda's donning far less baggy clothing for the Clone Wars, and Anakin seems to have gone to Stevie Nicks' garage sale. Minus, of course, the dress aspects of it all. Once you get past the baggy sleeves, it's obvious many hours were spent crafting this figure, proving that Hasbro's methods in sculpting keep getting better and better, at least on paper. One oddity of his outfit, though, is the binoculars. While they may look like a separate accessory, they are, in fact, a part of the action figure.

His face hasn't exactly been improved with time, with his scowl looking almost comical. The likeness is still more or less there, there's no mistaking this for another significant Star Wars character, but there are some things, like better eyebrows or a different facial expression, that could have made this figure a little more exciting. Anakin's head as seen in Attack of the Clones seems to be difficult to capture in plastic, and it seems Hasbro is still working the kinks out.

The articulation on this figure is pretty impressive, as Hasbro has once again managed to incorporate barely visible shoulder ball joints. Also available on this figure are joints at his swiveling elbows, a neck, hips, and his waist.

Overall, it's a decent figure, but there is one big concern. There's a vehicle called Anakin's Jedi Starfighter on its way, and due to the figure's massive robes, it seems unlikely he will be able to pilot it without significant modification. And by modification, I mean cutting parts of him off. We won't know for sure until the vehicle is released.


This set includes a lightsaber, a headset, a pair of gauntlets, and a bandolier.

A running theme in the Clone Wars basic figures so far is that it seems they don't much want to deal with their accessories. Anakin continues this trend by more or less rejecting his lightsaber. It's pretty much the same weapon we've been given before, complete with non-removable blade and hands that aren't exactly adept at gripping.

The wrist gauntlets are a little loose, and are likely to get lost quickly. The removable bandolier is nice, but not necessary, as he probably has no real use for it. The headset doesn't quite fit properly, but it is a nice extra if one can cram him in a vehicle as some sort of communications unit. For the most part, these are forgettable and disposable. They really don't enhance the figure too much, but it's nice to see Hasbro thought about extra accessories for a change.

Overall, it seems Hasbro has come up with a nicely posable toy with a pose that isn't exactly the best they've ever done. It does show a lot of growth, though, and if the best of Clone Wars Anakin is an example of what we can expect in the future, things are looking good.


New for 2003, the Clone Wars package theme.

The same figure was also packaged in a Wal-Mart exclusive Bonus Pack with a blue Clone Trooper Lieutenant.


He seems to sit more than the other Clone Wars figures, but he isn't exactly common yet. Be sure to check out the bigger toy stores for this one.


As the first Anakin figure with a black glove, it's bound to interest at least a few fans looking for an interim Anakin figure between episodes 2 and 3. It looks like Anakin has gone off to war, just like Hasbro described him. Of course, in this war, it seems he's going to have a little problem standing, or piloting vehicles, but it's a unique way to present a movie character that may intrique many fans.

Like the others, the bonus pack version is the way to go. For about five dollars, there's a lot to like here. You get a good solid figure, a nice selection of accessories, and all at a low-low price. It isn't perfect, and obviously Expanded Universe toys don't appeal to everybody, but it's a worthy purchase for five dollars with no gross design flaws.

Our regular sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in September 2003. Our bonus pack sample was purchased at a Scottsdale, AZ Wal-Mart in September, 2003.

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