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As a wise philosopher once said, "Who are these people?" There are countless creatures in the Star Wars Universe and some of the most visually distinctive are among the least seen. As such, this page compiles whatever information was available, combined with a few things we made up, to provide you with a clear picture of the identities of these 22 characters.

Last updated February 5, 2006.

Admiral Ozzel (ESB)
Imperial officer prior to the Battle of Hoth. Served aboard the Executor. Was relieved of command after the fleet's arrival in the Hoth System.Admiral Ozzel was released as an action figure in the waning days of Saga in 2004.
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Amanaman (ROJ)
Alien bounty hunter. His real name is unknown, this is merely a nickname presumably taken from the name of his species, Amanin. Also known as "headhunter" due to the heads he keeps on his staff. Amanaman was released as an action figure in the second wave of the deluxe Power of the Jedi figures near the end of 2001 after winning Fan's Choice #2. A vintage Amanaman was originally released in the 1984-1985 Power of the Force series.
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Ben Quadrinaros (TPM)
This unfortunate soul who received the significant quantity of attention in the Boonta Eve Classic before his vehicle self-destructed. Has a cult of celebrity that enjoys to watch his many failures.

Bom Vimdim (Cantina, ANH)
Little is known of this Advose spacer, who is said to smuggle for the Empire. He frequents many seedy establishments between jobs, and has made few appearances on his homeworld.

Captain Antilles (ANH)
Captain of the freighter Tantive IV at the time Princess Leia Organa of the Imperial Senate was captured by the Empire by the Star Destroyer Avenger. Was terminated by Lord Darth Vader during the incident, which took place orbiting Tatooine. Captain Antilles tied with General Jan Dodonna in Fan's Choice #5 and was released in Saga in 2004.
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Duro (ANH)
Several members of the species, like Ellorrs Madak and Banniss Keeg, have become pilots, scouts, and smugglers. Often freelancers working for whomever best suits their needs, these elliptical-eyed beings are often mistaken for their distant cousins, the Neimoidians. Ellorrs Madak was the winner of the first Fan's Choice poll and was released as part of the Power of the Jedi basic figure assortment in 2001.
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Eeth Koth (TPM)
Served the Jedi High Council during the Conflict at Naboo before and during the rise of former Senator Palpatine. A Zabrak, coincidentally the same species that the first known modern Sith Lord. Is often mistaken for Jedi Master Agen Kolar, who served the Republic well during the early days of the Clone Wars. After losing the first Fan's Choice poll, he was released as one of the final Power of the Jedi figures in 2001 and was rereleased in Saga packaging in 2003.
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Ephant Mon (ROJ)
Former gun runner and one of Jabba the Hutt's only true friends, he now works for the gangster as part of his vast security network. It is said that the best way to get through to the crime lord is to befriend this Chevin mercenary. This figure was the victor in the third round of Fan's Choice voting and was released in only one assortment in the Fall of 2003.
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Even Piell (TPM, AOTC?)
A diminutive member of the violent Lannik species, his face bears the marks of an unfortunate past with an eye lost in the line of duty while saving a young Adi Gallia. Even Piell was released in the Jedi High Council screen scenes in the summer of 2003.
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General Jan Dodonna (ANH)
Rebel strategist and military tactician, also helped to develop the A-Wing Starfighter. While he disappeared after the vitctory at Yavin IV and believed dead, he was later freed from Imperial captors to help the New Republic survive several attacks from outside forces.Captain Antilles tied with General Jan Dodonna in Fan's Choice #5 and was released in Saga in early 2004.
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General Rieekan (ESB)
A former native of Alderaan, he is no stranger to disasters involving the Empire. He served the Alliance during its loss during the Battle of Hoth and its subsequent evacuation. After losing two Fan's Choice polls, Hasbro released this figure with a large screen as a deluxe figure as part of the early 2004 Ultra assortments.
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Imperial Dignitary (ROJ)
A small group of men serve and advise the Emperor, and remain shrouded in darkness and mystery. Few names of these men are known to the public and often serve as a roadblock for those seeking his audience. Rumors abound that he has shared much of his power with them, and not all of it is political. While this figure lost the fourth Fan's Choice poll, fan interest combined with Hasbro's desire to make these figures resulted in two separate dignitary figures released in late 2003. The orignial Imperial Dignitary, which is not being remade for the new series as of yet, was released as part of the 1984-1985 Power of the Force series.
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Major Bren Derlin (ESB)
Known mostly for his military career which included the theft of Imperial property that was later used to support the Alliance. Little is known about his personal life aside from his affinity for snow cones and a fondness for trivia.
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Nym (Games, Comics)
Mercenary fighter pilot that has learned on numerous occasions that he can really only trust himself. The Feeorin pilot has had a criminal past, but due to his role in helping to liberate Naboo during the Trade Federation's attempt at annexing the world, he was later awarded a full pardon by the new Chancellor fo the Republic.

R1-G4 (ANH)
The forerunner to the more popular R2 series astromech droid is often found in junk ships and in poorer parts of the galaxy. Due to their age and obselecence, these are popular with scrap dealers and collectors of antiquities. The only droid to ever be voted on in a Fan's Choice poll lost, but was released in early 2004 as part of the Tatooine themed Saga assortment.
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Rabe (TPM)
Naboo's former queen, Padme Nabierre Amidala, employed numerous decoys during and after her service to the people of Naboo. Rabe offered assistance during the Trade Federation conflict and has since retired from public service, and while there are a variety of stories on her current whereabouts, they are currently unknown.
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Rebel Soldier in Scout Trooper Disguise (ROJ)
Deception was instrumental during the final battle before the collapse of the Empire at Endor, with General Solo assuming the role of a distressed AT-ST commander and one enterprising soldier going undercover as an Imperial Scout Trooper. The identity of this brave bearded commando has been lost to the ages due to numerous Rebels assuming credit for it at victory parties all over the galaxy for years to come, including many who weren't even involved at Endor.

Senator Yarua (TPM)
Senior senator of Kashyyk during the conflict at Naboo. Yarua's liberal policies lead him to see the benefits of taxation and believes strongly that taxes should be raised for the benefit of those being taxed. Supports numerous Republic bills and due to the nature of his people, doesn't clothe himself in the overly ornate garb that is associated with the Senate.
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Stormtrooper (Ralph McQuarrie's Concept Design)
The Empire's research and development divisions span the galaxy looking for newer and better ways to serve its expansion and the execution of its policies. Their elite shock troopers are a key part of these plans, and the early days of the Empire resulted in numerous designs based on the very early Clone Trooper armor developed for the armies raised on Kamino. This later design was meant to evoke the image of the Jedi Knights which have since passed on, but was eventually discarded for a newer, more efficient design. This figure edged out his competition to win the fourth Fan's Choice poll, and was released briefly in late 2003.
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Teemto Pagalies (TPM)
This Veknoid entrant in the Boonta Eve Classic has long had a vendetta with Mars Guo, and was fully indending on taking him out for good during the race. Early on, he was fired upon by some Tusken Raiders and was unable to cause the other driver any harm. Despite his injuries, he survived and lived to compete another day. This Pod Racer was released long after the remainder of his comrades as part of the Saga collection in 2002.
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Twi'Lek Masseuses (Ann and Tan Gella, TPM)
Part of the Pod Race is held before the first engine is brought to the track, with the vehicles of vanity and power in the running. Sebulba kept numerous luxury items including these twins to help him relax before each victory, and to inspire envy from other racers who were often said to have a crush on the twins.

Yarael Poof (TPM)
This very tall Quermian served the Republic for years before eventually joining the Jedi High Council on Coruscant. He is related to the Xexto, a species that has crossed the galaxy and has even spawned a few celebrities like the pod racer Gasgano. The Jedi Master's days of service were brought short in a conflict shortly before the dawn of the Clone Wars in which he gave his life to save Coruscant from total destruction by an ancient artifact. Yarael Poof was released in the Jedi High Council screen scenes in the summer of 2003.
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Some works consulted for this section of the feature include Decipher's Customizable Card Game (now defunct) and The Official Star Wars Databank.

--Adam Pawlus

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