Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
June 28, 2010


1. I recently acquired the Gamorrean Guard, completing the Mighty Muggs line for my collection (including exclusives!). However, I noticed on the back of the box a picture of an Ahsoka Tano Mugg. I know the MM line is pretty much dead (or one foot in the grave), any chance Hasbro could make this for a con/show/web exclusive?
--Mazter Jedi

Since the line "ended" we've seen quite a few exclusives, but not many (OK, any) in Star Wars. Toys "R" Us and Comic-Con will have new Marvel figures, but nobody's doing Star Wars, and due to the nature of Ahsoka as a kid-oriented character, the line being aimed to adults, and nobody getting new ones, my guess is we'll never see this. Unless Hasbro decides to do a short run for a show, which would probably be a good move.

2. I noticed your displeasure of K'Kruhk not having the oriental bamboo hat which I related too. I was wondering if you know of any figure from any line or any toy from the past that may have had a hat like this that would work for this figure. I was hoping that a figure in the new "The Last Airbender" (what should be known as "Avatar") line would maybe have one but it looks like there is not. I saw on some forum a guy that made one out of clay and it looked pretty sweet. Just wondering if in your action figure almanac of a brain, you know of a hat that would fit this Jedi/Samurai Master.

I have not yet found such a hat-- although there might be something close in the 21st Century Toys military line, if memory serves, but it would be too small for the mighty K'Kruhk's giant head. This might be a case for another fan-made item-- anyone want to try mass-producing one?

3. I'm trying to track down all the clear-domed astromechs, from regular releases to BAD. Since you're eminent expert on astromechs, can you help me out with a list of all their names and predominant color?

Since 2002, we've had a few-- I don't like "list all of this" questions but I can do this one off the top of my head.

R3-A2 (TRU exclusive, second version was a Build-A-Droid in 2009)
R3-D3 (Star Tours)
R3-M3 (aka R3-O1, Build-A-Droid 2009)
R3-T6 (Entertainment Earth exclusive)
R3-T6 (Power of the Jedi/AOTC Sneak Peek)
R3-Y2 (Entertainment Earth exclusive)

Did I forget any? Probably. But hey, I got a deadline.

4. Some websites are very specific about which green carded POTF2 figures were released with either a photo, a hologram, or in some cases both were available. Others websites assume that all of the figures were available in both a photo and hologram variation. Which databases are correct? Also, my favorite tackle boxes for storing my loose figures is no longer available. I know you have made mention of a particular brand and model you are fond of using. Please share that with us again if you would.

I never maintained a database of the POTF2 figures without the stickers, as very few shipped (only in the final shipments, most of which were closeouts) in early 1998 and a lot in 2000. So it certainly wasn't the entire run, and as far as I can tell no Collection 2 figures shipped without the stickers-- correct me if I'm wrong, but I've only ever seen select Collection 1 and 3 figures, like Darth Vader, Emperor's Royal Guard, Ceremonial Luke Skywalker, etc. I don't believe I've seen a definitive list yet,a nd as many can tell you, you can fudge it with a hairdryer-- thus making it hard to spot real never-stickered figures from "fake" unstickered figures.

My tackle boxes of choice are twofold: the Plano 3700, generally available at Kmart stores, and the Flambeau 5007, formerly available at Wal-Mart, and I have not seen them around cheaply lately. Each can hold about 12 standard sized figures (more if you make them sit or bend at the waist), and should be had for under $5 per. They're a great way to store loose figures but it adds up quick if you have several thousand little plastic men. Both models are essentially the same, but the Flambeau has a slight edge in that the compartment dividers come pre-separated, whereas Plano's require you to trim them yourselves-- and that's a pain.

I have not yet discovered a good pick for the bigger figures, like your Dark Troopers, your Gamorreans, and so on. If you have a suggestion, I'll be happy to give it a whirl.

5. Has Hasbro published an itemized list of all of the items that are scheduled to be released on August 1st? Vintage and Clone Wars figures are obviously scheduled to be released that day, as are the vehicles. But what about the battle packs and role play items? The Jabba the Hutt Throne and other exclusives may also see release that day (knowing Wal-Mart, sooner), and I want to make sure everything's on my radar when I hit the stores that week.

Incidentally, is it likely that items announced by Hasbro for the first time at SDCC this year will also be available in August, or are they likely to be late fall/winter releases?

Whenever an "official launch list" gets made, it's incomplete. Often it's because Hasbro doesn't want to announce the exclusives early, and also because items ship that weren't part of the "first wave" because the first wave REALLY shipped in June or July, so some "Wave 2" or "Wave 3" stuff makes it out at "launch." This is why street dates are bad-- all it does is make you wait for things you could've had weeks ago.

Right now as far as non-exclusive goes, I would say check your favorite online retailer and anything marked for August will be there. It might be there much earlier since we've seen reports of stores getting these things as recently as last week.

We really have no evidence that Jabba will be out in August. Sometimes packaged samples show up very early-- it's uncommon, but it happens, this could be a Fall item. So don't get your hopes up, but do set aside money now just in case. I'm not giving you a brush-off here, I honestly, really don't know. Without a known price from Wal-Mart's computer, there's no reason to believe it'll be there within 1-2 months.


Comic-Con is less than a month away! So who wants to take bets that we'll see items showing up a) before the street date and also b) before Hasbro announces them? My guess is we'll see a few.

Botcon was last weekend. That's the big Transformers show. They showed off a lot of neat stuff, and quite a few items I would regard as pleasant surprises. That's something we don't get much of in Star Wars, partially because the source material has been pretty thoroughly mined and also because there isn't a lot of new, widely known source material. I'm beginning to wish Hasbro would just be given the go-ahead to go nuts. I have to say that seeing new characters that are compatible with my old favorites is a nice thing-- surely we can see new Original Trilogy-themed creations. Like crazy colored Stormtroopers, or a new Bounty Hunter or two, or something. I like vintage, don't get me wrong, but it seems that most of what we're seeing this year really would fall under the banner of "called it" rather than "golly what a nice surprise!"

That's why I liked the animated line so much. And, you know, this new Slave I is proving to be a nice bonus from that line.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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