Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
May 31, 2010


1. Considering there is no new product coming out until August, where's the older stuff? For instance, I still need to find an R2-X2 from the ESB wave, and I still haven't seen the Birth of Vader BP.

Some of it is still shipping, but not to Target, Toys "R" Us, or Wal-Mart. And, in the case of those items, they are indeed still shipping but tend to sell quickly-- I've seen them in the wild a few times, but like any hot item you've got to be quick on the buy. Also, R2-X2 seemed to disappear from the market for quite some time, before returning relatively recently. I'd say keep hunting hard if you want to get one, particularly at the $5 price points going around these days.

2. Why is Lumat considered one of the "Final 17" POTF figures? He was released on a ROTJ card, so he's not only found in the POTF wave, and there are several other figures re-released on the POTF packaging, so why aren't they counted in the final figures?

My guess is that some fans are stupid. I've been arguing this for years-- after all, Paploo and Lumat came out before Power of the Force and I remember seeing them many times prior to ever seeing a figure with a coin on the package. Where I grew up, you could actually find Paploo and Lumat on ROTJ cards easily for a while, POTF were seemingly in shorter supply but still easily had. The whole "final 17" thing is perpetuated by fans who clearly have just enough knowledge to be dangerous as misinformation goes. This wasn't a term I saw in any of the collecting books, magazines, or from dealers (or at all) until I believe around the year 2000, but I may be misremembering. (And for the record, Paploo on a POTF card was exceedingly common in AZ in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I've owned several that cost me about $3 a pop that eventually got traded off.) From my research-- and I'm no expert-- a lot of those figures got weird regional distribution, so it's possible some influential writer had an idea and crowned himself king when his particular region had weird distribution issues. Or maybe I'm the dingbat. It's hard to tell with issues this old.

3. ESB Boba Fett - the Preproduction version in powerpoint slide looked great. It was the only one which cameras were banned from photographing in the toyfairs and when it was released in the Evolutions pack - it turned out to be another victim of the accounts cost cutting department or a veto from Lucasfilm. You know what I mean, squishy spandex helmet, pastel colors and no tampo insignia. Then this was re-released in small numbers with the tampo but different helmet coloring and finally single carded with a deeper but still inaccurate colors and squishy helmet as the Legacy figure BD36. My question is, with this Vintage Collection coming out, why does Boba Fett look like the only figure that is repackaged amongst the others, despite a quick comment from Hasbro in the toyfair earlier this year saying that this was a "more movie accurate" version. Has anyone asked Hasbro why? One would think that in the ESB anniversary, Hasbro would at least output an "above average" version given that this is the "Vintage" quality version instead of a repack.
--Boba Fett

These toys are, for better or worse, always going to be "pretty close" to the movie props but never perfect. Cloth will be cut wrong, lightsabers may have incorrect buttons or colors (they're not REALLY solid blue or purple, after all), and other little things will always come up. Judging by your username, it's entirely possible you might be beyond being able to please. I mean, in a 3 3/4-inch figure, Hasbro will likely always find ways to make the figures slightly better, and the production process allows for a lot of room for error. The factory could order the wrong green, or forget a tampo, or what have you. The upcoming "vintage" one seems to be on the better side, but considering the item is a popular figure which seems to be doing well with most collectors, it's probably not in Hasbro's best interest to retool it with a solid head (rather than removable helmet) or come up with something really fancy. Personally, I'd have preferred we see the figure based on the real "Vintage" figures, either 12-inch or 3 3/4-inch, which have unique coloring and accessories as of yet unexplored in the modern toy line. Plus they're based on concept armor, and you know we'd all buy it anyway.

So yeah, get used to the faults, there will be more.

4. Could you tell me why hasbro is taking an effort to make space ships like Obi wan, Anakin and Ashoka's starfighters if they won't include their own droid...and I think we'll have Plo Koon's ship on the way.

In the clone wars series we've already seen R4 who it's with Obi Wan, R6 who is with Kit Fisto, R7 with Ashoka and R8 with Mace Windu in the last chapter, I think Hasbro is wasting a great oportunity to pull out a new wave of astromech droids to match with all this new starfighters. What do you think about this??? we'll see some of this soon?? There is something new about it on the way??

I've asked Hasbro a few times and I've received a few answers. By and large they seem to feel that astromech repaints are more collector-friendly, which is entirely possible but sales of basic carded droids (not build-a-droid figures) lead me to believe this is not at all true. They have also confirmed that other "pilot" droids are indeed in the works, but this sort of thing isn't at all new to the line. The TIE Fighter Pilot action figure was released in 1982 (nearly 4 years after the ship), and in the modern line, it was put out in 1996-- nearly a year after the vehicle. The first modern AT-ST hit in 1995, and the first modern AT-ST Driver hit in 1997. So while it's unfortunate, these things are normal for this ongoing line.

5. I had a few questions about Aurra Sing. I know I saw a Clone Wars Aurra Sing figure at Toyfare or ComiCon or one of those shows. I think it was a while ago, and I was wondering, has this figure already been released, and I just wasn't paying attention? And if not, when is she set to go out? Also, how articulated is she?

Aurra Sing has not been released yet and is due to hit with the big giant refresh with the Vintage figures and the AT-AT in August. She seemingly has between 12 and 14 points of articulation, but it's going to be tough to tell until she actually starts to get photographed some more. (Or I missed the good pictures, anyway.) So you haven't missed her yet, despite appearances at Toy Fair. Comic-Con takes place in July. (And ToyFare is a magazine, just so you know, the other one is the trade show.)


I wrote this before my big move, so if you're reading it, that means that some lucky soul who left their wifi open is sponsoring tonight's Q&A. Good for them. I'm pretty beat in nearly every sense of the word. I got bruises and all sorts of nifty marks that would indicate a far more exciting time than I have, so yeah. Special thanks to the Mrs., her parents, Zac, and Old Man Pawlus for helping out with the massive collection move.

I'm gonna go puke now. Good day.

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