Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
May 17, 2010


1. Bastila Shan won the Toy Fare Fan Choice Star Wars Action Figure Poll. Will she come out as part of the reissue (legends) line or will she be in the vintage line? And will we see her in 2011?

Anything anyone tells you about Star Wars releases more than, let's say, 2-3 waves out is suspect. So if Hasbro said "yes, this figure is coming in our November 2011 wave" (which they didn't) it's possible it will ship then, and it's more likely it'll get shifted around. Stuff that far out is always suspect, and the last Hasbro has commented on this one-- I believe-- was a vague 2011 release date. It is (was) scheduled to be a Vintage figure, and Hasbro has confirmed they will indeed do Expanded Universe figures on this packaging-- Nom Anor was another since the comic packs were dropped. The "vintage" line's production runs are targeted at collectors, and this is very much a collector-targeted figure.

2. ebay has proven there isn't much of a secondary market for Star Wars toys, confirmed by your statement at the end of most FOTD posts that a collector shouldn't pay more for than a few bucks for the day's featured figure.

Figures that a collector "should pay more than a few bucks for" is probably a pretty short list. Off the top of your head, what figures would be on it?

If you mean because of the market conditions, there are a few that people will actually shell out for. These tend to include certain Expanded Universe figures, specifically Delta Squad, the Entertainment Earth Mandalorians/Clone packs, Darth Revan, and Darth Malak. I've seen some of the 2004 "Ultra" figures like Jabba and the Ewok with Glider go for a smidgen more at times, but that seems to fluxuate. Oh, and Scramble at Yavin? People pay for that. They're not necessarily good enough to be worth a huge premium, but for fans of the games, it's probably a worthwhile purchase.

Personally, I'd say any character that has more than a few figures out of it should not be paid a lot for. So it isn't just the obscure stuff, but the good obscure stuff-- things that have a stink of interest about them. These don't mean "rare" figures as Darth Revan and Darth Malak (and Pre-Cyborg General Grievous) were basically made in the same numbers as Hermi Odle, and ain't nobody paying as much for that impressive hunk of cloth and plastic. At this time I'd say try to avoid paying more than five bucks for anything no longer available at retail-- this is best done by buying a collection or a "lot." The "worthless figures" tend to bring down the value of the good stuff pretty quickly.

If you had to force me to say a figure that's impressive enough to warrant a higher price tag out of its sheer awesomeness? I'd go with Hermi Odle, Ephant Mon, Graxol Kelvyyn, the build-a-droid Dark Trooper, and just because he turned out so gosh darned well, Giran. Anything pre-2000 (arguably pre-2002) isn't generally fun enough to warrant more than $3-$5. Anything 2005 or later is, generally speaking, good enough to justify paying retail with very few exceptions.

3. Since season 2 of the Clone Wars was called Rise of the bounty hunters, one would hope for an EMBO figure to adorn there shelves, but how about the rest of the characters from that episode? I think the other three (SUGI,SERIPAS and RUMI) would be really awesome figures also. I think it would be a great homage to the empire bounty hunter to have a second grouping of hunters. Do you expect any of these guy to be made? I know our big surprise reveal is still yet to come...

With the kid-focus of the line, odds are much of this will have to do with subsequent appearances. I personally think Embo is a sure thing. Like, unless Hasbro were to read this column and say "because Adam is saying we should do this, let's not to spite him," I'd actually be willing to make some asinine bet that you would see this character as an action figure between now and, let's say, 2012. He's just too cool to not make as a toy.

The rest, I'd expect only as a part of a gift set or series of 2-packs. Sugi is sort of boring looking, and a girl. The line is not kind to women, much like the original vintage (the real vintage, not the "vintage" line) series of toys. What did we get between 1978 and 1985? Like Urgah Gorneesh, Kea Moll, a few Leias, and Sy Snootles? That's about my expectation level for this line-- 4, tops. And we've already got Ahsoka, Asajj Ventress, Luminara Unduli, Aayla Secura, and Padme. So technically, we owe Hasbro a female figure back.

Seripas, an armored figure with a little guy inside, seems unlikely due to costs. Again, I'd see him as some sort of gift pack fodder or a higher-priced item if at all. He's certainly cool enough to do, but wouldn't fit in Hasbro's current blister footprint. And Rumi Paramita I barely remember even seeing. So I wouldn't get your hopes up here either.

4. Note Vader's hands on the EE image of Vintage Wave 1 figures. New articulation, or are my eyes playing tricks?

From the picture, I don't think it's significant new articulation but it does seem as if the mold has indeed been changed a little bit. After all, we know they updated the head sculpt, so other little changes would make good sense particularly since Hasbro hasn't actually made a "new" carded basic Darth Vader since 2008.

5. Any chance the [upcoming "Vintage"] Yoda will have soft goods or will he look like he is going to fly away when not seated in the hover chair? Even small improvements go a long way. Help me shed some light on this.

I've not seen it yet, so I don't know. I would expect some form of improvements if this actually does make it out, simply because Yoda and his hoverchair were 1/2 of a figure when released in 2003. (Chian was the other.) Due to Hasbro seemingly making sure that those "vintage" figures cost more despite using fewer resources in packaging, it would make sense that they do make a change-- on the other hand, it'd sell just fine with no changes, wouldn't it? We're stupid about things like packaging and Hasbro really has no reason to make a change.


I went to hang out with a friend of mine last week at Disneyland so we could get a last look at the Star Tours ride before it got removed, plus I got to see Captain Eo through the eyes of a crotchety old man. Let me tell you: Star Tours has aged quite a bit. The animatronics in the queue out front still seem fantastic to me and are lots of fun to watch, but the actual projected film and the stuff inside the ride has seen better days. Poor Captain Rex' eyes were on the blink, and the video monitor practically had some weird VHS fzz on it. I don't blame them for ripping out the old one, but I'll miss it. A prop mock-up for the new Starspeeder was on display at an art gallery inside Main Street along with some stills from the new ride, or at least, that's what it looked like. If it were 1999-2001, I think I could get behind Pod Racing as a key element for the ride. In 2010, I would say incorporating Pod Racing would be something I'd avoid... but that's me. At least they aren't changing up their other famous rides, like Roger Rabbit's Bad Trip in Toontown or Mr. Toad Goes to Hell in Fantasyland.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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