Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
May 10, 2010


1. Are all non-cartoon Star Wars figures going to be on "vintage style" card backs starting in August? Does this mean I can finally complete a carded set of modern-era bounty hunters in old-timey packaging?

The new Saga Legends will be on the "kid" cardback (Rex, clouds) which includes a box of guns (and some new guns too), stand, and gamepiece stuff. However, this doesn't mean you can't get modern figures on vintage cardbacks-- Bossk, IG-88, and Boba Fett are presently available. 4-LOM and Zuckuss will be available as summer convention exclusives, plus Zuckuss will be a basic figure. Dengar will also be a basic figure. So actually, you can complete the set, but you may need to buy some already released items to do it.

2. So I went to TRU, got the complete K'Kruhk wave, the Sidious wave of Clone Wars figures, and the Force Unleashed 5-packs. I was so pleased to find everything that I didn't realize until I got home that both of my 5-packs had the same Shadow Stormtrooper(clear with blue spots). I thought there was going to be a "solid" one with a removable helmet in one of the sets. Did I get a screwed-up set, or are they all like this?

While a removable helmet variant (and seemingly another shade of clear) did appear on eBay, all final product seem to be the same exact figure in both packs. To my knowledge, Hasbro has not given a reason for this yet, and it's unknown if these other versions are going to be made available in the future. So you are not the victim of a swap-out, or if you are, it's a very boring one.

3. Have all the costume changes for the heroes in the original Kenner line received the super-articulated treatment yet?

Not quite yet. Most of the Princess Leias haven't, neither have pretty much any of the Lando figures. Actually, I'm pretty sure there aren't any super-articulated Lando Calrissians of any kind, due to the lack of ball-jointed elbows. We're at "good enough" for Bespin Lando and Smuggler Lando, but Skiff Lando and General Lando still need some work. Hoth Luke, Bespin Han, Carbonite Han (technically), and C-3PO could use improved versions, although the upcoming "Vintage" 2010 C-3PO might be OK.

4. Do you know the dirty details on why the Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep comic pack was de-WalMarted?

A new sticker on the package has a vague answer-- basically the content of the comic book itself. Having had my ability to be offended by living in California and being older than six, I can't really find a problem with it myself considering that Hasbro has made numerous toys you can dismember or decapitate over the years. But yeah, comic content. So the comic itself.

5. I thought I saw a freaky-angry Wampa prototype on the internets once that never got made. Am I imagining this?

You did not! An early prototype for the 1998 Wampa was a lot meaner with more color in his fur. It appeared on a lot of fan sites and in a few magazines, but never saw production.


More packing. The good news is I've managed to really be able to reduce the new stuff I bring home now! Of course, there's still some. Like bringing all the toys off my desk home, and if you've ever seen my desk, it's pretty remarkable what I could cram on there. (And since many asked: yes, I'm keeping the same job, I'm just moving to a state with much crazier and older people who make better pizza and buy fewer toys.)

There may be a missed week in late May/early June again, depending on your submission of questions and the availability of an Internet connection as I move in to the Next Big Office which my talented real estate agent (read: Mrs. Q&A) is looking for as you read this. Hopefully she's getting something big. So yeah, don't be stunned if you don't hear from me over Memorial Day Weekend. I'll let you know which cable company to yell at as soon as we find out who let you, the readers, down. See? Pre-emptive blame. That's how you write a toy column!

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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