Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
February 15, 2010


1. Since The Clone Wars toys were the number one boys Brand last year, does that mean we might start seeing some more off the wall characters, instead of just new renditions of clones and Jedi's? I'm still holding out for my Jabba's Nikto Gaurd and possibly a Pune Zignat (Aqualish technician). I also really love those little hologram figures too. Any chance we might see more of those and some full sized hologram figures?

Hasbro has said "no" to most minor characters, which is really unfortunate because the characters you list (plus many others) would make great toys. The line can't survive as heroes alone (I hope!) but if you consider that The Clone Wars is sort of like Batman in that it has a ton of popular hero characters, Hasbro is likely doing quite well with the line as it is right now. I'm sure they will continue to release new non-Jedi, non-Clone, non-Droid figures but probably in the same slow trickle we've seen so far.

2. I had a quick question, I remember a while back you recommended some plastic tackle boxes for storing loose 3 3/4inch figures. For the life of me I can't remember what was the brand or where you bought them. Could you make any suggestions?

Depending on the sales you can find-- and you do need to do some huting-- the Plano 3700 Tackle Box is my ideal storage solution and I've been using them for most of my collection since at least 1996 or 1997. Each one can store 12 or more figures with no problems, the little slots are adjustable, the tops are clear, and they stack quite nicely. At retail I've bought them at Kmart (as Wal-Mart stopped carrying them), but you can find some good deals on these through Google if you start stalking online shops for sale pricing. Generally they're about $4-$5 per box, but I've managed to get some for closer to $3 on a Black Friday sale. (And if you ever see them this cheap, stock up, you'll need them later.)

3. Can you please, comic pack by comic pack, list exactly which packs are going to be released in the near future and which ones have been suspended indefinitely?

Hasbro just recently did exactly that-- so I'm going to steal their answer, as given to the blog Han's Hideout (which has some great stuff on it, I should add. As stolen from their archives:

"...the Republic Tholme/T'ra Saa pack, the Tales of the Jedi pack with Exar Kun/Ulic Quel Dromis, the Republic Kashyyyk "Bogey Squad" Clone pack, the Star Wars Early Adventures Black Hole Trooper/droid/Black Hole figure pack, and the Routine Valor Commander Cody Battalion pack..."

And also...

"The Wal-Mart Fall '10 Comic Pack exclusive assortment has shrunk to two: Star Wars Tales IG-97 and Rohm Moc, and Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Leader and General Weir. [...] There will also be an exclusive Comic Pack debuting at both Comic Con and Celebration V this year." No idea what happened to the Nom Anor comic pack Hasbro started on, but Camie/Fixer is up for Celebration V and Cyborg Maul/Owen is coming to Comic-Con. There's your morning buzzkill!

4. Toyfair is approaching........
Will 2010 be the year that Hasbro unveils ..... Teek?
Before you shoot me down..... Ewoks sell! They have made a return to the basic line for a few years in a row now.... Hasbro could easily put out the new sculpt Wicket (that is long overdue) and package him with Teek...... I know he's not an Ewok, but kids would just figure he's a funky Endor creature, and the hardcore fans would finally have this fun character on their shelves. Hasbro dosent even have to mention the Ewok movie he comes from on the package! Just say he's an Endor forest speedster or something.
Okay....... now you can shoot me down.
But I do someday want a Cindel, Teek, Terak (he would look awesome!) and the (retconned) Nightsister Charal.
I know chances are about 0.5% - but its gotta be higher than seeing an Ackmena right??

Hasbro (after eBay) did indeed reveal Teek, along with Kaink from the Ewok telefilms-- no other new Endor furballs were announced though. And the only reason we're getting these is due to the Star Tours connection, so well, let's hope! I've often said one Ewok is as good as any to most fans (show me someone who says Leektar was their most-wanted figure and I'll show you a liar), were Hasbro wanting to crank out any of them from the movies, fact is most fans wouldn't be the wiser. Especially if it's in a gift pack-- it wouldn't matter.

I wouldn't hold your breath on the others. I'd love to see Terak-- those Marauders are just great designs-- but the rest seem like they may be weak toy candidates. Those movies are clearly cult favorites, but it's a small cult. Teek had so much support (like BoShek or Willrow Hood) it's no surprise he eventually made it, but the rest are going to need significant fan support-- like Fan's Choice-- to make it out. (Excepting the Ewoks, those I really do believe Hasbro can make happen.)

5. Do you think Hasbro will make the yellow & white R-5 (I couldn't find a name for him anywhere) who was helping R-2 fix the hyperdrive in EP I? He is he only droid left to be made from that scene & would be a great repaint of either R5-D4, or R5-A2.

Believe it or not, Hasbro confirmed this one fell off their radar. Assuming they're not bluffing, odds are this means he will see plastic some day. Depending on the reference, he could be either G8-R3 or R5-A7, which means Hasbro might end up giving him a totally new designation if or when he hits stores.


So, Toy Fair. What can I say, other than this almost feels like a year Hasbro could have skipped Toy Fair except for a couple of product announcements. Everything is August, and it seems more than a few dates on the presentations are wrong so I don't know if I can believe the August dates. (For example, the "May" Toys "R" Us Speederbike and STAP are out as of this past weekend.) I'm really kind of shrugging here-- well, aside from the vehicles and The Clone Wars. Vintage cardbacks are welcome because they're arguably greener, but the decision to keep the old punch-out holes irks me. No j-hooks? What am I, an animal?

The Clone Wars is looking sharp-- for the most part it seems that it truly is more "vintage" than our new vintage line, focusing on the most popular characters and making things interesting for kids, new fans, and those who like a good toy. The Anakin with Naboo Star Skiff is a freaking gem, I can't wait to get it-- this assortment has been consistently nifty. The Mandalorians seemingly have extra articulation, which is awesome. The sculpts are getting more and more cartoony, which I love, because the show has such a fantastic look and feel to it. I can't complain about these in the slightest.

...but The Empire Strikes Back is getting more anniversary love than Star Wars (the original) did in its 25th or 30th anniversaries. I guess it's OK, for the vehicles and Dak in particular, and I appreciate Hasbro putting out a new pilot with its Cloud Car. (Although I have some OTC spares as I planned ahead.) I just wish there were more really awesome things left to do with The Empire Strikes Back aside from vehicles they'll never do or yet another updated version of a figure we already own.

I'm sure the Vintage relaunch will be fun, but it's going to be a big sea of not much until then. I do dig the Convention Exclusive Comic Packs, too bad I ain't going to Florida. (I'm too cheap to travel, I guess?)

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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