Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
February 8, 2010


1. In your opinion, what would you think of an animated show based on the The Galactic Civil War of the Original Trilogy? Could it be marketable enough to the current generation of fans to sustain it without Jedi?

Well, this might already be in the works-- we don't really know at what point an organized rebellion started beyond "The Rebellion" which was supposedly formed during the original The Force Unleashed game, which could maybe, possibly put it within the timeline of the upcoming live-action series. It isn't impossible to think that this could be an element of the program, but we don't really know yet. I don't think we'll ever see a TV project that takes place within the confines of the original three films' timeline, but if the market needs it, it'll probably happen.

"Jedi" aren't necessarily what's driving the current show. Strong heroes, a fairly clear establishment of good and evil, and fast-paced action made the current generation of fans interested in the franchise. There's no reason it can't be adapted to the old trilogy, but the real question is how pissy fans will get when they start retconning things out of those old movies. It could happen.

2. I purchased the Big Millennium Falcon for my son in 08 and gave it to him for Christmas this year. When I put it together I noticed that 5 of the 7 landing skids have a different head to snap into the bottom of the hull. Those 5 fit great, but there are another two that are ball shaped and do not stay in worth a damn. Is this standard, or have you heard of anyone else having this problem? Otherwise, it is wonderful.

This is pretty normal. Hasbro designs some of these larger toys to break away in places if excess force is placed on the toy, but generally it just means things fall apart more easily. So what you have here isn't a defect so much as it is an undocumented feature... that sucks. I suppose you can always use glue or some sort of coating over the connecting parts of the ship (say, clear nail polish) to help keep it in place, but it's doing this so it won't snap off. Not that it's in any danger of snapping off, of course.

3. Seems like a no-brainer but now that Hasbro has revealed the cloud car, do you think a new SA cloud car pilot will be revealed in the new figure line? Would sure like to have a few of these guys around to pilot my awesome new orange twin-pod.

According to Hasbro's recent answers, very likely. Well, it's likely that there will be Cloud Car pilots, and pretty likely that they'll be new. Looking at the new figures, it's entirely possible it won't be super articulated. I don't really care if it has knees or ankles as long as it can sit in the ship OK, which the 2004 release might have some difficulty doing.

4. I'm just wondering when (if at all) is Hasbro going to finish off the sagas vehicles? I watch all six movies all the time, and in doing so have made this list of vehicles that still need to see the light of day:

[enormous 21-vehicle list deleted --AP]

Now I know the list isn't that big, but Hasbro has come along way, I'm wondering if we will ever see the end of the vehicle collection? (not counting them doing the resculpts like the new AT-AT and Slave-1)

Any thoughts?

In addition to your list, there are actually several vehicles still left to do in a figure scale were Hasbro so inclined. Thing is, they're not-- if it isn't a tentpole product or something that is going to appeal to kids, it's not going to get made. Or so was the common wisdom, now that we're getting a Cloud Car everybody is a little confused. While it's very likely we will see an end to Hasbro's vehicle production-- tooling is expensive, after all-- it's never going to be "complete" in the sense of every on-screen vehicle being made as an action figure compatible toy.

Right now, I'd say just enjoy what is. If you're going to spend the rest of your days collecting a line with the constant bitter disappointment of our not getting new vehicles all the time, it's going to be pretty cruddy. We rarely get more than a handful of new original trilogy vehicles per year, and this year it looks like we're getting a whopping three (if not more). So... don't get your hopes up. Particularly if you're talking $75-$150 sized items.

5. Last week you talked a little bit about Hasbro and the Unleashed line. Their Original Unleashed line is still my favorite thing Hasbro has made. The one thing that disappoints me about this line is that they never made a few key characters: Lando, C-3PO, R2 D2, and ANH Obi-Wan. I realise that this line is dead and never coming back. But I was wondering if you knew what characters they had backed up or were prepared to release if the line was picked up for another year?

While there were a lot of ideas being kicked around for the future of Unleashed, nothing really got out to confirm what the next few waves would really have, and the final retail wave was actually pulled back and made a Wal-Mart exclusive. The line wasn't doing merely poorly, it was failing, the bulk of the releases in 2006 and 2007 were just resculpts to save on development costs.

Hasbro addressed the non-inclusion of some characters to this effect: you can't really "unleash" C-3PO. At his most dynamic, all he's going to do is flail his arms, while bounty hunters can shoot or scream or something. Lando Calrissian is not exactly a popular character as sales go, nor is Old Ben Kenobi-- and again, these wouldn't necessarily be the best "action packed" statues for this line. I assume one of the reasons Obi-Wan was left out was because the line already had two prequel versions of the Jedi Master, but that's just speculation. (Also, probably true.) The line wasn't exactly huge, so a lot of popular characters never saw plastic in this line, which a lot of collectors really didn't like at first. (For example, Padme was a really slow seller until unscrupulous eBay sellers started selling her as "recalled" due to her massive chest.)

The line wasn't a success by Hasbro's fairly strict standards, whereas they may have been a huge hit compared to the numbers of other statue makers like Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, or Sideshow. Costs come down as production runs increase, plus Hasbro's line had to undergo rigorous safety tests. By the time Unleashed left retail, a repack of an existing figure went up to $20-$25 rather than the $15 they sold for in 2002-2005. Basically, we got lucky that the line was extensive as it was, just like Titanium did pretty well. If Hasbro has any secret stuff to share about the end of the line, it would be great to know, but it seems development must not have got far since the line's final few years were simply repacks, resculpts, and more repacks.


Ah, Toy Fair. Hasbro attempts to hold stuff back for the media and then it all leaks overseas. I'm not sure why they don't just hold a media event in January to get a jump on everything, but hey-- at least we're now seeing the giant AT-AT and so many other new goodies for 2010. Not only that, Hasbro had the courtesy to let us know all of this stuff is coming out in August so we can all start skipping meals or sodas or whatever to finance what will likely be the most preposterous back half of the year we've ever had to deal with. So I hope you're preparing now.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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