Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
February 1, 2010


1. The recent pictures of the ESB Vintage figures have made me wonder. Is the Vintage line replacing the Legacy line, or is it a subline to coincide with Legacy (or whatever they are going to call it)? Also, where are the new Galactic Heroes? At SDCC last year they showed one new wave and it has yet to appear at retail. What is coming in the basic 2pk assortment after the last wave that has been shown?

Hasbro hasn't officially announced it in the USA yet, but thankfully enough information has leaked where it's safe to say that what I've been saying before is true-- Legacy is ending (every Legacy figure has been announced), and this "vintage" line-- or whatever it finally ends up being called at retail-- is the new "basic" figure line.

Galactic Heroes are being played close to the vest right now-- few leaks, few news bits. So in short, we just don't know as of today beyond the current announcements, but we will in about two weeks.

2. You mentioned that there will be two different multipacks of The Force Unleashed as TRU exclusives this year and there are already some pictures of the 10 different figures (Galen Marek, Juno Eclipse, PROXY, Rebel Commando, Jumptrooper ...) My question about these figures is if they also could be repacked in the Basic Figure line. Or will there be any further figures of TFU video game? Espeacially asked because of the announced second part of this awesome game...

Not in the next year, but it's certainly possible. From what Hasbro has said in the past, they reserve the right to sell exclusive figures in the regular line after it has run its course at retail-- which is why we're seeing formerly Target-exclusive Order 66 Clone figures in Saga Legends and the revised R2-X2 in the basic line. If Hasbro decides they want to put these on basic cards, they will-- and I hope they do as I'd like to grab one or two more of Kota's Militia.

3. Since there is the new B1 Battle Droid sculpt packed in the Geonosian Arena 2-packs and caused by its multi-articulation to be changed in "transport-mode" I would like to know if there is the possibility to produce the large vehicle called MTT and seen in Episode I? The transport platform ahead of the front of the MTT holds the B1 units in the original movies...It would be THE large vehice for the seperatist forces...

Extremely unlikely if you look at the current trends in The Clone Wars-- Hasbro seems mostly interested in trooper-specific vehicles for the good guys or the Empire. The Battle Droids, while popular enough, aren't seeing a lot in the way of new vehicles and if the basic The Clone Wars figures can't also fold up, I'd say the chances of an MTT which can carry Battle Droids is pretty much zero. Even if they could, I'd wager it'd be extremely unlikely.

4. Stormtroopers are some pretty cool guys, what variations can be seen in the forseeable future? There is a whole list on wookiepedia, the ones I wanna see are some alien troopers, bombtroopers, seatroopers as well as a force sensitive trooper. Anything on the chances of them being made?

In the near term I wouldn't expect too many new Stormtrooper variations. I mean, the first Seatroopers of sorts were in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game back in like 1987, with the seal aliens and whatnot, and we still don't have figures. No wait, I'm wrong-- there were some in the Marvel comics series, too. So basically, with the demise of Hasbro's interest in non-film and non-TV characters, I'd say your chances are particularly low.

Toys "R" Us will soon have "cloaked" Stormtroopers in black and white varieties molded in partially clear plastic as part of the previously mentioned The Force Unleashed gift sets. Which is pretty swell, but just be warned that clear plastic has a habit of absorbing some other colors which it touches over a period of time, so be sure to store them in either a plain brown bag, clear plastic bags, or tackle boxes nowhere near your red figures. Or you'll be sorry.

Aaaand what else... well, that's pretty much it. I assume you picked up the Joker Squad sets from Entertainment Earth and the many comic packs, the Shadow Stormtroopers, and so on. Hasbro could still do a legit Blackhole Stormtrooper with silver eyes and all, but that still seems to be off in the distant-to-never future. If you noticed the prices on the Joker Squad, it is safe to assume that some Stormtrooper gift sets weren't necessarily exactly what fans wanted, so it might be a while before another big box of troopers-- or any exclusive Stormtroopers-- happen again without the assistance of a TV show or video game.

5. Why will there be a seven month hiatus for the legacy collection? I understand the need to refresh the packaging and everything, but why hold out for 7 months? Does this mean we'll see more of the ESB wave that came and went around Christmas? Or will the EU wave be the only thing shipping until August?

The Expanded Universe wave won't be the only wave shipping until August as Legacy goes, there will also be a revision wave plus Hasbro will be shipping any stock it has on hand still. There are still figures in the works, like the ESB wave you mentioned and possibly some waves from the Fall as well, which still need to show up somewhere. It's also likely Legacy will simply go away in the Spring from most retailers, leaving a gap until the new line hits in presumably August.

This sort of thing isn't totally unprecedented, but generally the gaps between waves caps out at about 3 or 4 months. In 2000, we saw an end to both Episode I and The Power of the Force around January or February, with nothing new until July. In 2007, Wave 3 of the 30th Anniversary Collection hit around March or April while Wave 4 wouldn't hit in any significant way until September. In 2008, The Force Unleashed wave hit around February and Hasbro wouldn't put out another wave until the Legacy launch in July. So this sort of thing is, sadly, increasingly normal. My big beef is the very strong chance that Hasbro will have as many as 40 basic figures shipping between August and December, which is potentially unhealthy for the market to absorb and likely to give fuel to anyone wanting to say that the line is weak. Collectors are unlikely to have $320 for just basic figures in this short window, not counting everything else likely to hit like a giant AT-AT and other new vehicles.


So, how about those new "Vintage" wave figures? It's almost too bad that it's from The Empire Strikes Back, which I've felt is the move that has been the best represented by toys so far. With Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear (the fourth new body sculpt), Hoth Leia (arguably the third), Dengar (third), and General Veers (likely the third), it's hard to get jazzed when it isn't just ground that has been tread before, but it's been tread recently and tread well. The most interesting thing I've noticed is that Luke and Leia both lack ankles, but it appears Hasbro sculpted in lateral hip movement on Luke. It's tough to tell for sure, but I think I'd rather have better hip joints for use in vehicles and upcoming creatures. After all, if we ever get another Hoth Luke, I really do hope it'll be ready for a new Tauntaun.

Also new, and I think the bestest thing I've seen in a while, was the last episode of The Clone Wars which is probably up streaming on right now. It's the first really good look at Mandalore we've had, complete with square trees and of course, Mandalorian Warriors. The revised armor suits were pretty swell, as was the fancy pants version Pre Vizsla (Pre Viz? Really?) has with the extra junk painted on it. Hasbro probably has this one coming down the pike, and if they do I can't wait to see how they translate that black lightsaber into a plastic form. The episode itself was pretty fun, particularly because it was full of action and largely well-paced, plus after it's done and when you get to think about it, you can hear someone's head exploding in the distance due to how it treats Mandalore compared to previous stories or reference works. So I enjoyed it on many levels.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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