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December 14, 2009


1. Quick question about the running change Scanning Trooper and Bespin Guard in the Legacy collection. How are we going to see these two hit pegs? Are they coming in different refresh waves or packed in later with the wave the first versions came in?

For most Legacy waves (wave 8 and beyond) there are no refresh waves. Wave 9 has a revision with the variant Ugnaught, it's possible another refresh may happen later but none have surfaced yet. All signs point to the variant Bespin Guard shipping with the Expanded Universe batch (Wave 13). A packaged sample of both variants of the Bespin Guard have shown up, so things are looking good. The Scanning Trooper is shipping in the just-announced revision wave, but no packaged samples have surfaced and Hasbro's recent comments makes it look like a no-go.

So to clarify: Ugnaught, both variants exist. Hoth Trooper, only the bearded one currently exists on an individual card and Hasbro plans to release the variant in an upcoming Hoth-themed Battle Pack. The Scanning Trooper only exists in one flavor so far and no cases are slated to have the variant. All signs point to both Bespin Guards seeing release soon, short of one comment which I'm presently disregarding.

2. I was wondering if the general grevious has been spotted on the legacy black card? seems like he would be a peg warmer. I have seen them all through commander bacara. I think it is card #40.

Hasbro has confirmed this figure will not see release. To better research these matters yourself, consult eBay-- merely searching on "Grievous" and "Legacy" gives you a good overview of what's out there. Granted, this is more useful for confirming what does exist over what doesn't, but hey, some people might want to know about another figure in the future and this is a good place to start. Particularly since I'm being "corrected" about Ahsoka on the 2009-style cardback, which does exist, because I've got one.

3. When can we expect the Wave [11] figures (Hondo, Aayla, etc) to start hitting shelves? Are these due before the end of 2009? I have seen them pre-listed at online retail sites as Available in December 2009, so I am curious if this is really accurate.

Any ETA date you read is always subject to change. Always. 100% of the time. The dates you see are estimates based on the data Hasbro gives to its partners, and as such, may or may not be accurate. In this case, it's the middle of December and there's no sign of these figures yet-- you may draw your own conclusions. It's very likely (and historically sound) that you can expect these to hit between December 20 and 31, as sometimes stores get a flurry of new product to replace the sold-out stock of current, or as collectors call it "freaking old and worthless" inventory. (Don't deny it, readers, I read your questions.) Basically, there's no way to know until someone finds it-- Hasbro's dates are pretty flexible.

4. Never sent in a question before, although I thought of loads, but either forgot them or someone beat me to it. CanŐt remember whether this has been asked before but ... have the V-19 Torrent fighter ever been released with a different paint job from itŐs initial release in the blue CW style box? I know itŐs out now in the red CW style box, but is it any different?

Also on a similar theme, has the V-Wing been released with a different paint job from its first outing in the 30th anniversary line? I have the ŇImperialÓ V-Wing that was released earlier this year, and that has a different paint job, but wasnŐt there a clean or dirty version of the ROTS paint scheme?

To date there are no known paint variants of the V-19 Torrent Fighter in the action figure line. There are packaging changes, of course, but there's only one ship anyone has reported so far. As to the V-Wing?

I found out there are a whopping four V-Wing Fighter variants after someone took me to task after I "corrected" them about there being only three. It turns out these are your options:
1. 30th Anniversary Collection Packaging -- ROTS deco, dirty/damaged
2. Legacy Blue Packaging -- ROTS deco, clean (the box shows a dirty ship, the ship inside is in fact clean)
3. The Clone Wars Blue Packaging -- Variant ROTS deco, clean, missing the red dot on the nose, other minor changes (packaged with Clone Pilot)
4. Clone Wars Red Packaging -- Imperial deco, black

I was stunned to find out about the "clean" blue box version of the ship and was surprised to see it was actually different from the TRU exclusive blue boxed release. Who knew? So there are four unique variants here. A footnote: I do not know when the dirty/clean transition took place with the basic ROTS deco V-Wing. It may have been when the blue box flavor came into being. I picked one up a month back and it was indeed clean, so I can only assume most or all are this way.

5. In the last round of hasbro Q&A, Hasbro has stated the comic line will end as a mainline SKU (I assume from waning interest) in the spring. I have enjoyed this line, found the character choices interesting, and the price for two new sculpts reasonable. However, I have seen neither of the last two waves at retail, I stop daily at a very well stocked Walmart and am usually one of the first to get to the newly stocked racks. My question is one I have heard before but I think it begs another asking, How can I buy a line that is not shipping to stores? All I saw for months was legends repeats and box after box of clone wars stock, but no BAD anything. Now I see a box or two of random waves but still nothing in quantity. I do understand the situation retail vendors face in the current economy, but how can we let Hasbro know retail has stalled?

There are multiple issues working against you here, one of which is that Hasbro shipped a final blue remix wave of The Legacy Collection Comic Packs within days of the first (and so far, only) wave of red carded Comic Packs. When Wal-Mart, Target, TRU, and other stores order, they get whatever Hasbro ships them, meaning that to you and to me it looks like they just have more old product sitting around rather than fresh red-carded newness. In short, you're screwed because of a mix of Hasbro's supply chain management, retail stores not dwelling on the details of what's "new" and that they aren't getting it, and the fact that this SKU has been treated like crap since the end of 2008.

When Hasbro says "collector support" is down, that's a half-truth. Collectors aren't going to support a line that they can't find-- pure and simple. Also, stores aren't going to order it unless the velocity is good-- and if Hasbro perceives this to be a purely collector problem, well, that's that. Comic packs have been feast or famine for a while, generally mostly famine-- stores aren't getting new product and Hasbro reps aren't taking back stale product. So what can you do? Nothing. The line dies, and something else will take its place. This may sound dismissive, but this is the way of retail-- it doesn't matter why a product fails, because once it's done, that's generally it. Right now all that we can do is hope that Hasbro swallows up those unreleased comic pack figures-- after the final wave ships, whatever and whenever that is-- and uses them for future basic figures or exclusives. Being on various sides of this kind of issue, it's a sad, unfortunate thing to see-- but what can you do? Not much. At least we got a solid couple of years out of this pretty slick range of figures.


And speaking of pain I gotta get a filling this morning, so yeah. Not much new on the Star Wars front today and it's unlikely too much new will show up between now and year's end, although sightings of basic Legacy figures through wave 12 may mean you still have something to go track down. Or you can keep re-sorting the thousand or so figures you already have, if you've been in the hobby for a few years like some of us. Just sayin'.

The Clone Wars is also off the air until January, so yeah, we're in the slow season for a bit. Don't forget to get all your exclusives and everything. See you next week!

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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