Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
October 5, 2009


1. I passed up the Geonosis Battle Pack (the one with the two gunner figures and the new pod) the other day while at Toys R Us. I wasn't sure if anything was new with either of the figures (both of which look identical to one another). I guess my question is...

Is there anything at all new about the figures in this pack or is the selling point the pod alone?

When dealing with Clones, "different" is a loaded word. I would argue these are indeed different figures. Unlike the 2005 Evolutions Pilot mold, these have jointed waists. They also have reddish logos on their helmets, no dirt/damage, and meet my qualifications of being significantly different enough to warrant the purchase. On a shelf, these would look different than other pilot figures.

2. I know they said they don't have any of the molds left but if they did which one of the Mini-rigs (out of all of them) would you think would sell the best given todays market? Which on would you want them to make?

I picked up all the originals many moons ago, when people hated Mini-Rigs, so I personally don't need to see another reissue of any of them. Depending on how they repaint them, they could be good Clone Trooper vehicles-- specifically the INT-4, ISP-6, and CAP-2. They really do look like they would fit in with the rest of the current cartoon line.

Most fans-- particularly older ones from the original vintage days-- don't much care for these, but I was young when they came out and I rather liked them. Except for the Power of the Force trio, which kinda suck. I can't imagine a mini Imperial Shuttle not doing well, particularly if a Clone Trooper came with it.

3. Will Hasbro will give us a proper Good looking and articulated Boba Fett? What?!? you say, that had just been done! No, I mean like the one in the preproduction photos with a wide helmet with swivel range finder and at least something that looks like that magnificiently sculpted (see gauntlets, kidney plate and belts and jetpack) and painted 300th Boba but with the articulation of that Evolutions 2008 effort. Also ask about a big Slave 1 with rotating cockpit and ramp ala POTJ [editor's note: he means POTF2/SOTE and/or Vintage] Slave 1. Just ask for me, please, pretty please - since we've finally got a very heart pleasing multipiece well sculpted hard helmeted Vader.

Depending on how picky you want to be, we're capable of having several more versions of Boba Fett. Some fans note that the Evolutions version has the wrong helmet, and is missing the chest logo. Others have noted that we haven't had the multicolor backpack/brown gloves/red and yellow gauntlet versions on which the Vintage 1979 toys were based. Plus there's the all-white one, and a few other minor variations. Were Hasbro so inclined, there are actually several other versions of Boba Fett to do, more if you start going by the comics too.

As to the Slave I? Rumor has it Hasbro is working on a new one and it's a safe bet that, if true, the rotating cockpit would be included again. On the bright side, the older Slave I can be had for as little as $10 if you luck out on eBay. Given the rumors of the new TV shows and the new seasons of The Clone Wars, such a vehicle is much more likely than it was before. But nothing's a sure thing, so make sure we all keep asking until Hasbro finally says "shut up, dammit" or "sure, here ya go!"

4. Shortly after the AT-TE hit stores last year, Costco sold a really cool version, including a new box and (6) figures. The problem was I never heard anything about this Costco Exclusive until approx. 2 months after it was sold out. It don't recall Hasbro ever telling us about this version. Did they?

Hasbro doesn't always tell us what Costco and Sam's Club get as exclusives. They tend to be pretty good about communicating the Transformers exclusives here and there, but Star Wars? Not really. Unique bundle packs get issued to warehouse stores all the time, but they don't specifically announce all of these items. Nor do most collectors shop at warehouse stores-- and if you do, you guys need to tell us what you see when you go shopping. We work hard for you, the least you can do is fill us in when you see something that you think might be new.

For example, this year there's a Costco Exclusive Return of the Jedi Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon with some unique figures. I have personally not managed to get one yet.

5. I just saw i picture of the new Imp Scanning tech over at Rebelscum. No sign of the scanning box that was displayed in 2 different variations in your comic con photos. Without it, this guy is just some dink in a jumpsuit. Are they going to double dip us and release a battle pack or something? Cripes, I am tired of the hasbro shell game.

Hasbro officially posted that the figure is indeed coming with the case after the picture surfaced, but we've seen situations before similar to this one where things did not go as announced. Often after items hit the packaged phase-- as seen here-- what you see may well be what you get. However, we've now found a packaged sample, and it looks like they did indeed fix it-- hooray!


I got the Geonosis 2-packs from Target over the weekend, and they're pretty good. I hauled down my Geonosis Arena playset and I gotta say, I should do that more often. These figures really add to it.

For $12.99 a hit they're pretty great exclusives. Yoda and the Destroyer Droid aren't the best, but the new Coleman Trebor and Kit Fisto totally make it worth the purchase, and yes, the Battle Droid molds are everything you've heard. As are the paint jobs. So close, Hasbro, so close-- how could you forget to paint eyes on one of these guys? It's a pity. The retooled Geonosian Warrior is great, and the Super Battle Droid and Jango Fett are both different colors from previous releases. The two new human Jedi aren't exactly a thrill, and the rerelease of Mace Windu seems like his skin is a shade darker. Otherwise, same deal. A factory-sealed cases has 6 sets-- that's just 1 of each, unlike the Order 66 packs, which had two of each. The Target I got mine from told me they only received a grand total of two cases, of which I bought one. Happy hunting.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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