Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
August 31, 2009


1. How come in Empire Strikes Back, when Chewie is choking Lando, why do they pronounce Han (rhymes with hand) that way? The correct way rhymes with John? Right? Never heard this brought up before and I know your the man to find out.

I've never really understood fully, but if you really look at the original trilogy with the eyes of modern day you rather than younger you, you'll notice that the old dialogue was about as good as the prequels'.

As such, you might not wish to do that.

It wouldn't stun me if the wrong people were in there when they were looping dialogue, but let's face it-- these movies were never about keeping words in the forefront. Leia's accent changes throughout Star Wars, and one of the head Rebels calls her "LEE-uh" instead of "LAY-uh." "Jabba" isn't pronounced the same way either, but none of these things actually really answer your question, it's more like me laying out a pattern of behavior. Although now that I think of it, Lando does seem to pronounce it more like "Hand" most of the time, doesn't he? I guess dialogue consistency wasn't a big part of these films.

2. Now that we're seeing a few figures previously released as part of the evolutions pack, re-released in a carded blister pack (such as the Darth Maul training figure), what do you rekon the chances are of a re-release of Darth Vaders Apprentice? It seemed a shame that Hasbro only released that character in an evolutions pack, a lot of people probably missed out on a popluar character because of it.

I'd say the figure itself is likely, but on an individual card? That I'm not sure about, if anything it should have been done for this Fall with the game rerelease. There are indeed more Force Unleashed action figure 5-packs coming in 2010 as store exclusives, and we have been told retools, repaints, and maybe even all-new figures will be in them, so it seems unlikely a reissue of this figure is in the cards. I personally don't believe Hasbro will be putting a lot of non-clone Expanded Universe figures from the Evolutions packs into the carded line, but what do I know? If anything it seems a game store-oriented assortment might make good sense for the likes of the GameStops of the world, or as pre-order bonuses, but we all remember how that went down last time don't we?

I'd say if you're waiting to get one and are just being cheap, which is cool, just watch eBay. They made a good amount of that pack and I expect the price to drop over time, and the individual figures sell for about $5 before shipping.

Game popularity seems to have little to do with toy selection, remember titles like Rebel Assault sold like hotcakes and there's no Rookie One figure.

3. After checking out Comic Con Photos online and noticing the new Luke Skywalker Figure with AT-AT Grapling hook i began to wonder... Could Hasbro have a Large Scale AT-AT in the works for next year? The reason i ask is well,.. we know were getting a new AT-ST that seats two is larger and much nicer, i also saw a prototype of a new AT-AT driver online with more articulation and with the Anniversary of Empire being next year and all it just make me wonder if that will be our next "large vehicle"? Care to speculate with me? It just seems like a logical choice to me for next years BMF Vehicle... =)

While a big giant AT-AT could be cool, it's one of those things where I actually start to wonder what they could really do with a bigger, better one. I checked Wookieepedia and it says an AT-AT stands 22.5-meters tall. Chewbacca is about 2-meters tall, and the tallest Chewie figure is 4 3/4-inches. If my math holds, that means a perfectly scale AT-AT should be about 53-inches in height-- in other words, bigger than a fourth grader. Kenner's original is closer to 18-20-inches, depending on the leg pose.

So yeah, would a bigger one be awesome? Ehhhh... I don't know. Sure, the proportions are off on the current model, but that's toy engineering as it's always going to be-- some bits need to be enlarged for certain play functions, like letting figures sit in it. With a new Galactic Heroes AT-AT in the cards for a future release, it's not unthinkable that the 3 3/4-inch scale model would get an update too, particularly because it seems to have been a strong seller the last time they brought it out. I don't know if they could sell enough to justify a new mold, but if the old one is wearing out, it stands to reason we'll get one someday.

Based on the rumor mill, it seems the smart money would be on seeing a new Slave I first. With Mandalorians on The Clone Wars, Boba Fett basically confirmed for the next TV show, and the ESB 30th Anniversary, that's my guess. I don't think that Hasbro can do a lot more with the AT-AT to really impress a collector into buying a newer, bigger model, but if the AT-AT makes the Clone Wars cut? Sure, why not? Early AT-ATs did appear in the comic books.

4. I've seen the newly released vehicles in the Clone Wars "diorama" packaging (e.g., the Vulture Droid, Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter that detaches into two ships, the AAT, the V-19 Torrent Starfighter, etc.) and was wondering if the vehicles were in any way different from the vehicles released earlier in the Clone Wars line in the regular "blue" packaging. Or are they identical except for the new and, in my opinion, nicer packaging?

As far as we know, the vehicles are the same-- the UPCs may be different, but the product numbers are the same as are the products inside. So if you held off on buying these, good for you-- you'll get a diorama that a lot of us may never own because we're not going to shell out for a third Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.

I have recently been informed of a variation in the vehicle line, though, apparently the deco on the V-Wing fighter changed in the blue Clone Wars packaging. I didn't believe it until someone showed a picture, but apparently it goes something like this-- and maybe one of you have a date stamp thing to prove this.
1. 30th Anniversary, Dirty
2. Clone Wars, above, no dirt (if you got a loose one let me know, I'll trade/buy/something...)
3. Clone Wars Toys "R" Us exclusive variant, clean, slightly different deco, no "dot" on the body
4. Clone Wars, Toys "R" Us exclusive variant, black Imperial version

5. Do you happen to know if there are going to be any more add-on accessories that are sold separate from the recently released Turbo Tank? While perusing my local Target aisles the other day I noticed that one of the new Clone Trooper two packs included two missile launchers/cannons that could be "attached" to the fold-out/flip-down sides of the Turbo Tank. Do these really attach or do they just stand there? You would think for the $100.00 Hasbro wants us to plunk down they could have included these two additional accessories in with the tank as opposed to us having to spend yet another $20.00 to purchase the two launchers/cannons and be stuck with two animated style clones that the individual collector may or may not need/want. I know personally I have zero interest in the animated style clones preferring the movie version clones better.

At this time there are no known plans for more add-ons to the Turbo Tank, but some times these things are announced later. There are sockets on the tank which are designed to hold the cannons from the Clone packs, and these aren't at all necessary for full enjoyment of the toy-- it's just something extra. In the movies, you didn't have folding-down panels with guns on them visible, so it's really just a nice extra for people that decide they want the lot of them. It's a nice option, and while it would have been nice to be in the big $100 box, it's not like these are necessary for the item to be authentic to its appearances in the show or movie or whatever-- like with the Gunship, which is really going to hurt given each Battle Pack is $25 and you need two of them to outfit the dumb thing.

...and for the record, there are four sockets on the Turbo Tank for cannon emplacements, so you'd have to buy two of those $16 or so Turbo Tank Gunner packs to fully deck it out. Unless you're Clone Crazy I see no real reason to do this.


I got my Y-Wing Bomber from The Clone Wars a few days ago. It's pretty special, in that it seems someone at Hasbro has suddenly decided to make a toy and ignore the budget. Short of electronic lights and sounds, this ship does pretty much everything you could reasonably expect a Y-Wing to do. There's a handle, 2 dropping bombs, 6 rocket launchers, and seating for up to 3 figures-- more if you cram them in the back where the handle is hidden.

Generally when you get a Hasbro vehicle, it's good for what it is-- it generally feels like something was left out. Here it seems that they went out of their way to cram more stuff into it, which is both good and bad. It's slightly bigger than the previous Y-Wings, but costs nearly twice as much. I won't blow smoke up your hindquarters with some comment like "oh it's totally worth the money!" but it is certainly very good and, as toys go, is a strong effort. Sadly, Ahsoka is too short to peer out the gunner bubble, and R2-D2 seems also a little short for his socket-- he sinks in a little too deep. If you put a Clone in the gunner bubble, though, it looks perfect.

If the price is right, get one. It's easily the most fully-realized fighter (or bomber) Hasbro has done yet, and this comes at a price. It's arguably not as cool as 3-4 Starfighter-sized vehicles, or $20$-30 less cool than a Turbo Tank. It also has the most worthless label sheet ever-- nearly 40 labels, and only one of which isn't pretty much the same color as the plastic you'll put it on. It's a total waste, were I a conspiracy nut I'd say that it was included simply to extend assembly time and make it feel like you're getting "more" because it takes so long to put it together due to the stickers. Otherwise, you'd have it assembled in maybe four minutes, five if you're lazy.

I'd like it if they made more use of the bulky areas of the ship-- there could have been "fuel flaps" or "weapons storage" buts in addition to the back handle area. The hollow engines are basically just there to take up space, it'd have been great to see them open for figure storage or something. Of course the ship is pretty back-heavy, so maybe not. Between it, the Turbo Tank, and the Fighter Tank, Hasbro has been really cranking out the great vehicles this year. Here's hoping for the Twilight in 2010, that junk freighter looks like it would make a really fun toy. I bet it could fit into the Y-Wing assortment, if it lasts the year, and my guess is that the ARC 170 redeco at $70 is going to make that difficult.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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