Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
August 24, 2009


1. What do you see as potentially great for future OT-related battle packs? What would you like to see OT-wise for 2010+

Realistically speaking, I think the original trilogy is going to have a reduced role in the future of the Battle Packs assortment. While that new set with the awesome Luke, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Obi-Wan is pretty fantastic, it's there to placate both kids and collectors. Even though we bought something very similar last year, these new versions have most of us excited, while a lot of kids will simply be happy to have these popular characters in one easy collection. (As a kid, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find the original Luke, Leia, and Han.)

Based on what we're seeing a lot of-- specifically Endor and Hoth-based sets-- here's what I'd hope for in the future.

Hairball Ambush - Princess Leia, Wicket, Speeder Bike, Scout Trooper. The Endor Speeder Bike has been out of circulation since 2007, so there's one plus. Scout Troopers are generally welcome figures, so there's another. Wicket (the 1998 sculpt) needs work, so there's the token "new" thing, in a perfect world. Princess Leia in her Endor Poncho can be easily made awesome by recoloring her poncho to the vintage Kenner colors and giving her a new head with a molded-on helmet and yes, chin strap. (If Obi-Wan can have a helmet head, so can Leia.) I would be thrilled to get something like this. Heck, you can throw in a log too for good measure. (For those keeping track, Han and Luke have both "starred" in Endor Battle Packs.)

AT-ST Hijacking - Chewbacca, Ewok Hijackers, 2 AT-ST Drivers. This, I'd guess, is probably a little more unrealistic, but in light of the new AT-ST I'd love to see one of these with a couple of Ewok repaints, the AT-ST Drivers remade using the new Imperial Scanning Trooper bodies and existing AT-ST hats, and maybe give Chewie a new head just to make things interesting. Since 2 Ewoks = 1 figure, I think this is reasonable.

Idol Threat - C-3PO, R2-D2, and 3-5 Ewoks as all the furballs discover their golden forest nymph or whatever. About a grand total of four of these would sell.

Echo Base Invasion - Snowtrooper Officer, Darth Vader, variant Hoth Rebel Soldiers. Heck, throw that unreleased clean-shaven one in here if it isn't coming out any other way, which seems to be the case. While I need a new Darth Vader like I need a hole in the head, well, "Imperial Troopers have entered the base." You generally need a core character to anchor these sets.

Carbon Freeze Chamber - Han Solo (pre-carbonite, newish), Frozen block (redeco 2006 mold), Chewie with new C-3PO Backpack, new Bespin Escape Leia, Boba Fett with arms retooled pose to match the scene. I do not expect that this one will ever happen, but if you're going to jam stuff into the assortments that I basically have anyway, there's always a chance to do up some old figures right.

2. Does Hasbro plan to release Stormtrooper Luke and Han in the new Red + White packaging? What about the recent E IV Obi-Wan Kenobi? I ask b/c I prefer the new designs to the blue and white.

How long should I keep my fingers crossed?

While there are plans to crank out Han and Luke Stormtroopers on the new cardbacks, there is no known planned release for Obi-Wan. Since he's in the upcoming Battle Pack, I wouldn't expect to see him reissued.

3. Quick question: If Hasbro can make the U-3PO figure with all its articulation, why can't they recolor it as C-3PO, or why didn't they do C-3PO first? Is there something about the C-3PO character or mould that makes them reluctant?

Sometimes Hasbro does what it likes to call a "pre-paint," which is to release a figure in a less-desirable deco before the "real" version. Since C-3PO would make a boring build-a-droid figure, given we can just buy one, I basically expect to see this mold repainted as C-3PO sometime in the next several years. It's a gorgeous figure with an amazing paint job, so I'm certainly expecting to see it happen eventually. Perhaps in a Battle Pack!

4. So having seen the preview for season 2 oh The Clone Wars and the Star Wars panel from Comic-Con. I think its more of a when then a who. But anyways what are our chances of seeing an animated Boba Fett and /or an animated Slave I? Obviously we will get some animated Mandalorians and such, and it starts to look like we will end up with many if not almost all of the Jedi being animated at some point. Just wondering what your take and opinion is on this?
--Darth Maximus

Well, I saw the trailer and I'm not entirely sure what we saw was Boba Fett. I might have blinked at the wrong time. It's a sure thing that we're going to see some Mandalorians, and I'm sure they'll be making it out as toys. Were I a betting man, I'd say expect an announcement at or by Toy Fair 2010 in February.

With Karen Traviss' postings about implied Mandalorian continuity issues, really, anything could happen. Is Boba Fett going to appear? Maybe. Will his ship, or another Firespray Interceptor, be shown? Possibly. If so, it can always be repainted or retooled, much like how the brand-new Attack of the Clones Slave I was redecorated and retooled as Boba Fett's in 2004.

Personally I would rather not see Mandalorians appear on the cartoon simply because every time you go to that well, the characters become a little less cool. You don't want to overuse them, in particular Boba Fett, precisely because of how neat he is came from the fact that he didn't do too much. He's quiet, he's subtle, he's a man of few words. There's no harm in letting him stay that way.

5. Several years ago, there was a buzz for awhile about an Ultimate dvd box set of all six Star Wars films. There were rumors bouncing around about possible pre-orders and discussions about delays due to the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray disc formats. It seemed at the time that Lucasfilm was waiting to see which format would remain standing when the dust cleared. Well, we've had a winner for quite some time now, so I'm assuming that this wasn't necessarily the hold up.

My question(s):

- Has there been any word about an eventual box set release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray?

- I was pretty pleased with the new footage of Episode I Yoda where they swapped out the puppet and would like to see that and more. I'm really hoping for extended versions where deleted scenes are dropped into the feature as opposed to added as separate extras. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to see OT deleted scenes reinserted, new footage to bridge both trilogies added to the OT, and more generous touch-ups to the older effects to bring some balance. I have the originals and I'm confident they will continue to see sporadic release. I'm just a sucker for fine tuning. If/when we get the Ultimate box set, are you for new additions/tweaks/changes ala the Special Edition releases? Or, like many, did what I just type make you hate me and hope that someone cuts my brake line in the near future?

I can't remember exactly where I heard this, so take it with a grain of salt. Supposedly the DVD re-release in 2006-- with the original original cuts of the films on Disc 2-- underperformed at retail and Lucasfilm decided that it would not be an ideal time to go for another dip into that well just yet.

While The Clone Wars has revealed Lucas to support Blu-Ray, obviously, the movies aren't yet on the format. They always like to drag their feet-- remember, DVD was pretty hot in 1998 and the Star Wars trilogy didn't make the format until 2004-- so we could be waiting another 4 or more years to see anything of the sort happen. Personally, I'd prefer they drop the boxed set idea and release them all, one at a time, as a significant, major release packed with extras. The idea of buying a preposterously stuffed The Empire Strikes Back with commentaries, trailers, deleted scenes, an isolated score track, original, special, and DVD editions, and anything else they could think of makes me a little excited. Just don't drop the bomb on me as a 6-film set, give me one every 6 months or so, that way I'm forced to actually take the time to examine them all fully.

If it were up to me, I'd prefer each film have two cuts. The "modern cut," whatever that is, with the latest changes should be one of them. The other should be the original theatrical cut, warts and all. As a film watcher, I don't necessarily want a longer cut of the movie, but I would like some sort of documentary or archive of scenes with all the deleted footage and a short story about what it is I'm watching. I'd really like to see if anything survived of the Sandstorm Scene, or the weird Landspeeder Projected Background footage. I'm also taking bets until we see a cut where Sebastian Shaw is removed form Return of the Jedi and replaced with an appropriately aged Hayden Christensen. I'd give it 15-20 years.

If there's one thing I don't need, it's a longer Episode I. For the DVD they reinserted a number of elements in the pod race, which I felt was just a little too long in the theatrical cut as it was.

Most likely what we will get on Blu-Ray will be one release with all the movies in their most current forms, and some sort of rerelease down the road. Or so I'd guess. I'm a little surprised we didn't get something good for the 30th Anniversary.


The Turbo Tank Gunners? Kinda crappy. As figures they're good-- the figure itself looks nice, the weapons are great, but those added Turbo Tank cannons are pretty worthless. They're an extremely tight fit in their mounts on the vehicle, and when you close the panels, they get in the way. You might enjoy them but they don't really add to the overall look and feel of the toy the same way the Gunship pods did. You won't miss them.

Oh, and I finally watched Return of the Jedi on a HDTV set, and I can re-confirm what I said many times here-- Luke totally has a vest, not a scarf, through Return of the Jedi until the sequence where he says goodbye to Leia on Endor. So that 2007 30th Anniversary Collection Luke Jedi Knight is all kinds of wrong. (Why he has a damaged hand and a Rancor victim bone is beyond me, I thought we were at the stage where all our Lukes were scene-specific.) So I guess now we can either enjoy our 2004 Jedi Luke just a little bit more or, more accurately, start whining for a new torso to go with Jedi Luke for the next reissue. Perhaps as a pack-in for a new Return of the Jedi Jabba the Hutt. Just a thought, now that there's a valid excuse to drum up a new Luke since the last one was kinda off model.

I'm watching the Fan's Choice poll results roll in on various sites, and all I can say is that the requests for Zam Wesell make me think that as a group, we need to talk more before we vote.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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