Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
March 30, 2009


1. Haven't found wave 5 yet in the Cincinnati area, but thought it was hitting retail as early as January. With so many Clone Wars and Saga legends figures hitting the pegs over the past two months, I'm having a hard time finding new Legacy ones. Assuming I missed this wave entirely in the current blue logo packaging, where do you put the odds of this, or any wave variant with the latest cantina aliens, showing up in the new red logo packaging?

For starters, I keep seeing wave 5 show up-- it's still shipping. Typically, waves go from "scarce" to "I don't want to ever see this again" on a regular basis, so I'd expect to see them again, as long as you keep checking your stores. If you see old figures with the wave 5 build-a-droid pieces, that's a sign that you missed them. Some stores are still getting waves 1-4 in my area, so I don't think it's panic time yet.

Now, as to your question about red packaging, don't get your hopes up. Since Legacy started, we've seen a fraction of figures as "carry-forwards," that is, shipped with a later wave. You can tell a "carry-forward" because it has what you may perceive as the wrong build-a-droid part, like a Sandstorm Luke with R5 parts. So far, only a couple of figures from each wave are brought back, and these are typically troopers or core characters. "Core" as in "Luke." It's a pretty safe bet that a few of the Wave 5 figures will be carried forward to wave 6 or beyond, specifically the Jawa with Treadwell, Stormtrooper Luke, and Stormtrooper Han Solo. I would expect to see the Spacetrooper again, but based on previous years the chances of Obi-Wan or the three aliens showing up again seem pretty low. Be sure you pick those up. If you miss these, keep an eye on eBay and be patient. "Wave" sets on the secondary market tend to be pretty cheap, especially if you can be patient and wait it out for a few months (or a year). As a group, we have very little interest in waiting for things, so the hype dies down and the secondary market prices tend to go with it once fans move on.

2. Star wars collectors love Bounty Hunters - especially those hired by Darth Vader on board the Executor. What do you think are the chances of Hasbro producing ships for these bounty hunters - e.g. IG-88's IG-2000, Dengar's Punishing One, Bossk's Hound's Tooth and Zuckuss & 4-LOM's Mist Hunter. These, I think, would be really cool. Am I just living in cloud cuckoo land?

Oh man, don't get your hopes up.

They are only just now getting around to these Shadows of the Empire and RPG-era bounty hunter ships in the Titanium Series line. A few of them were made as MicroMachines in the 1990s, so you may opt to get them in that format as well. So far, Hasbro and Galoob have yet to produce all the Bounty Hunter vehicles under a single banner. It's possible Wizards of the Coast may do it some day, as their Starship Battles game has some awesome ships in it that they can get away with in a blind-boxed game format. I mean, as far as I can tell, there's nothing they won't consider. I really love their line, but my attempts to put together a complete set has proven expensive after the first series so I dropped it. It's a great line of figures and vehicles for pretty much anyone interested in comic, game, or other media figures and vehicles. Hasbro does a great job with the action figures, but WotC is downright adventurous on their product offerings.

So, back to the action figure line-- which I think is what you were asking for. Right now Hasbro seems to be allergic to anything based on the original trilogy as far as new mold vehicles go, I'd assume non-movie OT-era vehicles are about as likely as the burnt corpses of Luke's relatives. The only OT vehicle in circulation as a non-exclusive, aside from the big Millennium Falcon, is the TIE Fighter. The same friggin' 2007 TIE Fighter which, itself, was basically a tweaked 1978 TIE Fighter. Considering the Slave I has been out of circulation since 2004 and I'm genuinely having a hard time remembering Hasbro's last new-OT vehicle introduction that wasn't a new version of a previously released toy, I do not believe you will see these until they get significant play on television.

3. I was looking around the rumor mill and I saw something about a pod racer battle pack.Do you know anything about this? Has Hasbro ever re-released the little probe droid that came with the cardboard cantina? One more question ,please- having a hard time keeping track of all these build a droids.Where can I look to find out what movie or EU they were in? I didn't recognize a single protocol droid from toy fair.

I have not heard anything about any Pod Racer Battle Packs being released. Hasbro did have a Pit Droids one in development for Episode I, but those figures eventually became the "Bonus" Pit Droids/Saga Legends Pit Droids. To my knowledge, there are no plans for a big box of existing (or new) vehicle pilots from this sequence in the immediate future.

As to building a whole scene out of a series of Battle Packs with a chunk of a building or ship in each? Not gonna happen. You might see things like a large cannon or a small piece of scenery, but the chances of Hasbro making a giant item over the span of multiple Battle Packs is extremely unlikely. Especially a Holiday Special with a DVD, you're never going to see that.

The Special Edition Imperial probe from the Sandtrooper has not been released in any format other than the retail release of that cantina playset. I have no idea if they'll ever crank out a new one but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

For your protocol question, I'm not sure which one(s) you mean. A tip: a name or a picture really helps. If you mean HK-47, he's from the game series Knights of the Old Republic. If you mean the silver protocol droid, there's a few, you can pretend this one is any of them. (E-3PO, U-3PO, TC-14, whatever.)

4. The "new" [basic vehicle assortment] crab droid is listed for $17.99. How does it differ from the [deluxe figure assortment] Ep III release which sold for $10? Will this thing beg me to buy it?

I don't think it will. Hasbro's prices are going up, which, sadly, means reissues of older items are now going to be more expensive than they were during previous releases. I don't see this as being worth the new price, but if you want a Crab Droid and don't have one, well, there it is. Originally a $10 item, I don't much care for it in the first place. The higher price tag isn't helping, but I'll be sure to write this one up when it finds its way to retail.

While I'm sure some of you are prepping your torches and pitchforks, do keep in mind this sort of thing isn't too uncommon. Some of the basic carded figures on the market today could be had for $2-$3 cheaper. The ARC Fighter repaint's price is nothing short of ridiculous when compared to similar toys released since 2005. It happens for various reasons, no doubt at least part of which has to due with the market generally accepting this sort of thing so far, plus Hasbro's need to make the balance sheet work. If they can squeeze a few bucks out of line "A" to subsidize line "Z" then that's what'll happen.

5. I had heard in the past from one of the collecting sights that we would see another version of the clone trooper from the clone wars animated series. If the rumor is true any chance the trooper will have a removable helmet?

Hasbro hasn't confirmed a new "shiny" trooper with a removable helmet, but it's a pretty safe bet you'll see it eventually. The Clone repaints are easy to do and sell well, so this sort of a release is pretty much guaranteed to happen unless Hasbro, reading this column, sees it and decides not to release it out of spite. I can't give you an idea as to when to expect it, but yeah, you can expect it some day and nobody here will think you're crazy.


So yeah, my quest for an Xbox 360 arcade stick is nearing its conclusion. No thanks to Microsoft, Mad Catz, or Hori-- I'll go into more detail after Plan F shows up, but it's a happy medium between making my own and buying something. (As expertise isn't cheap, nor are tools.) This is what happens when Hasbro slows down interesting news and releases-- I start looking at increasingly inane ways to play Street Fighter IV.

So... hunh. The few Spring exclusives are still shipping and/or haven't been fully distributed yet. If you're looking for Hasbro's Rancor Monster for Target, and you haven't seen it yet, that's normal. It hasn't hit brick and mortar yet. You aren't special, nor did you miss it. The web store got some units first, this sort of thing happens a lot. I think I touched on this before, but I'm just repeating it here so you can tell your friends the good news.

I gotta go write some more stuff, so you go do whatever it is you do after making it this far. Send in a question, perhaps. I'm considering either expanding the size of the column or doing bonus installments due to the increasing size of my mailbag. Got a preference? Let me know. I can see by the numbers that you cats do enjoy the column, or at least 18 of you do. (Thank you for your support!)

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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