Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
January 19, 2009


1. Hasbro has stated that there probably won't be another KOTOR game figure till 2010, and that being Bastila. However, have they referenced the comic series? In your best guess, especially since we'll see 12 figures from Legacy, will we see figures from the comic series? Who are your best guesses for figures?

I believe I heard Hasbro say that HK-47 may be a build-a-droid, but dang if I can find the evidence of this. I may be misremembering. This time of year, I expect a lot of smoke and mirrors from any Hasbro official information due to the desire to preserve surprises for Toy Fair and, after that, Comic-Con. Also, do keep in mind things change and Hasbro often switches waves around or moves a figure for one reason or another. Also, I'm not confirming or denying Bastilla. Frankly, any information-- including that you may have read in an official capacity-- is subject to change, and I certainly can't remember reading that. (As fans, we read into things some times, and anything not coming in the next three or four months can be knocked off the radar pretty quick. Remember Indy?)

It's my hope Hasbro goes to the KOTOR comic series-- there are some great designs in there which should appeal to pretty much any regular buyers of the line-- but right now there's little in the way of official data as to what you can expect. As such, well, it sucks but we're going to be doing a lot of waiting for Hasbro to pony up some information next month.

2. Regarding question #1 from your January 5, 2009 column, casual SW fans have asked me why the Stormtroopers don't have Australian accents in the OT if they're supposed to be the same clones from the PT. Since George Lucas had Temura Morrison rerecord Boba's dialogue for TESB, why didn't he have him rerecord all (or some) of the stormtrooper dialogue in the OT? This way, Lucas could have shown viewers that stormtroopers are a mix of clones and recruits if some have Jango's voice. Did Lucas have the dialogue rerecorded and is saving it for the Blu-ray release down the road perhaps?
--Mister XX.XX

There have been comments out of Lucasfilm that indicate the original trilogy is in a state of flux-- Lucas is probably going to be tweaking these films for a while. You'll recall they never explicitly confirmed changes were made to the original trilogy for their DVD releases, and they still sport a 1997 copyright at the end of the film. With all the crazy stuff happening, it wouldn't shock me to see changes made, removed, or furthered in the next several years. The guy does what he wants, and there might be more changes still-- sadly, this is hard to really get a grip on. It seemed like the changes were done in 1997, but a lot were unfinished (a few horrible digital C-3PO shots for example). It's possible Lucas is actively changing the movies some more for another, future release. Sorry for the non-answer, but that's what I have right now.

3. There's not a lot of info on the nu-class shuttle out there from the Clone Wars. I'm sorry if I've missed the question because I'm sure it's been asked, is Hasbro going to make this? I believe the main body could be used for the original shuttle and if they would do the Theta class shuttle also.

The only vehicles Hasbro has confirmed are available for pre-order or are in stores now. They've alluded to potentially redoing some smaller vehicles, like the AT-ST and the Snowspeeder, but I don't believe I've heard any comments regarding new versions of any shuttle. Between the Imperial Landing Craft, the Republic Attack Shuttle, and the Theta-class shuttle from Revenge of the Sith, it seems that LEGO is the go-to line for vehicles these days. (Well, except the Theta.)

So, what about this Nu-class Attack Shuttle? Right now, it's new-- there's a recently released LEGO toy, and that's it. After what I presume to be a decent rollout of the $20-ish vehicles and who the heck knows about the bigger ones, it stands to reason there's a market for some larger if not $100 ships. It could happen-- but I could say the same of nearly every piece of hardware and character from the entire saga. Given how many toys Hasbro has made, and given how obscure some are, I can honestly say this has no more or less chance of being made than pretty much anything else at this point. And next month is Toy Fair, so if Hasbro is going to announce anything that's when they're likely to do it. Or Comic-Con.

4. i know you do not work for target,but maybe you have some insight on them.the 2 battle packs they have,why are they not on the floor to sell?i have bought my 2,but i have always checked there computers to see if they have them.every time i look,they have "n/a" for a location.but are listed in the back.i asked if they have them and they do come up with them from the back.just confussed why they have an exclusive and choose to let it sit in the back and not sell it out with christmas done,not sure what they are doing.
--scott and lisa

Protip: when writing someone a question, it helps a lot to say what it is you're asking about. Target has produced numerous Battle Packs, some large, some small, and all hit last November. It helps me a lot to know which ones you'd like to know about.

A lot of Hasbro exclusives are sitting in the back of Target stores. Some are Joes, some are Transformers, and yes, some are Battle Packs. Their reasons for keeping things in the back are many-- maybe they have space allocated for another product, maybe they're in the back awaiting a second push (it has happened before), or maybe they're going back to Hasbro. I saw some items clearanced out in early January that weren't marked down December 26, so I would say that there may be a bug in the system and you did the right thing regarding asking. Hasbro generally gets an item, puts it out, marks it down, and moves on, so the slightly different treatment of its 2008 Hasbro exclusives is indeed a little baffling. I'm now seeing some of these on clearance, so heck if I know what it is they're really doing with these.

5. In your Q&A of Jan 5, you mention a forthcoming comic 2-pack containing Darth Krayt. This is news to me. Is there a full list of 2009 Comic Packs?

If you read Hasbro's Q&A sessions-- and looking at our site logs, you as a group probably aren't-- you may have noticed that it was Hasbro who confirmed this one, surprising many. They let nuggets slip every now and again, but as far as I know nobody is doing a bang-up job maintaining a complete list of all the confirmations at this time. That and since things get moved around so much I'd almost hate to have people hold Hasbro to it if they change their minds.


I wrote this in advance due to my being away from the home office last weekend-- so yeah, there you go! Have a good week, send in your questions, and I'll be here next time. My backlog is getting a little dry, so if you've got a burning question, fire away.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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