Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
January 12, 2009


1. There has been many online questions posted about the characters from the CW collection. Does anyone have a running list of confirmations or even speculations on what is coming in 2009 In single packaged form? I have heard carded figures are up to 40+! I know CW is not your favorite but do you see them doing more background figures eventually? I would really like to get one of those cool nikto guards from Jabba's palace in the Clone Wars movie?

The problem with "rumor lists" is that they are really hard to judge most of the time. Some aren't rumors so much as they are preproduction lists that Hasbro sent to Wal-Mart or whatever that, for some reason, we got to see-- which is what leaked the Ugnaughts and Captain Needa and other upcoming ESB figures. For whatever reason, Hasbro's been really good at keeping the cartoon figures quiet, I assume this is in part due to the fact there aren't all that many to be announced just yet.

I don't know who told you that the show was not my favorite, but hey, whatever. Yes, as time goes on you will see all sorts of minor characters because Hasbro has to make something and people keep buying. But as to what, and when, we'll know a lot more in about 30 days.

2. Uhhh...has Hasbro ever confirmed that fragile, thin plastic dune shell that covers the heavy plastic Sarlacc rim is actually part of the set or is it part of the packaging? The reason I ask is the clear plastic shell holding the Sarlacc in place was far more durable and thicker, and the thin plastic dune seems so physically weak as to be part of the packing material rather than an accessory. I managed to get it out of the box without damaging it, but it was like neurosurgery.

No, that's not the kind of thing a good company tends to say. "You didn't like the item's quality? Uh, that part is packaging, just throw it away." Hasbro used a similarly thin plastic for the base of the Lars homestead pack. My guess is that their Chinese vendor made an error, or Hasbro is trying to see if we really will buy anything without concern as to its quality.

This sort of thing is new and not a good sign if you ask me. Seeing as the company tends to make mostly excellent and durable products, the thought of them making something that looks like it's designed to crack in 2-5 years isn't what I like to see. I suggest you make sure to let Hasbro know your dissatisfaction with this product if you get the chance.

3. I recently sent an email to Hasbro regarding the Titanium Rogue Shadow, Mon Calamari cruiser wave that came and went so fast this year (I never saw a single vehicle from that wave at retail), asking when we might see them again. All I got back was the generic prepackaged response of "...thanks for contacting Hasbro. Inventory of product comes and goes, but keep looking and check with the following retailers.... blah, blah, blah." It would be nice if they actually took the time to properly answer consumer questions, but oh well. So, can you find out what the story is with these elusive little die cast ships?

The answer is basically not to expect them again-- Titanium is a "collectible" line and things rarely/never re-ship for very long due to it having a frequent turnover. Rarely does anything ship for more than 1-2 waves. I'd say "never" is a bit more like it now-- get them on eBay or dig through your out-of-the-way stores with small toy sections while you can.

I wouldn't blame Hasbro Customer Service here too much. Most companies don't have a centralized knowledge base to answer hardcore collector-specific questions, and the question as to if anything will or won't ship again is handled by Hasbro's marketing department. Which is the same group that tends to announce new things, and rarely divulges their long-term plans. These people are generally trained to deal with product-specific problems, like "this broke" or "this is missing" and not the more nuanced areas as to a product's likelihood of returning to the marketplace. That's why you have columns like this one to research, speculate, prod, or otherwise direct you to the most sensible answer we're likely to see. This week, anyway.

4. As I was dragging out my Attack of the Clones stuff last night I came across the two clone pilots I bought in 2002.

I thought, hey, isn't it time for Hasbro to re-do these guys in a legends-type (standard) mold? This figure has the same awkward pose and stuck-bent elbows the first carded clone trooper had when it came out. It fits great in the gunship cockpit, but man, it needs serious updating, perhaps in the super articulated vein. I do have two of the yellow "dirty" clone troops from the evolutions set who each came with clone pilot helmets. I've used them both in the gunship cockpit, so I know they fit.

I know that there's an animated Clone Pilot out and he looks great, but we need a revamped one for the standard line.

Did Hasbro ever do a SA Clone Pilot for the standard line and I just missed it? In any case, I'd like to see what you think about it.

Well... it seems to me you basically answered your own question. That Evolutions pilot (sold on and off from 2005-2008) is the one and only "super articulated" pilot, and he doesn't even have a waist joint. Right now, that's your best figure for this purpose, Hasbro has yet to confirm any single carded non-animated Episode II style clone pilots. I assume they'll do one sooner or later since as far as I can tell, you can do it with just a new retooled head.

5. Not so much of a collecting question, but one regarding The Clone Wars on-line comics over at the official site. Do you know or have you hear if these will even be made into print form? With some of these issues going well beyond the number of regular comic book page numbers, I really don't want to spend the time or ink printing all of the pages off in color which they rightfully deserve. They seem to be excellent reading and would make a great collection for us comic book readers. I don't know all of the details regarding the process, but think that they could find a second market for them in comic book or graphic novel form. Any input or feedback?

I've seen some online comics in the past, specifically Crimson Emprie-related ones, and asked Dark Horse this very question. I was told no, these were meant to be online exclusives. I assume the same applies here, and I'm not sure how much involvement the Dark Horse team actually has with these new online pages. I can only hope that digital versions are on the inevitable DVDs, or that you find a way to swipe the files and store them locally if/when they disappear forever. The stories are neat, but best as introductions to the episodes. Without the context of the series, I don't know if fans would be really getting the most out of these.


Thing I have learned: you people love free stuff. I've given away dozens of coins and just yesterday, responded to requests for massive hordes of UPCs. I'd really like to do more of this sort of thing but I'm not sure how I can best deliver action figures in a similar way-- if anyone has suggestions about sending loose (or packaged) figures in a SAS padded E, or some other means where I make people pay the shipping to (basically) send a free figure (or figures), do tell. I'm lazy and generous, so hit me with your most efficient solution for someone who really doesn't have time to spare packing things or going to the post office.

On that note, don't forget to send in for your mail-in Captain Rex now that Hasbro extended the offer. I sent for two, and decided that was plenty-- if you happen to have spare UPCs you have no intent of using, I'd like to ask you guys to log in to our forums (or Rebelscum's, or Sirsteve's, or Sandtroopers', or what have you) and offer yours up to a collector in need. A lot of fans are carded collectors and don't necessarily have the $28 to spare on figures to tear open, so if you've got some, do share.

Oh, and there's likely to be another round of coin giveaways. Some requesters sent me more coins to share with you guys, plus I found a few more spares in my desk at work. Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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