Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
November 10, 2008


1. Could you please remind me why with a TCW Grievous, Holographic Grievous and Saga Legends Grievous already clogging the pegs we're getting yet another Grievous in TLC Wave 4? Is this the "Grievous to end all Grievouses," or should we expect a repack sometime in the future that includes his cape and/or two more lightsabers?

Peg-clogging is relative, and one thing about fans is that one's dream toy is another's garbage. Fans in this column and elsewhere have been begging for a properly scaled General Grievous for ages, and this upcoming release in The Legacy Collection looks like Hasbro's taking an honest stab at it. That said, yeah, of course there will be future repacks-- that's how this game works. Hasbro makes a figure, sells a bunch, and then improves it or puts it in a box with other figures and re-sells it to fans. The only way to avoid this whole hassle is to collect after the line ends, which in the long run will no doubt save you time, money, and space. But it's a lot less fun.

In my circles it seems most Grievous figures are selling pretty well-- perhaps it's an issue of each community with unique hot figures. I very much doubt Hasbro would have so many in circulation were it not meeting some sales target.

2. I recently read your FOTD review of the Imperial Engineer from Battlefront II, and I understand your frustration because it's really nothing more than a repainted Death Star Gunner (of course, it was part of a "Repacks & Repaints" wave, but I digest). Would you say the same about the TLC Commander Faie, that it's little more than a repacked/repainted Commander Keller?

While I admittedly have not yet held a Faie in my hands, the basic carded one appears to have slightly different legs, a new helmet, a new clone head, and some other changes-- which, to me, isn't really a problem. My expectations for a figure essentially based on concept art which sports new parts and pieces are different than that for a figure that's a straight-up repaint. I'm not necessarily frustrated, it's just that it's all sorts of unexciting compared to numerous other repaints.

3. A few years back there was some buzz about Hasbro expanding the Titanium line to include other movies and tv series. Of course, got some very nice Battlestar Galactica ships, but I remember Stargate being mentioned too. Do you know if we may actually get some Stargate ships? Also, do you think its about time for Hasbro to resculpt the 3 inch Titanium Millenium Falcon? The old one is great but it seems like it needs an update.

Hasbro's expansion into non-Star Wars territory has indeed been rocky, and it seems that pretty much every line expansion outside the basic 3-inch vehicles from Star Wars is getting the axe. I've seen Marvel figures at $1 stores, I've seen numerous others on closeout shelves. Die-cast didn't seem to catch on with fans, and for some reason or another, Stargate was aborted prior to any release. I've never heard of any prototypes being produced either, so it's entirely possible that this could have been a licensing issue.

As far as resculpts go, well, I'm perfectly happy not seeing any in Titanium. I'd rather they just reissue the same product into the ground so we don't feel any need to purchase a seventeenth die-cast Falcon based on the Galoob sculpt. I'm sure a new one would be better, but I can't imagine it being an incredible improvement to the point where anyone but fairly hardcore collectors would notice and/or care.

4. I'm pleased with how many droids they have released so early into the CW collection. Do you think they will make both the spider droid and crab droid in the clone wars animated and what are the chances that they will fit in single packaged cards? I don't foresee another type of package to come along other then a battle pack for these larger items to fit into.

In order for a droid to make the toy line, I'd say we're going to have to see it have a decent role (or any role) in the animated series. I can't remember if I saw any crab droids just yet, but if they did it I can guarantee you'd see them in battle packs or a new deluxe assortment (which is indeed rumored for 2009, thanks Wal-Mart!) It's all going to depend on Hasbro's direction for 2009 and beyond-- I really hope they focus on meatier toys at higher price points, mostly because if they're going to be charging us $8 or more anyway we may as well start seeing some bigger products out of it all.

I'm not overly optimistic on baddies in this line because it seems Hasbro is really dragging their feet on anything that isn't a clone. I'm pretty sure the ratio of clones to non-clones is over 1:1 by now, the droids don't seem to have the same appeal as their white armored counterparts. Like anything, it's important for fans to make a stink about what they want so the word gets out. So far I'm not seeing many patterns as to what Hasbro should or shouldn't do for the future of the line.

5. So, is the new Rebel Technician figure based on Ryan Stiles of Drew Carey Show, Whose Line is it Anyway, and Two and a Half Men fame?

The figure is a dead-ringer for him, even the hair.

What do you think?

Could be-- but I don't know, I see Ryan Stiles in everything. For years I was convinced he was one of the models on this Atari 5200 console box I owned. Hasbro uses a variety of people for reference, and once a person is shrunk down and painted a certain way, it's easier to see similarities that may not be intended. For example, I don't think I heard anyone who didn't say that the 1998 Lobot didn't look like Patrick Stewart... and aside from being bald, I don't know if there was much of a resemblance. I'd certainly say it's close, but if we see Diedrich Bader as Tag or Bink then there's certainly something going on here.

...and I was wondering who the heck watches Two and a Half Men out there. I think you may be the first I've met to admit it. I'm not sure what this says about you.


Some of you have been asking "so what can I expect before the end of the year as Hasbro stuff goes?" Well, just enough to really cost you some money. While I can't say for certain that we know everything, your exclusive shopping list is largely going to be Target-focused. They have two Ultimate Battle Packs-- one based on Clone Wars with the Battle of Christophsis and another from Return of the Jedi with the Pit of Carkoon. Each will be around $60. Their two Jedi-plus-clones battle packs are expected as well as few/none have surfaced at retail. Clone Wars Wave 3 should show up in big numbers any day now, and Legacy Wave 4 started showing up wide this past week.

While some new Battle Packs, Mighty Muggs, and vehicles may squeeze in with the regular line, pretty much everything else is out or shipping as you read this. Oh, and there's that Internet shared exclusive set of all the repackaged older figures, but eh.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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