Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
June 11, 2007


1. What do you think of the McQuarrie Boba Fett as a toy? As one of the few collectors who actually uses the figures for their intended purpose, I was looking forward to creating my own Mandalorian army, only to discover that my awesome-looking figures had a somewhat distressing tendency to mimic the demise of Darth Maul.

I read your review of this figure for FotD, and well it was a well-written review of the figure for those who just stick them on their shelves, it didn't give me much info. So do you think Hasbro could have done better?

Well, the issue here is Hasbro tried to do something new and cool, and it didn't quite work out. As a kid, I'd be furious. As a collector, I can't fault them for trying something new and exciting, as long as they got that it doesn't make for a good plaything. Sales of this figure will be strong no matter what's wrong with it, but yeah, I did mention in FOTD #365 that the figure splitting apart was a bad thing. (Not sure what else I could've done rather than keep harping on it.

It's OK-- if you're careful with it, odds are you won't have any problems. But when all else fails, try the super glue.

2. Regarding Comic Book Packs, Hasbro said at CIV that there would be 18. I can identify 16 based on the 7 that are out and what was presented at CIV. What are the other 2? I was under the impression that there would be 6 comic book packs telling the complete 6-issue story of "A New Hope". Currently we have issues 1-4. Are issues 5 and 6 coming?

As you didn't identify what your 16 constituted, this may be tougher to answer-- so let's go by my count, shall we? I count 7 packs as being in stores today. I also count 9 more as coming from various official sources. I've also got 3 packs from unconfirmed channels-- and neither of those are based on Marvel issues. Right now it's a safe bet Hasbro will attempt to keep something under wraps for Comic-Con. While I know that isn't the answer you all want, well, they do need to have something to show at these conventions.

3. I am a regular reader of your coloumn, and I enjoy reading it very much. I am from the UK, and a big Star Wars Collector. I have a two questions, I have the book The Action Figure Archives, by Stephen Sansweet. Do you know at all if we are due a update of this great Book, or a volume two which will cover every thing from Episode one onwards. Second Question, I see the 3oth anniversary are doing more clones, and a Stormtrooper that shall be with us soon, I am a fan of the Clones, but I love the Stormtroopers. Are we ever likely to see Imperial Trooper Sets, as in Stormtrooper/ Sandtrooper / Snowtrooper / Scout Trooper / Tie Pilot . Sets like these will great for army Building.

While there have been buzzings, there are no known plans to update the Action Figure Archives book. While a great volume, I saw these by the bushel at Tucson book stores for $3.98 each-- a real shame given the quality of the book, but it also might say that stores aren't too keen on a big volume like this again just yet. (Even though it's been close to 10 years.)

Second, no, there are no known plans for "Random Imperial Box Set." Personally, I'd rather see 5 of the same figure in a set, but that's me-- I don't necessarily want more Sandtroopers unless they're new in color/dirt/deco. (Actually, I kinda don't need more Stormtroopers either at this point.)

4. Do you recall the exclusive gold coin set that was selling in 2005? This had various characters done up for coins, but they were smaller called medallions. Anyways I have a couple complete sets and I know they we're limited. Would you know if they plan on re-releasing these since they're doing the coins for the 30th line these days?

While I don't recall the set, it seems pretty unlikely that there's going to be a big cash-in on non-Hasbro coins due to the action figure line. It's just an upsell bonus item to make the basic figures seem better this year, and unless there's a huge upswing for more coins (which, after a year of this, I doubt) I wouldn't expect it-- that and usually (but not always) manufacturers try to make sure "limited edition" still means something.

5. Im a huge fan of Star Wars and its been like 6 years since Ive bought a Star Wars figure and missed out on alot of stuff including the first wave of the new Vintage series and some of the Saga OTC figures.

What's up with Leia Boussh's staff being all bent? Its the crappiest staff ever for a new figure of Leia in her bounty hunter disguise

This is a durability issue. Hard plastic is more brittle and prone to breakage than softer plastic, so some people are finding more and more bent weapons. The best thing you can do in this case is either steal a better staff from an older release, or consider dipping it in boiling water, straightening it out, and letting it cool straight. (Warning: I take no responsibility for cooking your hand like a lobster if you mess up.)

6. Why are they putting out the Legends wave now? Most of the figures were just out within the year, would it not make sense to issue them around the fourth quarter? Now they are pumping out wave 3 and the pegs in my area are all jammed with the same figures from wave 1 and 2, except of course the concept and the 2 troopers.

Saga Legends serves multiple purposes, one of which is satisfying retailer (not necessarily customer) demand for more, fresh product all year long. It takes less money to repackage popular figures and ship them to stores than it does to develop all-new stuff, so this is a way to make Wal-Mart and Target happy with "new" product and at the same time (arguably) making a new item for fans to buy. In some cases, they're quite exciting, in others, well, not.

Also, Saga Legends are tracked differently than 30th Anniversary Collection figures. If you're a store, you can order Saga Legends (Asst. 85770, same SKU as The Saga Collection), and/or 30th Anniversary (87500, new SKU). So as a store, you can choose to order either, or both-- they're different products to Hasbro and the stores' computers, and a store would not receive one when it ordered another. It'd be like ordering Cheerios and getting Honey Nut Cheerios-- it's different product.

Variety is very important and that's one of the reasons things like Saga Legends exist, and has basically existed in some form since 2003 (except in 2005.) While we don't like to think of it this way, the very popular Original Trilogy Collection was basically the same concept as Saga Legends-- 39 figures, 7 of which were new molds, with some repaints and some reissues on new packages.

7. I am wondering if the flame accessory on your McQuarrie Boba Fett is hopelessly "drooping"? While it is a cool accessory, and probably the main reason I bought one to open, the plastic end that fits into his gauntlet is way too flimsy to hold the flame up. No matter how I position the flame, it ends up drooping and looking stupid. Just wondered if yours (and all of them) was this way as well?

I expect droop on an item of this nature, so I keep mine separate-- it should droop over time just because of the plastic. You'll either need to prop it up, or display it without the flame. Like the sun, gravity is bad for many toys and if it looks like it may be an issue, you need to account for this when you get a new toy.

8. I have a real quick question: I'm a big Boba Fett fan and we're getting a lot of love with this year's Animated Debut Boba Fett and McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett and rerelease of the VOTC ROTJ Fett; but we still don't have a reasonable ESB Fett (short of the 300th version I believe) or Pre Production Boba Fett, the one that all the original promotional photography was from as well as the original Boba Fett was modeled after, or even a proper ROTJ blaster to go with the VOTC version. Has there ever been any talk about maybe a Battle Pack /Evolutions style Boba Fett package that might span all the changes in his look?

I was a little surprised Hasbro didn't announce a repaint for Saga Legends, myself. Right now there are no plans for any new ESB Fett products, aside from a reissue of Fett 300 (again) this Fall in a Battle Pack. We haven't received any "ANH/1979" style Boba Fett figures in quite some time, but I assure you people are wanting such things.

9. The stands are supposedly for figures from the last 4 years, but I see a "Wicket"--yet no Logray--who came out in 1998, almost 10 years ago. Perhaps he's coming out again?

And why the heck do they give us 2 stickers for Zev Senesca? Is a carded release on its way?

There are loads of goofs on Hasbro's sticker sheet. For example, Wicket AND Logray were both reissued in 2004. Wicket on an OTC card and in a gift set, and Logray in a gift set. However, none of the Entertainment Earth Astromechs are on the sticker sheets. They seem very selective on which exclusives to list, as they have Diamond's Death Star Briefing but apparently none (or at least few) of Target's exclusive clones.

I think two Zevs were there way of realizing they were at the end of the list and didn't want to bother re-sorting the stickers. It reeks of a human laziness issue. Not that I blame them, it's a royal pain to sit and proofread/copy edit/change a Pagemaker document with 200 names in it. I really do, however, hope Hasbro refreshes the sticker list every year with more new and old figures so I can get stands for everybody from Prince Xizor to R2-X2 to Boss Nass. (Especially Boss Nass.)

10. I know your collumn deals mainly with action figures but my question is in reguards to a different kind of collectible. The new Star Wars 30th anniversary stamps are really cool! I bought one to keep and one to mail. I have one little beef though. The promotional material had promised that all six films of the saga would be represented. Yet there are no stamps at all for Attack of the Clones. I thought at least we'd see a Clone Trooper or perhaps Jango Fett or Count Dooku, but no. Its my favorite chapter of the saga and I feel a little left out. Is there any reason you've heard, official or rumor, why Episode II is MIA?

Well, it depends on how technical you want to get, but the set does represent characters from the whole saga. If you want to get technical, the Emperor is the closest thing to ROTJ that's shown and technically that's in ESB too. I think it's because, visually, AOTC doesn't have the zazz of the other films, lately it's considered to be the least popular by many fans, and that the USPS no doubt wanted to place an emphasis on the original three, specifically the original one. Six of the stamps are pretty much ANH-specific, after all, and it doesn't surprise me that AOTC got the shaft since a lot of things were no doubt toss-ups. (Jango vs. Boba, Boba wins.)


OK, so one big constant complaint I see asked: "Why doesn't Hasbro be like Zizzle, they gave us a big pirate ship, Hasbro should do that!" My answer to you: they did already.

Pirates has had three films and has only a couple of major vehicles which double as locations for much of the action. Basically, the Black Pearl is on par with the Millennium Falcon in that it's a set piece, a vehicle, and a major source of the action. Hasbro gave us bigger and better ships for the prequels in some cases, like the massive Royal Starship and the not-as-massive-but-still-cool Republic Gunship. So if anything, Hasbro gave us more vehicles that are in some cases bigger-- so it's not really fair to compare Pirates with its one or two decent sized toys with the half dozen or so from Star Wars over the years.

See? We're so spoiled by all the stuff we've got since 1995 that we don't even remember that we're already getting way more and way better stuff than other lines.

Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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