Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
April 23, 2007


1. I enjoy your EE podcast, ever think of doing a total starwars specific podcast or an audio version of your qa?
--RV (edited down for length)

I used to put a few questions in every week at first, but didn't get much feedback on it. Is that something people would want? Some sort of SW audio Q&A podcast, perhaps separate from the one I do for Entertainment Earth? Let me know. I don't know if I can do it with my current schedule but if the interest is there, things can be moved around. (As I say in the podcast, I really have no idea what people want out of a toy/collector podcast. So you cats just let me know.)

2. Is the R2 in the new Jedi Training on Dagobah Battle Pack and R2-D2 Dagobah Training OTC-04 the only R2's we have that are really "muddy". I can't think of any others that come close to the level of mud those two have.

So far, yes. These two have different decoration and are different molds, and so far there aren't any others that are that significantly filthy. Some pretty dirty versions were made with the Power FX version (electronic, POTF2, reddish dirt) and the fire-covered 2007 30th Anniversary version too, so if white or off white isn't your thing, you've got options.

3. I am interested in seeing a resculpt for Yakface. He's arguably the rarest vintage figure, and besides his "modern" figure release in 1997, he hasn't been seen since. Have you heard any info about a resculpt of Yakface? Either basic figures, or better: Vintage style Power of the Force?

While interest certainly exists, rumblings for a Yak Face resculpt are pretty much nonexistent. Of course, lots of chatter can make these things happen, so I'll start off by saying yeah, I want one too.

4. After the recent slate of Gentle Giant announcements (Royal Guard/Senate Guard busts, Light up Vader Statue, 'Classic' Busts, etc), I noticed that none of these items were available through Diamond Comics Previews. I (and my brother, and a few friends) usually order Gentle Giant items through my local comic store, and am worried that GG is going to exclusive distribution like Sideshow did a few years back. I've written to them twice to ask about this but have gotten no response, and thought you might be better able to get some insight for us on this.

It's possible Diamond missed a month-- these items are still being solicited through other channels (cough cough Entertainment Earth/EE Distribution) so they aren't being held back, or if they are, they're not rolling it out yet. So I wouldn't worry yet, Gentle Giant insists they plan to keep things as they are. Well, I guess there are more than the normal quantity of exclusives this year, but other than that, odds are this is just a hiccup.

5. Do you have...well, perhaps have you figured out the tally for Celebration IV exclusives? It seems to be almost a dozen.

Well, let's see. Here's a few that I could remember.

Gentle Giant
Commander Gree bust
Darth Malak bust
Droids-style Boba Fett Maquette

McQuarrie Luke
McQuarrie R2-D2 & C-3PO

Master Replicas
Wedge Antilles Helmet Scaled Replica
Medal of Yavin Scaled Replica

12-inch Ceremonial Luke figure
Millennium Falcon diorama

I'm probably forgetting a few-- I'm sure Dark Horse and Topps and Acme and others will have things and I can't remember them off the top of my head. So it's gonna be an expensive show-- actually, this is kinda sad given that it seems there will be more exclusive items at this show than the previous three Celebrations combined.

6. I was looking at the Master Replicas Mini Helmets online, is it just me or do these look exactly like the Riddell Star Wars Mini Helmets from years past? I own a set of the Riddell helmets that included Boba Fett, Lukes X-Wing Helmet, Stormtrooper Helmet, Darth Vader Helmet that breaks down into 3 pieces and C-3POs Head. The Master Replicas new mini helmets look identical even down to the display stands. What gives?

I believe I heard that this is the intent-- to bring back that style of helmet. To which I say, good! Hopefully it can find an audience this time.

7. Hi Adam. I only collect characters that appeared in the movies. Did Grievous' White Bodyguard ROTS #60 and Neimoidian Commander ROTS #63 appear in Ep3?

A definite no on the Commander, on the Droid... not so sure. The lighting seemed off in some scenes so it seems like it's not totally inaccurate, but if you're being picky, well, when in doubt save your money.

8. I'm wondering what form of mental deficiency has afflicted the marketing team at Hasbro. What utter lack of comprehension made them think that shortpacking the McQuarrie Stormtrooper would be a good idea?

"This figure is going to have special packaging that differentiates it from all the rest. That should grab the kids' attention."
"The packaging, and the fact it's a McQuarrie concept figure, give it really strong collector appeal as well."
"As a Stormtrooper, it's also a troop builder isn't it?"
"Yeah. Collectors will go nuts for this figure."
"Hey! Let's limit it to one per case."

Does Hasbro try to piss us off or do they manage it through blind luck?

If I had the inclination, and the funds, I could own 20 of any other figure in the first wave of TAC. In all seriousness, I could probably have bought 100 Obi-Wans, Mace Windus, or R2-D2s. They're everywhere. But I have yet to see a McQuarrie Stormtrooper. Will Hasbro be rectifying this supply issue?

Will they continue to apply this marketing brilliance to future McQuarrie releases?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't-- if Hasbro made it at 2 or 3 per box and it sat, odds are we'd be having a similar conversation about them introducing a new pegwarmer to the world.

The Stormtrooper will continue to ship in more cases as time goes on, and the conspiracy theorist in me thinks this is intentional-- start off by shorting a figure and the rest will be more popular as a result. Of course, a repaint of a figure from 2003 may not have sounded too exciting on paper and perhaps they were hedging their bets-- a lot of fans didn't like the sculpt due to the lack of articulation in some parts, and the giant holster. So it's popular-- good! Hasbro will make more. I've seen a few in the wild and have little doubt you'll find one in the coming weeks.

Boba Fett is starting at 2 per case, and due to the vast number of new figures, most new sculpts are being introduced at one per case this year-- it isn't a McQuarrie thing, it's just the way the line is going to work when you have more than 6 figures in a wave.

9. Do the people at Hasbro take figure suggestions made via their customer service feature on the website into consideration? I ask that because I made suggestions for a Cane Adiss and Mon Calamari dancing girl AND I WANT THEM REALLY BAD. I was just wondering if they actually consider those kinds of suggestions. Also I took the Hasbro collector poll and made the same suggestions. Would all this help my case?

Also, I just read your fig of the day thingy on Lushros Dofine, and I agree on a couple of things: that he's an excellent figure all things considered, and that nobody seemed to want him made in the first place. However, you probably don't remember but I wrote in awhile back asking if he was going to be released in future assortments (after the wave intially hit my area stores) because he was the ONLY figure I didn't see. Weird? Yes eventually he showed up again but he didn't really sit like past Neimoidians in my area. I guess what I'm asking here is since Hasbro got the message that this wasn't the most popular figure choice, does that hurt chances of other Neimoidians (Tey How, Daultay Dofine, ROTS Nute) that people really want being made eventually?

Speaking of pegwarmers, two words: DARTH VADER. Honestly, in my area we have EVERY Vader released in the Saga collection clogging peg space with most of them being the Bespin one. Which was arguably the best of them all. We have a shelf with the bargain 2packs that are not selling because EVERY ONE contains a Vader, the other figures being ones that sold through well. WHY IS THIS?

Yes and no. If Hasbro gets repeated requests from the same person day in and out they might notice and ignore them. If it seems like there's a large amount of chatter and interest for a product, well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to point to announcements of figures like BoShek and Hermi Odle-- they're listening.

The Mon Calamari dancer has virtually no support. Nobody's really asking for it in any big way-- so don't get your hopes up unless this sparks interest. Now, Cane Adiss I see pop up from time to time, but there's not exactly a lot of demand for a character that wasn't exactly easily visible in the movie and most fans wouldn't know what to expect. Two pencils with heads on the end? It's a hard toy to visualize, as I've mentioned in the past when someone (heck, maybe it was you) asked about it earlier.

As far as Neimoidians go, well, I can still find a dozen or more at some stores when it comes to Lushros Dofine. I can get you all you want. I have a feeling it's not uncommon, so future releases might be a way's off, or in Battle Packs-- to lessen the impact of a pegwarmer. None of the Neimoidians have gone without pegwarming in at least a few of the stores I visit over the years, so I wouldn't hold your breath. I don't think that many people "really want" them either-- sure, they'd buy them. But unless they're fans who, when asked, will say EVERY FIGURE is their #1 choice, it's not like people are screaming for these.

...and Darth Vader tends to eventually sell. Not in 100% of the stores, but I don't see a problem with him sitting in my searches. As with Lushros, your mileage may vary. I wouldn't be surprised if you were putting this out there to try to make Hasbro think it's an issue, either. (I'm half-kidding here.)


So the server went down for a few days. Frustrating. It sucks to have worked your butt off to post a Figure of the Day article every day for a year to have the ability to share the articles stripped from you at the last minute.

I found the Bantha Battle Pack at Toys "R" Us last week-- but there were no red variants. Dammit. I really wanted the red one. (I'll keep hunting.) Have any of you seen the red one in the wild?

Due to weekend working on too much stuff, it's just 9 this week. Got questions? I bet you do. Email me with "Q&A" somewhere in the subject line and hopefully I'll get to yours in the next column!

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