Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
January 8, 2007


1. 1-Does Hasbro plan on releasing more figures for the comic book series? 2-Has Hasbro ever thought about doing an EU line again? Right now, by what I understand, their releasing only a few right now, (Kir Kanos, Scorch, Darth Revan, etc.) If they could do figures like Tionne or the Solo children, I'm sure loads of people would by them.

1. Yes. The full plans of which will be announced shortly, but there are at least 3 sets expected for the Spring.

2. Hasbro is doing lots of EU in 2007, the first of which includes those comic packs you just mentioned. While many fans are complaining that we aren't seeing enough, well, we're seeing more now than ever before-- the last time we had this much non-movie product was 1998, or perhaps Clone Wars if you count that. Hasbro is just ramping up after last year's line with Scorch, Foul Moudama, the Delta Squad pack, and a few others. This year, we'll be getting lots more. In case you missed the memo, though, fans of novels may be left cold due to Hasbro indicating it was initially going to stick with things that have a strong visual reference-- so comics and games look more likely than anything else. As the 2007 line has yet to be revealed, you'll just have to wait and see how much non-movie product you'll be getting in 2007. But also keep in mind a lot of people don't know who Tionne is and don't care. Or in my case, I know exactly who she is-- and don't care. Doesn't mean there's no interest, but Hasbro wants to sell tens of thousands (if not closer to 100,000) of most products, and there really aren't that many collectors gung-ho to buy absolutely anything Star Wars any more. Except, perhaps, for kids, and this would be a very risky choice. As to the Solo kids, well, one of them was killed, and the other two would cause arguments like you wouldn't believe-- which costumes would you pick? At which age would you represent them? I'm not saying it'll never happen, but it seems nobody's in a rush and the overall demand for older characters from novels is, sadly, low. I want a Guri, for example, who was proposed, rejected, and never heard from again.

Not to poo-poo your taste, but sales are a major issue and Hasbro knows some things sell really well and others don't-- and yes, female figures still fall under the "don't" umbrella most of the time. (Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger. Yes, Aayla sells, but some weak choices like Mon Mothma poison the argument for more female figures.)

2. I received a Mace Windu & and his purple pals battlepack for xmas. I just realised that the clone with the removable helmet (don't have it in front of me now....the airborne trooper???) has the wrong helmet! He has the same helmet as the other 3 troopers (and I assume it will not fit on his head without removing his head). He is definitely the right body, has the human head, the little purse etc and I've examined the box extensively and see no signs of tampering, the tape looks good, no obvious sign it was ever removed. Any thoughts about whether this is a factory error or do you suspect tampering. How hard would it be to get in there, replace the helmet without causing damage etc? I am tempted to open it myself but might want to sell it on ebay or something since these kinds of variants don't really interest me as a collector (and taking it back to Target isn't really an option since I live in Canada and my brother who got it for me lives far away). Have you heard about any other such finds?

I can't stress this enough-- I don't care how perfect it looks, people can swap things. You done got hosed. I think I mentioned before that I accidentally walked out of a Toys "R" Us with a swapped Original Trilogy Collection Y-Wing box that, inside, had a guy who took the 1983 ship and painted a few parts red and re-twisted everything back in. People are really talented when it comes to this stuff and a lot of people do it just for the thrill of seeing if they can pull it off, which is pretty sad, because that's like laughing at a puppy who doesn't read the paper he's pooping on. Store employees aren't fans and they know the boxes don't always match the products, so these things will always get by the bulk of the employees. All you can do is point it out and be as nice as possible about it, letting them know someone basically stole something and that product shouldn't be on the shelf.

Go ahead and sell it on eBay if you would like-- people probably won't pay a premium for it. Your best bet is to contact Hasbro US or Canada for a replacement part, or ask your brother to check his local Target in the USA to see if there are any left on the clearance rack. I saw some just a week and change ago for half price, so it might be worth trying to get it.

3. Upon a pre-xmas visit to Target I saw the imperial shuttle but given the price of the item, and how big my january bills were going to be, I balked and didn't buy it, hoping it'd just hang around and eventually get marked down. I haven't seen any since and sellers on ebay seem to be getting close to a hundred bucks for it. Any idea if we're going to see it again?

Don't hold your breath. Target's marketing for this item made a big stink about it being a one-time-only offer, there was no short amount of collector-generated hype around this piece either. For $59.99, it was meant to be a limited release item and fans gobbled it up quickly-- it happens from time to time, as I've frequently stated, not everything goes to clearance. Collectors voted with their dollars, and Target (and Hasbro) undoubtedly got the message, which is "we love big ships, the market can support them, please make more."

So what are you to do? Well, after the FAO version sold for $120, eventually showed up elsewhere for $90-$100, and also sold out... you're kinda out of luck. But lucky for you, I looked at eBay-- I see 71 closed auctions for this item as of the day I write this. There's a few for $90, but most of them are $70 or less-- so it looks like you're in good shape to pick one up for roughly the original cost. (Depending on sales tax, you might be getting a really good deal. Some are as low as $50 with $20 shipping, which in my area is just a couple of dollars more than it would cost at Target.)

4. Do you know if there will be anymore of the Star Wars mini helmets?? I would love to see more (especially clone variations). Titanium is really onto something. What do you think are the chances we could see more Clone Wars vehicles such as the Torrent starfighter, TX-130 Fighter Tank, or the AT-XT?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, anything is possible. I swear I saw something about it somewhere, but for the life of me I can't remember where or if it was on a wish list or some Gentle Giant Q&A somewhere. And Titanium, well, Hasbro will run out of movie items eventually. If you want something, be sure to let your friends know and tell them all to write letters. Hasbro does read them, after all!

5. I just picked up a few of the latest Titanium basic vehicles and wondered if you had any idea why, for the B-wing, it says that it was "Destroyed by: Admiral Ackbar" on it's "bio"? Is there some obscure EU reference going on here (or not so obscure) that I'm not getting? Any thoughts on this or is it simply just an error on Hasbro's part?

Congrats! You've found one of Hasbro's many typos, of which there were a few in the 2006 line. You can find more on other Titanium ships, the Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter, and elsewhere. When a company makes hundreds of products with words that aren't typically caught by the spellchecker (or apparently, the copy writers), this kind of thing happens. It's unfortunate, corrections are far and few between, but it's just the way things are on a lot of these items.

6. I noticed a lot of furor over the lack of a "Holiday" figure this past year. I can't really say that I missed it per say, since I've always liked the concept better than the execution.

Still, it did get me to thinking about the idea of doing themed figures for other holidays besides Christmas, specifically Halloween. (OK, maybe just Halloween. Nobody wants an Arbor day Ewok, right?). Halloween is arguably the second most popular holiday to Christmas (In America anyway). I think that a "Headless horseman" type of Vader, with his head replaced by a Jack-O-Lantern would be neat. Or a Clone/Stormtrooper painted orange and black.

Again, it's still incumbent upon Hasbro to pull off the execution, but what about the concept? Do you think it would work? Would Lucasfilm allow it?

I had a longer answer, then I realized what it needed to be.

Does anyone really want more randomly colored figures that don't come from the movies or Expanded Universe? I'm guessing no. People love Halloween stuff but there isn't any real basis for products based on the holiday. So my question to you is, short of having the ability to say "I came up with this and they made it, go me!", is this sort of thing on anybody's want list?

7. Will we be able to look forward to a wave of figures from the KOTOR video game series at any point in the future? Also, will the Darth Revan figure be mass produced like any other figure or will it only be in a hard to find pack?

Let me show you how I see your question.

"Hey Adam, you know that one figure that's coming out in like six or ten months that hasn't been confirmed as to its actual release date, how it will be painted, what accessories it will come with, or anything? Given that nobody knows anything about this figure beyond a name and an unpainted sculpt, I want to know how hard it will be to get."

OK. I get it. You 27 or so KOTOR fans out there are really excited. Got it. Let's move on, shall we?

Given all the variables that exist when determining how hard a figure will be to get, it is not possible to know how hard a figure will be to find. Not everybody knows what KOTOR is, or cares to know-- a lot of fans aren't PC/Xbox gamers and never once got to know any of these characters. With that in mind, even at 1 per box, this figure could be very easy to find because collectors might see it and go "I have no idea who this is, but this new McQuarrie Girlie Luke is something special!" You just never know.

Beyond that figure, there are no known Knights of the Old Republic action figures known to be coming. That's it, just one. There might be more, and with the popularity of the comic series (and strong designs like Rohlan Dyre it's entirely possible that there may, someday, be more of them. But for everyone out there holding your breath for an entire line of figures, keep in mind that a lot of fans see KOTOR in the same way you see other comic series, games, or novels. Everyone has a favorite, and that's great-- but non-movie entries are something a lot of fans don't like at all, and as such, only a few of any particular property will come out at a time, if any. Splinter of the Mind's Eye came out over 25 years ago and I still don't have any toys for that, or any of the weird red Snowtroopers from Super Empire Strikes Back, and so on.

8. I just saw pics of the new Commander Neyo and Saleucami Trooper with BARC speeders due to be out in 2007. They looked AWESOME!!! Will these be a Target exclusive? If they are, then that sucks for me because we don't have a Target store in Hawaii(yet)! Will my only hope be eBay or a friend who lives on the mainland?

A couple of weeks back, I posted a fairly long article explaining that I believe this item, which has not been announced or confirmed by Hasbro, will be an exclusive. It's anybody's guess what will happen, but all signs point to some form of exclusive. Be sure to write Target HQ and let them know they're missing out on your business by not offering exclusives on the Internet!

9. I was wondering what you thought about those metallic/magnetic lightsabers they used to sell back in like 2002 or 2003 or whatever (I think you get the idea). Anyway, I was looking at the sith training darth maul they'll be rereleasing soon and I noticed he is sold with a metal lightsaber. I decided to take out all my old metal ones and display them with my figures and let me tell you, I think they look really realistic with the metal ones! I really like it! In addition, they seemed to make the blades longer back then (yay!) and also all of the blades were removable, which was an awesome feature in my opinion (despite the fact that occasionally the blades would break in the hilt and you'd never be able to use the hilt or the blade ever again). I know that many jedi come with removable blade lightsaber, but I still think the metallic ones look better, for the most part. I was wondering if you thought maybe they would ever start that up again, releasing Sith and Jedi with metal lightsabers I mean. I know the magnets are a feature from the days gone by, but couldn't they just release the figures without magnets but with metal lightsabers?

I agree, the metal ones look really cool from a distance but up close, it's really hard to get a lot of detail into them. So it's a trade-off-- do you want shiny metal, or true-to-movie detailling (as best as it can get)? I know a lot of fans had an issue with the removable blades breaking easily. (I had to glue my Ki-Adi-Mundi after it snapped.) I'm not optimistic we'll ever see them again.

As far as Maul goes, his blades are actually pretty gosh darn short. So ya can't win 'em all, but the metal part is pretty awesome. I've got one here at my desk and it really does look nice. Still, no matter what, some fans are going to be upset by the decision, and for now it seems the slightly sturdier plastic variety is what we can expect from here on out.

10. I will be moving soon, and realized I have 900+ toys to move. I have had them on display in my dark, temperature-controlled basement for the last 8 years, and the last time I moved, I only had about 150 toys to move, so it was a lot easier. This time, though, they may be in storage for a while, so I'm planning to bag the figures. The Internet explosion leads to as many choices for bags as I have toys. Any suggestions on specific material I should look for to make sure the bag doesn't affect the toy? I'm still going to keep them temperature-controlled, but they'll be in storage rather than on display, so I want to make sure they stay in good shape. Any preferred suppliers? My local comic shop has gotten out of the toy stuff.

Absolutely every solution I could give you will have someone write in and tell me that it ruined their figures. No joke. If you're going to use bags, my first advice to you is to cut a couple of tiny holes in them so air can be let out (or in), avoiding moisture building up and growing fungus/damaging paint/etc. I use tackle boxes, which cost more, but give me less grief overall. Although there are problems there too, as paint from a weapon may melt off on the figure. There's really no magic bullet here, but I have yet to hear any problems with plain paper bags-- has anyone had a problem from using those?


Um, yeah. That's all for this week. 2007 is a little slow so far, but there's a lot of stuff seeming to hit-- like some of the vehicles that you may have missed. Nothing too exciting though, certainly no new announcements. Not yet, anyway. (But those new Titaniums are something special, eh?)

So for next time, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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