Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
January 1, 2007


1. I just picked up the Cantina Band tin from Wal-Mart today, and on the back of one of the packages, it says that Doikk Na'ts is sitting out sick. I'm particular over which band member is which, but all in searching around on the net can't tell me who is supossed to be sitting in for Doikk. There are also two members who play the fanfar (the smallest instrument), but only one in the set. So if there are seven members in the band, one is out sick, and two play the same instrument, who specifically is in the set?

The first thing to remember about the Cantina band is that in 1977, none of these guys had names, or at least not the names we know today. As such, the merchandising is largely wrong in many places, and the jury is really still out on how many band members are actually in the Modal Nodes. By most estimates, it seems that 7 Bith band members are in the Cantina, although not all of them are on stage. However, borderline insane shot-by-shot analysis may show something else.

For specifics as to who is who, check out Wookieepedia, as it's a pretty good source for this sort of thing. (It does have several errors, though, and is stuffed with some speculation in places-- so it's a good jumping-off point.) As Doikk is, as far as I know, the only member that plays the Fizzz, it appears Hasbro botched the packaging. (The tin series' bios contain more than a few errors in facts and grammar, just take a look at almost any of the regular release packaging.)

As far as I can tell, this is a Hasbro copy writing error that got past Lucas Licensing, or an issue of Hasbro developing a new, previously unknown character. It's also possible that I missed the memo on any other known Fizzz players.

So... who's in the set? Well, Figrin D'an is the one with the Kloo Horn, which has the straw-like thing for his mouth. Tech Mo'r has the ommni box, which is a little drum-like thing. The fanfar player (the tiny wind instrument) could be Ickabel G'ont or Tedn Dahai, as this is the one that usually doubles up. Nalan Cheel plays the bandfill, which is the thing that goes around the back of his neck. So who's the last guy? Well, he could be a stand-in player, but if you look at the evidence at hand, it pretty much has to be Doikk Na'ts.

2. I noticed that on the Episode VI set, the tin says "THE Return of the Jedi". Do you think Hasbro will remove the first "the" or is the production run on these too small to bother?

It's really impossible to tell what, if anything, Hasbro will fix. In the old days, we saw reduced length lightsabers, corrected commas on bio cards, and the like on a regular basis. Today, even the hardest of the hardcore variant collectors has mellowed out quite a bit, and fewer of these things get caught. Given that the word "The" is pretty insignificant, it seems unlikely it will change in the near future. It's also not entirely incorrect-- more than a few marketing materials refer to the film with "The" in the title.

3. what happen to the ben kenobi with boga of the jedi force,do they make becase ican found it

The best answer to any and all "did they ever make this" question is "check eBay" because if someone is selling it, that means yes. This item was indeed made, but in small numbers. (There's also a unique Episode III plush Chewbacca from the "Buddies" line where he has a lion's mane that, as far as I can tell, pretty much only showed up at Kay-Bee for about ten minutes.)

4. Just wondering what kinds of questions you get tired of answering?

Oh, I like this one. Basically, anything anyone can easily answer themselves (by say, Google) or product suggestions disguised as questions. Given there have been over 600 action figures, at this point, Hasbro pretty much has every concept from the films that any of us can ever think of-- it's just a matter of getting to them at this point.

5. I have a question about the Revenge of the Sith Jedi Starfighters. In the instructions it says you can remove the droid panel from the socket & place a R2 action figure in the socket. I have most of the astrodroids made & none of them fit or fit well. Have you noticed this too? Or is there a droid made for the ship, or is there a trick to getting them in there?

I noticed the same thing, and one day I saw a collector post photos of his Starfighters with figures, not the "plugs," in the sockets. I asked him how he did it-- it turns out he cut off part of the figure. So for the most modern droid sculpts, you aren't going to get it to work without modifying at least one of the two toys, and we wouldn't really advise that.

6. Did I miss something? Are the knees joints on the new Endor Luke figure GLUED so that the legs don't bend? Mine appear to be. Is this just a quirk with my Luke? Should I put a little more effort into this in order to get the stiff joints to bend? Or, are they actually glued? And, if so, WHY?! Why would a figure meant to replicate a character who spends a great deal of his action sequence screen time sitting on a speeder bike have his pre-existing knee joints glued into place to prevent bending at the knee?

For starters, here's something funny I initially missed-- Hasbro retooled the legs! These aren't the same as the original 2004 Jedi Luke's legs. They hid the pegs, and now you can twist the boots around, too! The knees on mine were very, very stiff but bent just fine. Be careful with yours and odds are you can get them to bend, too, just don't break them.

7. Will we be able to look forward to a wave of figures from the KOTOR video game series at any point in the future? Also, will the Darth Revan figure be mass produced like any other figure or will it only be in a hard to find pack?

Let me show you how I see your question.

"Hey Adam, you know that one figure that's coming out in like six or ten months that hasn't been confirmed as to its actual release date, how it will be painted, what accessories it will come with, or anything? Given that nobody knows anything about this figure beyond a name and an unpainted sculpt, I want to know how hard it will be to get."

Given all the variables that exist when determining how hard a figure will be to get, it is not possible to know how hard a figure will be to find. Not everybody knows what KOTOR is, or cares to know-- a lot of fans aren't PC/Xbox gamers and never once got to know any of these characters. With that in mind, even at 1 per box, this figure could be very easy to find because collectors might see it and go "I have no idea who this is, but this new McQuarrie Girlie Luke is something special!" You just never know.

Beyond that figure, there are no known Knights of the Old Republic action figures known to be coming. That's it, just one. There might be more, and with the popularity of the comic series (and strong designs like Rohlan Dyre it's entirely possible that there may, someday, be more of them. But for everyone out there holding your breath for an entire line of figures, keep in mind that a lot of fans see KOTOR in the same way you see other comic series, games, or novels. Everyone has a favorite, and that's great-- but non-movie entries are something a lot of fans don't like at all, and as such, only a few of any particular property will come out at a time, if any. Splinter of the Mind's Eye came out over 25 years ago and I still don't have any toys for that, or any of the weird red Snowtroopers from Super Empire Strikes Back, and so on.

8. After the original release, I've finally found a "Republic Commando Scorch" two days ago. It seems Hasbro stuck with the promise of shipping more of this "Rare" figure (Mine came with a red hologram, if that means anything about how recent it was distributed). I was just curious...what other rare "The Saga Collection" figures are there?

"Rare" is a very loaded term these days. It works like this: if a figure isn't falling off the pegs due to over-availability, people call it "rare." If people can't find one, it's "rare." Truth be told, Hasbro only has one really rare figure in 2006, and it's General Rieekan-- he shipped at one per case, in one case. (An upcoming revision is on the way that has him packed with a red holo, and odds are that will be exceedingly tough to get.) Some of you might say I'm saying this to be snotty, but I'm not-- as far as production numbers go, Rieekan is the shortest-run figure of the year in the basic line. (At least as far as I can tell.)

Right now, I've seen pretty much every figure in stores, and the hard-to-get figures vary by neighborhood. Some stores are still loaded with Lushros Dofine, while others don't have any basic figures at all. If what you really want to know is "what's worth a lot?" you can go to eBay and take a look for yourself-- but keep in mind this, too, will vary from time to time and you never know when Hasbro will flood the market with any once-"rare" figure.

9. I'm trying to stick with a theme for clones (orange!) and so...

1. Does the orange-ish colored Scorch trooper from the new battle pack match Commander Cody's battalion's colors?

2. Are there any droids that match (or come close to matching) the orange clone trooper battalion in color or deco?

At this time there are no known plans for Battle Droids in any new non-movie colors. There's the existing Kashyyyk deco, and according to Rebelscum, more tan and red ones are on the way. Beyond that? Nada.

The orange Commando, Boss (or RC-1138) is very close to the Utapau orange coloring. But if you're trying to stick with a theme and keep it light, you might want to pass on ordering the set as it'll get you 6 more figures you might not want. (But if you don't want your purple or generic Geonosian I'll gladly take it off your hands.)

10. I was wondering, after I saw packaged photos of the new Wal mart cantina figures, why Kitik Keed'kak wasn't repainted her correct green color? Also, it seems we are getting alot of repackaged/repainted stuff next year does this indicate that we won't see as many new sculpts?

Right now, it looks like there are no more "reruns" in 2007 than there are right now. Traditionally, the end of the past few sub-lines of figures are all repaints because they have a short lead time to produce and fewer of them get made, thus making something collectors might want-- so yeah, these past few Saga Collection waves are all redeco figures. They're still "new" though.

There seem to be plenty of new sculpts coming in 2007. At this time, we've seen the first two waves of basic figures for a grand total of 14 figures. Of them it looks like 9 are 100% new sculpts, and the others have been modified to be new/different. (From what I understand, the Utapau Airborne clone was developed as orange first.) Of those 5 remaining figures, the McQuarrie Stormtrooper is a figure fans have been demanding to get reissued since 2003. Han Solo has new arms and a new head, and is made from the best-ever Han mold. A new pilot Biggs with his helmet is something fans have been asking for. R2-D2 with crazy flames seems to have been retooled, and Obi-Wan has new accessories and, it seems, a retooled head too. So at least they're a little different.

Kitik Keed'kak is probably a case of Hasbro going "we need to get Wal-Mart a figure RIGHT NOW, which mold is ready?" Hopefully down the line it'll some day be done right but I wouldn't hold your breath.


Woo, new year! I went to Phoenix over the Christmas break and discovered that pretty much every Wal-Mart there was loaded with the Cantina tin gift sets-- which, here in LA, is downright impossible to find. (I saw them once like the day before I left.) So as much as a lot of you guys think this is a load of crap, it really does make a big difference on what's popular based on which regions you live in-- and yes, in some areas, those Heroes & Villains figures do sell. (With the odd superpegwarmer like Padme in some regions.)

Odds are it'll be a little slow for news for a while, but that doesn't mean new stuff shouldn't be hitting soon. So start saving! Product announcements should hopefully come up soon, and we're expecting a whole bunch for Toy Fair next month.

So for next time, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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