Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
August 28, 2006


1. I have looked everywhere and I can't find an expected release of the Mace Windu Clones supposedly a Target Exclusive... Any idea when they will be released?

These are supposedly due in September or October. No sign of them actually showing up has arrived anywhere at press time, but if it's anything like last year I'd wager we will see a lot of Target's exclusives around the week of September 14 due to DVD promotions.

2. About the Diamond Comics Imperial Officers set, any idea on release of those...and more importantly, where exactly would I find a Diamond Comic outlet? Is there a website that will be preselling these?

These will be sold by everyone who sold the Sandcrawler and Bounty Hunter Gift Packs-- and will be out early 2007, according to most estimates. I know we'll be selling them where I work, and if you have a local comic shop they'll be able to order them as well.

3. The Imperial Dignitaries: It seems that Hasbro is trying to be pretty complete by picking up the imperials and that is awesome, but there are still 3 more dignitaries to produce. Back in the original POTF line in the 80s they made the one, but the two we got in the SAGA line a couple years back were you think they will ever complete that set?

As the vintage line was made primarily for children, it's tough to say what will or won't be brought back. After all, the original line was designed with kids heavily in mind and for the most part it did pretty well until the word "collector" started appearing on the packages. (Sure, the movies were dead, but let's focus on something more abstract.) I think eventually someone's going to get that vintage Dignitary, also known as Sim Aloo now that he's been given a name, most likely as an exclusive. There are quite a few Dignitaries left, and Pod Racers, Cantina Aliens, Jedi, Jabba's Palace aliens, Outlander Nightclub patrons, and so on, so yes, there are many "oh wow let's complete the set!" categories. Maybe in a few years we'll see them revisited.

4. When will we find out the names of the different waves for 2007.

Lately, Hasbro has been announcing the specific contents of a wave about 3-4 months before release. The actual figure announcement varies on Hasbro's mood, revealing some things as early as Comic-Con with others that will no doubt be held back until the case presells begin. We have at least one Saga Collection wave left so at this point I wouldn't expect to hear anything until October or beyond.

5. Do you have any idea if the change in the requirements from Hasbro to get the George Trooper also means that you don't need the certificate that comes with Luke only? I.E. can one just stick, say, 5 Greedo stickers to a sheet of paper and give them all your coordinates and away we go? Tried looking in the forums for an answer to this but nothing clear surfaced.

If you live in the USA, Hasbro US has put a downloadable form up online for you to use. If you're in Canada or somewhere with a region-specific form, at this time, I don't know if there's much you can do.

6. Have I just missed the discussion, or am I the only one who thinks a Clone Medic is a missing essential clone figure for Hasbro to consider? Clonetroopers are going down in massive numbers in the movies as well as the comics and I have yet to see a Clone Medic. What's the use of having armored suits if every trooper that gets hit goes down? The only time I've seen aid come to any trooper is at the Battle of Utapau, where an airborne trooper is kneeing over a downed trooper and calling for aid. Two words for you Hasbro, Clone Medic!

There aren't many unexplored Clones from the movies left at this point, but there are a few. Clone Trainees from Attack of the Clones remain as of yet not fully explored. We've got medics, some more "removable helmet" troopers, and of course the "Storm Clone" concepts from the video game demo at comic-con. (Basically, they took a Clone armor body, added a Stormtrooper helmet, and painted it up with yellow markings. I want that.) So I'm sure a medic is on the list, as troopers sell well and Hasbro likes to make money. It's just a matter of when.

7. Do you think we will get a VaderŐs TIE that is correctly coloured (for the movies, i.e. grey)? How is it that the R&D at Kenner/Hasbro has flooded us with EU blue Vader TIEs and not given us a modern one with the correct colour? Strange.

"Correct color" is a relative term-- just because it's blue doesn't mean it's Expanded Universe. At one point, it seems Lucas Licensing (or Hasbro) seemingly indicated that as a rule, TIE vehicles were blue, and as such Action Fleet and other collectible/toy TIEs were also blue. It's like Han's jacket from Hoth-- at one point, Galoob asked and was told that as a rule, "Han wears black." (That's a quote.) I think the distinction that the TIE Fighters on the first Death Star are white as a result of intent and not some variation on Trek's Klingon syndrome (original ones were bearded people, new ones have fancy foreheads) is a new one. I want to say I recently read a book that said the intent was for TIE Fighters to be blue/grey but ended up being white/grey in the original movie due to effects needs, so... it's complicated. But in the realm of licensing, probably "correct."

So a new one might be possible-- like a white TIE Fighter in two sizes, it's something we'll probably ask for and later complain about. So here's hoping the next release of this mold is white, because if I'm going to buy another one I'd like it to keep being just different enough to make me mad. Maybe for 2008?

8. The 30 anniversary tins and Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes are kind of a let down. I really want to like these but can't muster much excitement. I gave up on the "one of each" approach awhile ago and am now in the process of developing a scientific method to determine "the best of each", but I do have a soft spot for retro stuff (ie: the multi-packs, but the figs are repetitive and kinda boring, except the the ROTJ pack). What do you think of them?

Also I'm thinking about the Titanium figs, how are they for scale (I know scale is inconsistent in the traditional 4" line, but how do these compare to their plastic counter parts) and articulation?

What we're seeing now is a shift at Hasbro, in a way, toward products that are more targeted. Obviously, these multi-packs kinda suck from our perspective because it's mostly stuff we have. But packs of this nature have done wonderful business for Batman and other lines-- parents and gift givers really do like a boxed set of figures for $20 to give to someone because it's a neat item at a good price.

What I like about them is they will likely sell well (like Battle Packs and Evolutions) to kids, which is good because as anyone can tell you every crazy huge 1980's toy line got to be crazy huge because kids bought them by the bushel. I think these products are good for the overall health of the line, but bad for collector interest and continued membership in the "one of everything club" which I believe is going to get TINY in the coming year due to the tremendous influx of product.

I like the tins in concept, but I wish it was either all old figures or all new figures-- so I could buy a set and admire them in the box (if they were old as I like the packaging), or buy two sets and like them out of boxes when I open them (if they were new.) As it stands, they're just new enough to make me mad-- one or two new figures per set makes it frustratingly necessary to pick these up.

Titanium Figures by and large are statues. Does owning a 3 3/4-inch statue appeal to you? Then you need Titanium figures. They're neat, and as a new collector I could see buying JUST Titanium so I could collect a unique mini-line, but if you're hardcore 3 3/4-inch action figure fans it's not something that will make you happy to have bought. Articulation is very limited and the $15 price point is excessive for something that small.

I'm still very much a believer in the "if you don't like it don't buy it" mode of thought but I see that apparently I'm some sort of evil person for even suggesting that in some places.

9. I don't know if this has been asked or not. But will the 2007 line of figures come with their own stands like the TSC line? I think it's kinda neat if they'll do.

A comment on one of Hasbro's recent question and answer sessions indicated that (I believe) stands and bonus holographic figures would be eliminated in 2007 in favor of coins. Which is upsetting, as I enjoyed both-- I wish the holographic figures were designed to be more compatible with the 3 3/4-inch toys, but I still keep a bunch of them on my desk at work.

10. I have a Star Wars stamp set (Like postage stamps) from the late 70's early 80's. I have no idea what they are worth. Could you tell me what a good resource is for finding out their value.

Search on closed auctions for "star wars stamps" on eBay. If there's anything-- and I do mean anything want to sell, I'll consult eBay to see what the market value is before offering it up for trade, taking it to a used whatever store, or most likely, leaving it in my apartment to rot until I have to move it again down the road. (Many have found this fascinating, but the truth is I really don't care what this stuff is worth unless I'm grasping for something to say about an item. Which is why it sometimes appears in Figure of the Day.)


I'd say something witty. But it's been a long, long week.

So for next time, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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