Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
August 14, 2006


1. Any chance someone got close enough to the scout trooper from the upcoming ROTJ tin set to see if it is the same one being released with the upcoming Endor AT-AT? I'll be picking up the tin set anyway but would like to know whether I will have to track down the AT-AT flip-up visor Scout Trooper as well if he is in any way different. I have the sickness and I must feed the monkey...

Well, they're different. The one in the tin is basically the Saga Vintage figure, the one in the AT-AT is basically the POTJ figure. So you'll probably want both, but the tin is the superior figure.

2. I just recently picked up Moff JerJerrod and upon opening I noticed his extensive leg stance. I was curious if you my know why Hasbro chose to go in this direction, a la the POTF2 General Lando? When you place him on the stand, he ends up with one foot levitating off the stand.

Your mileage may vary, I guess. While mine does have a wide stance, he has no problem keeping both feet on his stand. This may be in part due to the fact that it was very hot when I got him and he may have reshaped himself with a little help from gravity. (I moved my collection around in the spring. Apparently the new "collection room" got to about 100. So that's no good, but it did fix the stance on some figures while ruining others.)

3. Just finished reading your latest Q & A. Great stuff. I have a question about the marriage of Han and Leia. Has their wedding ever been depicted in comics? I know about and have the Union comics featuring Luke and Mara's wedding, which in it's own right could be another good source for a figure 2pk. and comic, and I also have the Valentine's day special which featured Han and Leia marooned in the Falcon, but I don't remember their wedding ever being in a comic, just the books. Please help.

I have never seen Han & Leia's wedding ever being shown in the comics, just referenced. Not yet, anyway, they might go back to that subject at some point down the road.

4. Can you please explain the appeal of soft goods to me? I just don't get it. It's kind of near to have tiny clothing on the figures but the scale of the cloth is way too big so it doesn't sit right. I've never really liked it much and Hasbro seems to be using it more and more these days. I don't play with my figures, I display them and the sculpted plastic robes and what not look much better than a goofy piece of cloth. So can you shed some light on this for me?

It depends on the figure, but by and large soft goods make for better toys. For example, most Darth Vader figures can't sit if they have plastic capes, thus rendering them unable to pilot a vehicle. With soft goods, they can indeed sit down, and this is important if you're a kid. (Don't deny it. If you got Darth Vader's TIE Fighter for your birthday with a figure incapable of sitting, you'd be plenty pissed off.)

You don't play with your figures-- so there you go. In this case, there's really no reason to care about play features, and what you're after is the best possible sculpt. Since Hasbro supposedly sells more of these things to kids than to collectors, they need to make sure that a kid would be able to play with it and frankly, I think that's the most important thing, even as a collector. We are collecting toys, after all, the "collectible" aspect is usually secondary.

5. Is the upcoming Commander Appo based on the ROTS Clone Commander mold or the AT Gunner mold? Also with the sheer number of new Clones coming later this year do you think Hasbro will ship solid cases of Clones?

From current images, it appears Appo is indeed an AT-TE Gunner repaint. This may change, as Hasbro has shown mock-ups in the past that use different figures as the basis for the actual product.

Solid cases of Clones? Never. It isn't safe-- yes, the Clones are usually guaranteed sellers, but this is in part due to the fact they're hard to get. A lot of people are going to stop buying figures the second they become too common because why would you want to buy 100 Clones at full price when there are pegs full of them waiting to go on clearance? It appears cases may be 25-33% Clones, but 100%? Not unless it's an exclusive.

6. The other day I received my George Lucas, "In Stormtrooper Disguise" action figure. I was very pleased with the figure until I compared it to my 501st Comic Con exclusive Stormtrooper. The George figure is almost yellow colored when compared to the super white of the comic con exclusive. Did hasbro just decide to use a batch of old commtech Stormtroopers they had lying around collecting dust to use for the George figure???

Despite rumors/jokes to the contrary, Hasbro doesn't repackage figures or take old, unsold figures and repaint them/add a new head. Different kinds of plastics are used, and some batches are better and worse (or cheaper) than others. It looks like some people got yellowy 501st Stormtroopers as well, so your mileage may vary.

7. Do any of the final 22 figures announced by hasbro at comic-con appear to be straight repacks without new paint?If so, which ones and when were they previously released?I'm trying to decide which figures to pass on.I don't want to buy the same figure I already have in a different package.

It's hard to tell. At this point, I'm reluctant to say because sometimes, Hasbro adds a few new paint ops, or battle-damage, or something to alter a figure as we saw during the Original Trilogy Collection. So at this point, I would say try to hunt them all down, and then decide which ones aren't new enough for you.

8. Since their first appearance in Episode One, I only count six figures made of the Neimoidians. My list includes Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Lott Dod, Neimoidian Warrior, Neimoidian Commander, and finally Lushros Dofine. I was just wondering if there are any I have missed and you are the guy to ask?

You pretty much nailed it. There's also an unproduced holographic Nute Gunray, but that hasn't exactly been made as of yet. Neimoidians aren't exactly a common species in the toy world, but hey, with sales like we're seeing now anything is possible.

9. I need some advice. I'm putting together a cantina diorama in my shelves, now I have a most cantina figures and the K-mart scenes with the bar pieces. What I don't have is the POTF cantina aliens cinema scene, Kabe and Muftak 2 pack and the 3D cantina diorama. My questions are these:

1) Should I track down the POTF screen or wait and a little bit and get the upcoming carded Labria and Nabrun Leids and wait if they release Takeel and Muftak carded too.

2) Do I get the 3D diorama or stick with the bar pieces and wait for Hasbro to release the other pieces like they announced in a recent Q&A?

So can you steer a fellow collector on the right path and by the way I like the figure of the day, maybe some day we could get vehicle of the day although those would be shorter, anyway keep up the good work.

Question the first: impossible to answer. From the look of things, the Wal-Mart exclusive Nabrun Leids and Labria will be repainted, potentially making those the best versions of those figures. But if you buy those, you'll still need to get a Muftak and a Takeel. (Which you can do on eBay, individually, cheaply.) As such, I say "wait and see" if you're the kind of collector that balks at owning more than one of a character.

Question the second: also impossible to answer. At this time, each offers elements that the other doesn't. I firmly believe the cardboard set to be superior, but others feel the plastic bar with the stools is better. (They're wrong, by the way.) As such, I'd say buy both and see which you like better, you can always sell off the one you decided doesn't float your boat.

10. The only Unleashed (big scale not the crappy little plugs) that I missed was Aurra Sing (though I had to order Stormtrooper and IG-88 from EE when it was clear they would not make retail). Now, almost two years on, do you think she will see repackaging someday (or hopefully a warehouse full will suddenly materialize) to get this wave into more (my) hands? I know you will say e-Bay, but I prefer my grimy mits to be the first on everything I buy!!

Also, is it true that Artoo-Potatoo will not make it to mass market?

As far as Artoo-Potatoo goes, Hasbro said it would be receiving very limited distribution. I believe their exact words were "if you see it, buy it, don't wait." Retail support seems to be weak for this item so while I cannot guarantee you will never see one in stores, it seems like it is very unlikely that you can just stroll up to one and buy it. Buying online might be a good way to go.

Now with Unleashed, I sincerely doubt Aurra Sing will ever be reissued-- especially after the beating Asajj Ventress took recently. Trading might be worth a shot, or if you're REALLY lucky, some freak Wal-Mart in some tiny town might have one left somewhere. (It happens!)


I've heard some complaints that there isn't enough new stuff coming out for the rest of the year. To you people, I say you are mathematically challenged. Or perhaps you make a load more money than I do. For those who haven't been counting their pennies, here's what the rest of 2006 is going to look like. And keep in mind, this is just a projection, it's rough, and it isn't everything.

Main Line figures: #44-#74 (some of which are Wal-Mart exclusives.) $6.99 x 30 figures = $209.70. Tax and prices may vary.

Main line vehicles: Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter, AAT, Hailfire Droid, Saesee Tiin's Starfighter, TIE Fighter. At $20 a whack, that's $100.

Target exclusives: Kit Fisto's Starfighter ($20), Zev's Snowspeeder ($25), Mace Windu's Squadron ($25), Imperial Shuttle (Unconfirmed, $60). That's $130.

Toys "R" Us: TIE Fighter, X-wing, AT-AT. $45, $45, $90. $180.

Internets & Diamond: Imperial Officers, Republic Commando, Crimson Empire 2-Pack. $35, $35, $20. That's an estimated $90.

6 "Tin" sets at $25 each-- that's $150. Oh, and Wal-Mart's Cantina set-- that's another $25.

3 Battle Packs at $20 each, for another $60.

Also keep in mind, this probably isn't everything, it doesn't include Titanium Series or Galactic Heroes, or even Sideshow, and really, this is just the new 3 3/4-inch stuff. And if you're caught up, too, for you who haven't seen Chief Chirpa yet, your mileage is going to vary. So, before tax, gas, shipping, or other pricing issues, how much are you looking at, roughly?

That's $945. For four, perhaps five, months worth of product. I just whipped this up in a hurry too so I may be mistaken, but numbers don't lie-- you better start saving! That, or things are going to get much easier to get as fans look at their bank accounts and go "uuuuhhhhh... no, nevermind."

Oh, and if you collect unique carded figures this year? There's 74 normal basic figures (plus one Endor Rebel variant), 12 Heroes & Villains collection figures (plus one Grievous variant), and 14 Greatest Battles figures, with no variants yet. And that's just basic, non-exclusive figures, bringing you to exactly 100 carded figures... plus two variants. Oh, and 10 Ultimate Galactic Hunt variants as well. So like I often say, it's really been a pretty good year. It could be better, as some are duplicates, but it looks like at least 44 of those are under my category of "new enough" meaning different enough from existing figures to warrant a purchase. Either way, still a good year.

Also, what would you say if I had #100 of Figure of the Day going up today, and it would have a new figure you don't have yet as the featured item? Would that be something that would interest you? Keep your eyes out on the front page this evening.

So for next time, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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