Galactic's Star Wars Q&A with Adam Pawlus
June 6, 2006


1. I just spent an arm and a leg getting my hands on a dozen clone troopers, Vader's 501st, the blue ones that come in that multi-pack with the three clones, Anakin and a pilot. I was all excited to set up my diarama featuring a line of clones heading to the Jedi temple.

When I tried to insert the clones into the clear stands I have, I was horrified to find that they don't fit! They don't go all the way in, the holes in the figures' feet are too shallow and too wide, fooey. What can I do? I also tried putting them on my episode I commtech things, same problem, and same problem with all the other stands I have too. Any suggestions? I don't want to line them up without stands, they'll just fall down like dominoes, grrr.

Some solutions are to, well, deal. This may sound snotty, but I can say that in some of my displays, I just set up the figures and pick 'em up as they fall. Sometimes, you can't get around it.

Other than that, filing down the pegs on some stands sometimes works, and other times, double-sided tape can provide assistance, as can blue poster putty. While not ideal, sometimes you have to go beyond stands for your displays, that or you have to compromise on what kind of poses you're willing to have your figures be in.

2. I collect my 3.75 inch figures loose. I also get one of each, as long as it's different in some reasonable way. So I get all the repaints of reissued figures. I passed on the **new** Hoth Vader because there was nothing new about him other than the name on the box. My question here is: I'm now wondering about the new Tatooine Han (who we've seen reissued so many times already without changes). As far as I can tell he looks exactly like the commtech version from back in 1999.

I'm also curious about the new "Heros and Villians reissue line. Back with the OTC line about half were reissues, and the other half were repainted. I'm wondering if this the case again, or if they are straight reissues.

--Lostparadise Well, when it comes to Hoth Vader, let me ask what constitutes "different." He has silver scraping on his shoulder pad, a new base, and his codpiece (I think that's the right term for it) does not look happy to see you when he stands, unlike Vader 500. To me, that qualifies as "new enough."

Tatooine Han is "new enough to make you mad." For the hardcore among us (i.e., me and likely you), it is a new figure. The gun barrel is silver, the gun is black plastic-- this alone makes me look at it. He's colored differently, with glossy boots, a whiter shirt, and, of course, a brand new head.

Heroes & Villains, as of Wave 1, is all reissues. It's my understanding the whole line will be straight reissues, but as you know, we were surprised in OTC as variations and repaints would pop up as the line progressed.

3. I read your Figure of the Day article about the Hang glider Ewok and it made me think about ewoks. We really dont have a good selection of ewoks from the modern lines of figures. It seems like whenever they make another ewok its always a core character that was made in the original vintage lines. A while back someone mentioned something about the possibility of an Ewoks battle back (maybe that was you, I dont remember). Anyways my question is what are the chances Hasbro will make a set of new ewoks? We need new original ewoks. Personally, I would like to see some original Ewok warriors from the battle of Endor with imperial blasters and stuff like that. Do you think there is any chance Hasbro will consider this?

I have serious doubts we'll see a new set of Ewoks, but I fully expect more onesies here and there as the line goes. To date, we've had Wicket, Paploo, Logray, Teebo, Glider Ewok (Complete Galaxy), and Glider Ewok (Ultra figure). Chief Chirpa's coming out soon, so we've done OK, but not fantastic. Fan backlash toward Ewoks kept them from coming out for quite some time, so if you want 'em, be vocal about it-- and buy Chief Chirpa in spades when he's out. (I've gotta buy a few just to re-create the setup Kenner had with the two hatless Chirpas carrying around C-3PO.)

In the old days, from 1983-1985, we got 10 Ewoks-- 2 animated, 8 movie. From 1995-2006, not including repacks, we got about 7-- so while it isn't at the breakneck pace of the old days, it is a little more sensible than by making the bulk of the line a single kind of figure. I'm crossing my fingers for some sort of Scout Trooper vs. Ewok multipack some day, but hey, I'm not that much of an optimist.

4. I just wanted to tell you that I liked the article about the Rancor keeper. It reminded me of the good times. When he came out, it was a very exciting time for me, as a collector. I don't know if other collectors would agree with me, but there was a time when I was always thrilled to walk into Walmart, or Target, or whatever store sold Star Wars figures (also about every grocery store too).

It was great to just go into the toy section to find rows and rows of figures that seemed endless! You never knew what new figures were going to come out because Kenner had so many that could be remade, like the Rancor Keeper, or new ones never seen in plastic like Biggs, Tarkin, Slave Leia, Wedge, Piett, and I was happy to finally have a Yak face too, because he was impossible to find as a kid!

Anyway, it was great to finally be able to get new figures, and at great prices too!

That was before the dark times....waking up at midnight to head to Walmart to intercept new cases being put out; praying there is possibly at least one Scorch, or a Commander Cody; walking into Target to find the same four pegs alloted for figures competely empty, or full of Hoth Darth Vader & Major Derlin. In modern collecting times, Ultimate Galactic Hunt isn't just a promotional gimic, it's a description of what it's like to find any new figures!

I don't mean to rant, I just really hope that with the way things are, Hasbro carefully considers which figures to re-pack (cough cough VOTC Storm Trooper) & which ones need an update, like Han & Luke as Storm Troopers. I would bet that even kids are going "damn!...Darth Vader??....Again??" Not to say that Hasbro has not released enough figures, it would just be nice to find them.

I hope the new Death Star Trooper is going to be a new sculpt & as awesome as the Death Star Gunner looks! Any pics yet?

I love the battle pack/muli-pack concept too! There are endless possibillities; The Ewok tribe (c'mon, who doesn't need more Ewoks to carry C-3PO?), Kashyyyk Barc Troopers, Battle Droids with all their different colors, Republic Commandos, rebel pilots with correctly colored uniforms (I'm sure someone besides me would like to have a Janson figure to sit in the Snow Speeder behind Wedge!), Lars homestead, You name it! When you can buy four or five new figures for $20, everybody's happy! Any rumored packs coming soon?

Wow... that's a lot of questions.

OK, here goes. For starters, keep in mind I trash the old days as well as celebrate them. Yes, things were good in 1997, but since 1995, new figures were always hard to find, and except in a movie year or the massive glut of 1998, figures were usually in short supply with empty racks and a rotten selection. I rarely saw Piett on shelves, and so many fans complained about that first Wedge, man, your head would spin. (Or maybe they just all complain to me. Apparently I'm Hasbro's unpaid ombudsman.) So things were good, but keep in mind a "good year" used to be 20 figures. Today, we have 60 or more, and we yell at Hasbro and complain it isn't enough. I just got the Tatooine wave the other week. 3 figures were 100% new sculpts, 2 were great reworkings of fantastic old molds, 1 was a lame rehash with new accessories, and 2 were decent updates of popular figures with new heads. If you like the idea of a growing, mostly varied collection, things are way better now than ever before, mainly because you can go back and get the old ones for cheap.

Prices were an issue too, but they always are. Figures were $4.99 in 1995, $5.99 in 1998, $6.99 in 1999, and then there was a rollercoaster until we were back at $4.99 in 2002. So things were bad, and good-- depending on when you were buying.

In 1995, you couldn't even get figures. Most stores were stripped bare, with limits, people keeping them all behind the counter, and rampant scalping. I think overall, today is far better than t was, mostly because product cycles faster and we're 10 years wiser over the random, crazy crap that kept us confused way back when. When Leia hit late, people went batty trying to get her and she was quite difficult to get. C-3PO was equally difficult to get when he hit in the Fall of 1995, and if you wanted one, I guarantee you were hitting stores regularly. (I was going to Target every Wednesday morning and lucked out.) Just because you may not have been hitting stores like a maniac, well, I assure you the rest of us were or were considering it. And it's been that way since Day 1.

And as far as shopping at midnight goes... to each his own. Me, I prefer it, I find a lot more new stuff and less traffic when everybody else is sleeping.

A new Death Star Trooper has not been confirmed yet. I'm hoping for one, so I can put it on my Early Bird Stage, but alas, the POTF2 one will have to do.

And finally, yes, there are indeed rumors of multi-packs, one was shown at Toy Fair. So yes, I can say there will be more, but largely it's going to be a mix of figures, not an instant troop building kit... which kinda sucks.

5. I ordered an extra GH Biker Scout from Amazon and don't need the George Stormtrooper tab that comes with it as I have the whole set. I'd like to offer it up to someone who is chasing the figures down retail (a near impossibility where I live) and help them out but I'm keen to avoid the backlash of people complaining that I'm a scalper with a quick razor knife or whatever. Any suggestions on where I can post this? I'd be happy to trade or even give this away because I'm sure the Biker Scout is the hardest one to find (he's the only one I've never spotted 'in the wild', to steal your phrase) and I'd really like to help someone out.

Our forums, or any trading forums, would be the place for that. Just offer it up for an SASE (or whatever) and make someone's day!

6. Regarding the question about popular AND obscure aliens to me made by Hasbro, I think that question was answered by the recent poll in which, as I recall, one obscure alien made it to the top 25 list: Hermi Odle. (I'm ignoring Yarna D'al Gargan.) Hermi Odle surely must be the most popular alien waiting to be made, aside from...

The Tonnika sisters? Where are they? I thought they were to be a 2006 exclusive? Any more news on that?

By the way, Screw Expanded Universe. I voted for Hermi Odle. I'll grant that EU clones are cool. Dark Jedi Leia was cool. Scorch is cool. But Jaina and Jacen Solo ooze suckiness.

There's a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the Fan's Choice poll, and I can safely say that, well, obviously now, items on it were listed with someone knowing full well the damn figure was coming later.

If fans are happy with the choice, whatever it is, I'm happy. You know my feelings on KOTOR... but, fandom changes, and as such, I probably have to change too. If it blossoms and does well, fantastic. If it sucks it up, well, there goes the neighborhood. The Tonnikas have been widely rumored, and it's a fairly well-known factoid that some likeness rights issues gummed them up. As far as I know, as of today, nobody has an exclusive on them. (Translation: if they do, they're keeping it quiet.) I really don't care about the Jedi kids all that much either, but hey, it's Fan's Choice. If our votes really matter in this, whatever we pick as a group will have to do, if all of us like it or not. (My worry is people who don't buy toys vote. There's a lot of hardcore EU fans that don't buy any toys and frankly, if you're not a toy buyer and you vote, you're part of the problem.)

7. I think it's safe to say Lucas' decision to release the unaltered OT on DVD seemed to come out of left field. I didn't hear a single whisper about it until the official Lucasfilm press release.

I was just wondering if Hasbro was given any advanced notice and if they'll be ramping up any tie-ins with the release ala the OTC back in 2004?

That's the rumor. The press release mentioned new toys to tie in with the DVDs, but if that means special toys or DVD-specific toys remains to be seen. I wouldn't expect too much, as many have speculated, an "OTC2" line makes a lot of sense. In other words, new packaging, with some new figures and some old... just like we have now.

8. I recently found the new full sized Unleashed Han in Stormtrooper outfit, Unleashed Chewie from ROTS and the red Unleashed Clonetrooper at my local Walmart in central VA and was really surprised since I thought they were cancelled. Are they coming out with more of the full sized Unleashed? Also are the titanium two packs coming out soon? I haven't seen any yet.

Also, I think layaway can be a great way of getting alot of figures at once like when each of the movie lines came out with over 20 different figures plus vehicles, deluxe etc.($300), but I hate to see scalpers laying away whole waves til they see what is selling then they end up on the shelf later making it hard on collectors who do the rounds searching like myself for stuff for my own collection.

As far as I know, there are no official plans for more Unleashed, but you never know. And the Titanium 2-packs, as far as I know, never hit-- maybe they're coming later this Summer as a promotion? It's possible.

I still think layaway sucks for collectors. If there's $300 worth of stuff, it's time to evaluate how much of it you really want/need. I'm SLIGHTLY better off than I was a few years ago, but I just tend to pass on things I can't afford-- if I really want it, I'll go back and get it later or on eBay/trading if it comes to that. Now, for kids? Sure. Parents? You bet. Collectors down on their luck? Fine, OK. I tend to use "what can I afford now?" as a great way to say "what should I stop collecting?" Heck, it helped me quit 12-inch figures...

9. just wondering if you know anything about when if? Hasbro will put out the cloud car?And what about the most figures that will make my day- owen and his girl from II and III? I mean they are related to two of the main characters.

The Cloud Car is a boring vehicle that, by and large, fans want because Hasbro hasn't done it. In 1995, nobody was going "Hot damn, Star Wars is back, and we can finally get a new Cloud Car like we've always wanted!" On eBay, you can get an old one for practically nothing. A new Hasbro release would be at least $20-$35. Ask yourself this: can Hasbro sell tens of thousands of Cloud Cars at that price? Maybe, maybe not. Right now, there are no known plans, but Hasbro has expressed interest in making it for a few years. Odds are it's a timing/retail issue, but I have a hard time thinking that people are really chomping at the bit for this one except for those who, like me, want to see all the old stuff updated.

Think of the Cloud Car like a Lando figure. Everybody loves Lando-- but at retail, he doesn't sell too well. The Vintage one sat, the POTJ one sat, and many other ones tend to sit. Not in the "Han sits" way where the figure is shipped in such huge numbers that he HAS to sit, but I mean really big back-up levels. A Cloud Car is less popular than Lando, and more likely to cost more.

As far as Owen & Beru, well, the fact that you didn't name her speaks volumes-- she's an obscure human with little screen time. As such, it's up to the Hasbro Wheel of Fate to decide if she ever happens, and while I am not optimistic, as you no doubt have noticed, there's nothing Hasbro won't consider. It's just that the toy line doesn't make a lot of sense from a fan standpoint. Sure, Grand Moff Tarkin had tons of dialogue, was in charge of the Death Star, and arguably outranked Vader in the first film... but he didn't get a figure until 1997. A character's perceived "importance" to the story has never had anything to do with the toys unless it was a popular character or something that looks like it'd make a good toy. (I'm still figuring out how Teemto Pagalies got cranked out so soon.)

All you have to do is ask again, and again, and it might come true!

10. I'm actually expecting to see both Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade holding lightsabers together in a battle scene. Will Hasbro make these figures at once ? or should this be (again) that fans begging Hasbro to make it ? I'd think that if the demand is not high enough then the limited edition release can play the role ?

I think there's a big enough demand for more Luke product, and more Mara Jade product. I have high hopes that Mara gets a figure soon, with Luke or without, but as of yet Hasbro has yet to point-blank say "sure, let's do another Mara." I'm hoping though!

As far as specifics go, start being vocal about it and maybe Hasbro will go "hey, cool!"


I did some digging because I got some emails about the new Naboo/Endor figures coming out. Namely Gragra. Some have said her lower body is all wrong and she has a tail. While illustrations do exist that indicate this, I suggest you rewatch the film and consult the book Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels. The costume for the figure is identical to the figure, down to the Momaw Nadon-esque legs. (Although the mouth joint, well, I reserve the right to comment when I get one.)

The rest of the line is pretty much just plain nifty. The Obi-Wan Kenobi made of various bits and pieces is... OK. But hey, could be worse.

Oh, and that new Dagobah Luke from the X-wing, that's really something. I think that his hands are from the 2004 Jedi Luke, but I could be wrong. I digs it, though, the Dragonsnake is a nice touch.

All in all, Fall is looking good. I must say, and you'll hate me for saying it, I'm a little relieved we're getting a short break from Clone Troopers. I love 'em, but after 40 in a year with a very strong chance of them being in the hypothetical TV shows, well, crap. It's good to have a break so we can get excited about them again rather than going "OK, just give me Sev, Fixer, and Boss and let's get this over with."

I don't feel as giddy about new figures as I did, say, last year... but we're on the verge of a very decent year ending on a high note, and Hasbro hasn't even shown us most of the Fall offerings yet! All in all, good times for collectors.

Figure of the Day is going pretty well so far. You seem to dig it, which is good-- and thanks for your requests. I try to go shoot the figure you ask for and put it in queue "next," which at this point is about two weeks out as I had to make a big giant backlog of these things so I can actually leave my home at times to go eat and work. If you have a request, just let me know-- but kindly just ask for 1 figure, as, well, I'll be getting to them all eventually.

Thanks for your support! If you enjoy the fine features at Galactic Hunter, please tell a friend. Seriously, otherwise how are your friends gonna know?

So for next time, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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