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1. I just found out (thanks to Galactic Hunter) about the new Attakus metal Millenium Falcon and DeathStar "playsets" and I am really excited! But I have this horrible impending doom kinda feeling just thinking about how much these will cost, Do you know yet or have an educated guess? I set up all my Star Wars toys in scenes like the pics shown on the Attakus forums. This scene from ANH was one of my 1st & favorite scenes I've set up, still is, these will make it a million times better! They look sooo amazing and detailed and perfect! Also, do you know when these will be available or any other info?

I have yet to see pricing information or a sales sheet associate with this product, but if you've seen the size of it, it's huge. I mean, really, really big. I've not seen a release date yet, but I can tell you the chances of it being cheaper than their statues is about zero. I would be shocked if this cost less than $500. (I'm thinking probably closer to $750+.) I'm not saying it wouldn't be worth it, but odds are this will be a limited expensive item in such a manner that it will be the cool limited expensive item to have, ever.

2. I like the SW ships to be in window boxes, but so far for RotS, the boxes are all solid cardboard, and do not show them off. In the past, OTC ships previously sold in solid boxes have been re-released in window boxes, e.g. At-St, Landspeeder, Snowspeeder, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Y-Wing, etc. Are window box re-releases planned for the Jedi Starfighters, Grievous' "wheel" car, etc.? And will future/new ships be in window boxes?
--Sir Real

Hasbro frequently jumps back and forth between window and closed boxes depending on what they feel would be the most cost effective and what would best sell the toy. For OTC, except the Millennium Falcon, pretty much everything was a window box. For most vehicles in a movie year (see SW:SE, TPM, AOTC, ROTS) the vehicles are sold in closed boxes for presumably cost reasons-- you can reduce your costs by requiring some assembly, and you can probably get it delivered to the store in better shape with more pieces in a smaller, more efficient box. There's also the added perk of being able to rely on an illustration-- you know, the "toy shown in fantasy situation" one that has the rockets firing and engines blaring. The future of vehicles is pretty much unknown at this point aside from the fact I can give you my personal guarantee you will see more in the coming months-- just don't get your hopes up for new molds.

3. I want to know If hasbro will sell in the future Star Wars Action Fleet EPISODE III, I love AF.

The closest thing to Action Fleet will be some larger scale die-cast vehicles-- Hasbro still has no plans to revive this line. It seemed to do fairly well, especially at the end, except for a few dud vehicles which wouldn't have sold were the line a hit anyway (Count Dooku's Solar Sailer wouldn't sell if you made it a limited edition and free.)

4. The ROTS SA clone trooper #41, seemed to me much easier to find than the Clone Wars SA clone trooper, why?

This shiny red round object in my right hand is an apple. In my left, a textured and slightly misshapen orange object-- an orange.

The ROTS action figures-- all of them-- are figures made in a movie year in enormous quantities so that lots and lots of people will buy them based on the insane level of media recognition these characters will have. These are also the very first two ROTS Clone Troopers.

The Super Posable Clone Trooper was released in but one case that a lot of stores didn't order heavy on, and was immediately scarfed up by all who saw it. (Hence why some of us were calling for a rerelease until we eventually got something that more or less qualified as one.) That Clone Wars Trooper came out after five versions of the Clone Trooper three packs, three Wal-Mart "Bonus" Clone Troopers, a Sneak Preview Clone Trooper, a Red Clone Trooper, the Clone Trooper Speeder Bikes (two versions), and Clone Trooper Pilots. Hasbro completely missed the boat during the AOTC era in understanding that variety and production quantity was essential for this particular figure, and I can't say I blame them too much-- the Super Posable Clone costs a wee bit more and the company has yet to try releasing white suit army builder characters in a large number to see how the market will absorb them. (Based on the sales of every Clone, Snow, Storm, and Scout trooper, I'd say the market can take it.)

So Hasbro's solving the problem-- they found a partner with which they could meet demand for the figure, and that really wanted to do it too. And that partner has yet another excellent concept that a new hire has been sitting on for a couple of years in the works that may show up before the end of 2005. Stay tuned!

5. (re: Expanded Universe character in ROTS)

Actualy, the EU character was "Whie", the padawan from Labyrint of Evil, predicting her own death by a dark man, or something like that. She gets chocked by Anakin while he slays Cin Drallig. This is seen for some seconds in the Security Hologram. That does sounds like George Lucas huh :).

Er... I gotta say I totally don't buy this. The early storyboards, scripts, and other information indicated it would be Quinlan Vos, and of course, technically, he had a cameo in Episode I. The "Whie" thing sounds more like an afterthought. Of course, as a once-but-no-longer funny man often said, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Or it could be both. Take your pick, it's all good!

6. I've been having the hardest time in the world finding lightsabers of any sort. FX sabers are long gone. Hasbro electronic sabers are sold out. And even basic Hasbro sabers have come and gone. What's the deal?? I can understand the FX sabers, but why is it that not a single store (Wal-Mart, Target, TRU, KB Toys) is restocking on electronic and basic lightsabers?? Did Hasbro quit shipping them? I've never had such a hard time finding these... and it's not just me. I've spoken to many others on various message boards that are having the same problem. So I ask you, Adam, to help us solve the mystery of the lightsabers!

Well, I'm sorry to say it isn't just you-- most stores are selling out of these. Entertainment Earth has been finding these an insanely popular item, and through my travels, I rarely see more than one or two in a store, if that. The reason? Popularity. Crazy popularity. During AOTC Electronic Lightsabers were the #2 selling SKU behind Basic Action Figures-- that means that they outsold all vehicles, playsets, deluxe figures, and so on and so forth. I'd say that's probably what we're seeing again here.

Hasbro has not quit shipping them-- although it appears Mace Windu and Count Dooku won't ship again for a couple of months. Right now, among others, a lucky toy hunter can find Vader's, Yoda's, Anakin/Vader's, Obi-Wan's, Luke's from Return of the Jedi, and a generic green "Jedi" Lightsaber. At this point, your options are twofold: one, shop online and get sent one out of the next shipment. Option two: haunt a store. Pick a store (ideally Target or Toys "R" Us) between work/school and home and go there a minimum of three times a week, and I can pretty much guarantee a positive find in the next two weeks. Kmart can be good too if your home state has any left.

7. I was wondering, is there any difference between the four-saber Grievous and the deluxe Grievous figures? I'd like to know before buying te deluxe, as I don't want a re-paint with a few extra accessories.

No Revenge of the Sith deluxe figure shares a sculpt with a Revenge of the Sith basic figure-- they're all different and do different things.

8. Each of the Burger King Episode 3 toys had a promotional send-away offer. If customers sent in $20 of Hasbro cash register receipts, they would receive a pair of Galactic Heroes. I sent mine in a few weeks ago, but have not yet received my package in the mail. Do you know if these will be exclusive figures, or is Hasbro blowing out overstocks of older blister 2-packs?

As of yet nobody has reported receiving this offer. It is expected that these will be an existing two-pack or polypagged versions of existing figures. (It would be extra cool of Hasbro if they went back to the archives and sent out some figures from the "Playskool" line of 2002 that have yet to be remade as Galactic Heroes.)

9. Do you know if anymore of the ROTS Galactic Heroes sets will be shipped? It seems these sold really well and would be a pity if they have already gone the way of Ebay. Any idea as to if well see these at retail again?

I see these frequently at Kmart. I see them less frequently at other stores, but I do see them-- your best bet is to do some hunting as they seem to be quite common in some markets. Wave 1 is a little tougher to come by, but Wave 2 is a snap to find. It's my understanding that they will all ship for months to come, along with the "red logo" versions of the 2004 Galactic Heroes.

10. I was wondering if the Y-wing w/pilot that was offered as a Toys R Us exclusive was from ROTJ or ANH? Simarily, the black imperial droid that came with the Toys R Us 4pk, did it appear in ROTJ or ANH? I thought of a sweet idea for expanded universe (since everyone seems to be asking for it lately). Just like Hasbro is doing the comic books w/ three figures for G.I. Joe, why not for Star Wars? I would love a three pack w/ the comic that reveals Boba Fett's history!

The Y-Wing from the OTC is, as far as I've been told and can tell, an original design-- Expanded Universe. It's the same deal as a lot of Action Fleet vehicles-- repaint it and save a few bucks. It's a stunning vehicle with gorgeous deco, so even though it was never seen on screen, I totally dig it. (Ditto with the Green A-Wing-- love it. I'd like to see a blue A-Wing modeled after the original paintings too.)

I've brought up the comic idea to Hasbro myself and they don't want to go that way just yet. I'd be all for the black Stormtroopers that served Black Hole and Kir Kanos' rival, Carnor Jax. I'd totally love a Marvel repaint of Luke Skywalker with a white vest. But now does not seem to be the time. If you like the idea, be sure to let Hasbro know next time you get the chance-- while I have my reservations about selling figures from games a lot of people have never played, I have no reservations about the concept of selling figures from a non-movie source WITH the non-movie source. I'm not a big GI Joe collector, and I bought all of the comic book packs because I thought it was a great way to start up a small, diverse collection of figures-- I'm sure a lot of fans would buy repaints and reissues of existing figures if sold that way. (As long as they were different enough.)


So, it seems the remaining 2005 exclusives are still being firmed up. You've undoubtedly heard about Target's Plo Koon Starfighter by now, and hopefully got in your reservations for the holographic Princess Leia. Who else is getting one? Well, if what I hear is right, pretty much everybody. It's shaping up to be an exciting season, so stay tuned as more announcements trickle out!

For next week, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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