Q&A For June 20, 2005


1. Anyway I was wondering why Hasbro has been playing things so close to the vest as far as the line goes after about August. No new rumors, or images have leaking out since before May. I just think this is kind of weird since in years past by this time we had a good idea of what we'd be getting for Christmas.

I don't think this is the end by any means but why all the secrecy? With the way the 3 3/4" figures are being released we could see another dozen our so in time for the last quarter.

Also; Back in late March rebelscum.com had an image of Plo Koon's jedi fighter. Was that a custom job or was that a product we'll see on shelves as an exclusive?

Hasbro's playing it very close to the vest-- disturbingly so. Although you have been given hints as to what's going to happen next-- just take a look at the San Diego exclusive. The contents of that first wave are still a secret, which surprises and annoys me because it's not like Hasbro has any "secret" characters to hide from us at this point. (Hint: it ain't Revenge of the Sith.)

The Plo Koon Jedi Starfighter was originally an open-stock item. Now, it's an exclusive because that's how Hasbro decided to sell it-- now, you ask, why do they do this? I'm not sure. It happened before a few times, as the Skiff and Y-Wing were originally going to be available to everybody but Target ended up getting them as an exclusive. It isn't uncommon, and sometimes it's a good thing-- I'd rather have it as an exclusive than not at all, but hey, it's not like it'd be a tough sell to anybody!

2. I have a question for you regarding the M&M figures - when and where will these available, and for how much? Will they be with the action figures or in the candy aisles? Just wondered if you knew anything about these, as I really want to add most of them to my collection.

Right now, the plans for where these will appear in stores is unknown-- you don't actually expect us to know this, right? The plastic figures are the same size and scale as Galactic Heroes, and the plush come in more than one size-- from what I hear. Hasbro is currently planning to release these in July and August, so hopefully these will show up on time-- or if they don't, they should just hold back for the DVD release of Revenge of the Sith. I expect the two-packs of plastic figures to sell for the same as Galactic heroes and the plush buddies to sell for the same as regular Star Wars Buddies after seeing the pricing.

3. Today Galactichunter has links to Tarkin and Ask Aak to order from Amazon.com. If I go to Amazon and do a search for them or click through Amazon's Star Wars section, I do not find these figures at all. Where did the links come from? I've seen the same thing before alot; someone will post a link on a board but if I try to just go to Amazon and find the same item, nada. How do people find these things? I hope you know an answer to this mystery besides that it's just luck.

I'm still not entirely sure myself some times-- there's so many ways to find an item in Amazon's databases that it's hard to tell. Magic?

4. Have you heard if Gentle Giant will be offering an exclusive mini bust for the SDCC? If I recall correctly, the announcement for last year's exclusive came relatively late, so I still have hope.

Comic Con announcements are a little slow in coming this year, but so far there have been a few-- Gentle Giant is a very last-minute company when it comes to some announcements, so as of yet, no known items are planned outside the Sirius Black bust and the Jango Bust-Ups kit.

However, Sideshow has an exclusive 1/4 scale Luke with hat and poncho, and Hasbro has their Holographic Leia. So far.

5. So what is the deal with the accessory to the first R2-D2? It came with a heap of broken parts including the head of a protocol droid. Was it suppose to be C3PO at one point and then Lucas changed his mind or is it just a generic protocol droid?

A lot of the odd accessories allegedly come from early drafts of the script-- readers have mentioned that Palpatine #35 holding an Anakin lightsaber, for example, was something you can actually see in the movie, and that at some point Anakin may have actually used a red lightsaber in previz days. Of course, these things did not come to pass, and it's likely that the pile o' crap is a holdout from this sort of thing-- that or Hasbro just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

6. ...And to touch on your last comment, it brings to light another quote which Lucas has denied giving to the Bantha Tracks fan club newsletter waaaay back in the days of The Empire Strikes Back. The fan magazine asked him "so, what's the third trilogy about?" (Paraphrasing.) And his answer? "The character that survives Episode III and his adventures." Do you not think that this quote that you used was disingenuous? Back at the time of the production of The Empire Strikes Back, at least as far as scripts, wasn't TESB known as episode 2?

As I can't find the issue of Bantha Tracks in my stash at the moment, I'm not entirely sure-- what Lucas says and what Lucas means aren't usually the same thing. For me, this is just idle speculation, and I don't think Lucas would be referring to ESB as Episode II after 1980. Is it possible? Sure. For all we know maybe he meant Lando, or Wicket, or something else. And if you ask Lucas he'll deny he ever gave a quote about a sequel trilogy anyway-- this week.

7. in reference to the best desktop R2, it's got to be the Phantom Menace era Desktop R2 activity center that comes equipped with notepads, colored pencils, markers and 4 rubber stamps (of Jar jar, Obi Wan, Maul and Padme) You pull the arms apart and his head pops open to reveal the art supplies. But when closed, it's a fantastic R2. I remember getting it on clearance at Toys R Us for maybe $2.00 back in the day.

Not a bad choice! A Droid for all seasons.

8. Hey Adam. I wanted to chime in with regards to the question raised about Mace Windu's death. Lucas has stated that the upcoming TV show will be about minor characters. And he has said in the past that the third trilogy would be about the adventures of the character who survives Episode III. So I'm guessing the TV show will be about Mace Windu and his battles with Boba Fett. It would be the perfect premise. A kick ass Jedi vs. the most beloved bounty hunter in the galaxy! Please let me know what you think.

I think the chances of Samuel L. Jackson doing weekly TV are slim to none, and I have a hard time thinking Boba Fett is going to be a central character in anything Lucas is envisioning. Is it possible? Sure. He could recast, or he could come up with some other way to pull it off-- but given all the hype regarding that Mace Windu would die, I don't think any future appearances by Mace Windu would be in a high profile place. Much like the ousted Chancellor Valorum, odds are the printed page would be home to his future adventures, or perhaps somewhere in the gaming circles.

9. So what was the final word on the EU character in Episode III? I remember Obi-Wan mention a Master Vos. Is that it?

I was under the impression that the EU character was General Grievous as he appeared elsewhere first, but I bet you're right-- at some stages of the script, it was Vos. As his stuff was never filmed, odds are this was it, much like how Aurra Sing was going to be an Episode II character-- just another in a string of minor characters that will never make it to play in the majors.

10. Being the father of a wee little one I've been an avid purchaser of many JediForce items for my son, who is approaching three. One maddening thing I've been waiting on is the Jedi Force plush lightsabers - toy lightsabers for the toddler set.

If what I've seen online bears out, these things will rule!!! My son, in the fine tradition of Star Wars kids everywhere, has all but trashed the Yoda lightsaber I bought him last year. Having plush lightsabers around the house would make my wife happy as there would be no streaks of plastic to mark up our furniture and television sets (yes, my son is quite aggressive with a lightsaber) and I would finally (and safely) get to play along with my son when he rushes up to me to ask "Let's play lightsabers, daddy!".

Have you heard anything about them? Are you aware when these things will finally ever ship? Ever since seeing them in the Entertainment Earth catalogue back in the spring, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on them.

BTW, few things make this OTC-era dad happier than to see my baby boy utter "Luke Skywalker" and "lightsabers" and want me to join him in the experience. Parenthood is cool :)

I was just informed (and this was written a week or so before I posted this) that Entertainment Earth just got in their plush lightsabers-- so at this point, they should either be in stock or on reorder. So if you preordered, odds are yours are on the way!


We've got a lot of questions, so we're semi-permanently upping the output to twice weekly again. Come back Thursday for 10 more questions and 10 more answers from yours truly. If you send in more questions, we'll keep up the pace, because we love you so much. (Or we dislike having a big backlog, take your pick.)

While Star Wars has entered a bit of a rut save for the Target ROTS OTC cups I can't find, I've started frothing at the mouth for some other things I can't have-- namely, the new Cybertron line and the horribly named yet interesting looking Decepticharge. I've also seen scores of quick draw plain white Clone Troopers appearing at Los Angeles area Toys "R" Us stores-- does anyone know if this is some sort of exclusive assortment or am I just seeing a town that got sick of these guys and brought them all back to the stores?

For next week, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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