Q&A For April 26, 2005


Matthew asked... "A Q&A Marathon is a good idea, but why not as something new have a week where guests answer questions. Perhaps a person from Hasbro, or Niub Niub, or George Lucas himself (Yeah right). You get the idea." While we don't ordinarily allow for guests in this column, today I have to pack because I'm moving, so for just this one week, I leave you in the very capable hands of my wife Erin Pawlus. Enjoy!

1. Do you know if Applause will be releasing any statue's in cold cast resin for ROTS?

I certainly hope not. That sounds absolutely dreadful.

2. Hasbro has corrected the error lightsaber from blue to red in their Palpatine figure. Are they going to change Agen Kolar's from green to blue, as it seems from photos of the posse that they made an error here also?

There was a posse? A jedi posse? I think that's wonderful! I think they should make a show based on this concept. I like to imagine it in my mind as a cross between Pimp My Ride and The Starlet.

3. The Mpire figures. How Much? How Many? Where can I get them?


4. I just have to know. Are you eating a lot of the Star Wars food out there now? I love the Star Wars pop tarts. Is there a good place where they have an archive of what is out there for food related Star Wars product? Is there a lot more coming that has not hit the shelves yet? Also do you know if there are different color lightsaber spoons in Kellogs cereal? I have bought about 6 boxes and have gotten red every time?

I am not eating any such food. I am full of Spumoni. It makes me happy.

5. [For the Early Bird Kit,] I want nothing less than a trip back to x-mas '77, but instead of a crappy coupon there is an actual Luke, Liea, Chewie and R2 about three feet tall and totally animated, otherwise Hasbro is just exploiting my childhood memories.

I wasn't born yet, but you have fun with that. It does sound like a delightful romp down memory lane. Romp. It strikes me as a trifle disturbing really, but no more disturbing than my childhood crush on Bryan Adams. Hot damn.

You know what's really funny? This one episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the kid is all "What's the matter with bootblacking? I like it very much!" Brilliant. You all really should spend more time watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or Godzilla. I mean, aren't there better things out there than Star Trek? I like to think so.

6. Have you heard if Hasbro has plans for figures of the Coruscant Firefighter,Shock Trooper, or Commander Cody?

Hehe. There's a Commander Cody? That's a ridiculous name. And Shock Trooper sounds dirty. I have just been told that CC is a clone trooper. That's sad and pathetic. Couldn't they have thought of something more sinister? I'm sorry, this just won't stand. I'm going to write Hasbro straight away!

7. Why does the obi wan #1 figure from rots have an EP 3 lightsaber hilt and an EP 1,2 ignited lightsaber? Is this an error on hasbro's part or a spoiler?

Vehicles are too expensive to make. Sorry.

8. nice pic of the galactic hunter staff at C3. but can we get some names to go with the pic?

There was no such picture, I assure you. (Honest) I like the names Megalon, Angilas, and Mothra though. Don't you? And that picture of myself was hott, thanks.

I remember at Comic Con last year I was in line with someone and he asked if I was going to Celebration 3. I think I was vaguely familiar with what it was, but I told him I had no intention of going. He seemed insulted. Did you know that I didn't see the original trilogy until I was 20? Take that, subspace.

9. I have the Medicom Vader on order for $235.00, shipped. Am I insane? Can any action figure, no matter how cool, really be worth that kind of dough? What takes the sting out of this is that my tax refund will cover it, but still... it's $235.00 bucks!

You know what IS insane? The other day this large truck stopped next to me at a stoplight with the windows rolled down, music blaring. One would expect some gansta rap and yet, what do I hear? The aggressive melody of Peter Gabriel: In Your Eyes. He's hardcore. I liked it very much.

No amount of money is too much to spend on Vader though. You can quote me on that, if you like.

10. I was just wondering about something I have been seeing with the Deluxe Action Figure, Obi-Wan Kenobi w/ Super Battle Droid. I have seen this figure with two packages. One has the battle droid with its leg blown off and the other has the battle droid with all limbs attached. Is one of these more collectable than the other? I really want to buy only one if possible.

I don't appreciate your question. What kind of person would find a battle droid with his leg blown off to be "collectible", as you call it? That's disgusting.

Are there people out there that buy only one toy if given a choice? I find that encouraging. I say, based on the fact that the limbed creature is shortpacked, I imagine its value will increase tenfold in the next three months. Factor in its superior paint job and I'd have to say that anyone would gladly pay four score its value in gold. Also, they used a very rare mold from way back in '69, so keep those eyes peeled!

Disclaimer: I barely know what shortpacked means and nothing I say is true or accurate.


Gamera is friend of children. Thank you.

For next week, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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