Q&A For February 17, 2005


1. I was wondering how many General Grievous figures there are. I've completely lost count. I was thinking maybe you knew, or at least how many so far.


So far there's an Unleashed, Galactic Heroes, Force Battler, at least one 12" version, and that's just for starters in the non-4" range.

For the action figure line I count a deluxe figure, the sneak preview figure, one with split-open arms, and one as a pack-in vehicle pilot. On top of that, there's another Grievous coming out in a later assortment-- at least one, anyway. So that brings the total to at least 5 right there.

2. Echobase collectibles released a Limited Edition Padme' Amidala coin last year that was supposed to be the first of three. Were the other two ever released? If not, will they?


I did some searching on this and all I could find in the way of links made my rusty ol' G3 crash. As such, I open the floor to the readership-- are these coming out?

3. hey adam, so what's up with the hi-rez 12in photos you guys put up on friday the 11th? i mean, the pics of sidious and grievous unboxed are sweet with really nice weathering in thier paint jobs but when i look at the boxed photos they kinda suck with little to no paint at all. say it ain't so!

Lighting and camera angles say a lot, and obviously a lot of these hi-res pics are of prototypes or close-to-finished preproduction pieces. So no, these aren't the figures off the assembly line and as such, production values may vary. Wait until you see them in person to judge.

(...and how about that new 4" C-3PO? Does that not rock??)

4. I am currently debating on whether to open my figures or not, I know, I know its the age old question. It basically comes down to matter of space, not collection value. I have 600 figures I would like to be enjoying, instead they are packed in my attic, because I don't have the room to display them in their packages. I still would like to display the figures nicely without damaging them. So here is the question: I found a acrylic Loose action figure "Shadow box" being offered by Protech Plastics Inc. It has 24 compartments that measure 2.1" X 2.1" X 4.9" obviously Ephant Mon won't fit in those dimensions but, will most of the rest of line fit? I don't want to waste about $600 and only be able to display half of my figures.

It's a difficult question, but when it comes down to issues of space, there are several options.

First, the wussy answer. Do you have an attic? Well, if value means nothing, you can slice open the bubbles with a razor, carefully remove the figure from its packaging, and display it on a shelf. If you change your mind down the road you can slip them back in there and odds are nobody will look close enough to notice that they were once opened. With Revenge of the Sith this will become much, much easier, taped packaging and all.

As far as shadow box type things go, well, I'd not go that route given the quantity you have. I'd look at Ikea (or equivalent) or look into getting some lumber cut at Home Depot and making your own shelves because with 600 figures, you're going to drop a lot of money, as you say. Other solutions would likely work better and be infinitely cheaper.

Most figures will fit those dimensions. Most. But some won't. If you want one standard dispay for all the figures, don't forget that there are the Ultra figures which include characters much larger than Ephant Mon. We also don't know what's coming down the pike-- larger figures could always be an option.

When opening your figures and picking a storage solution, pick something that (as the IT sector might say) could be considered robust and scalable. If it doesn't work for all your purposes today, it surely won't later. A single alien out of Watto's Box could probably fill two compartments, and Luminara Unduli might be a tough fit. As such I'd try to get something that doesn't have figure-specific compartments unless you were looking to only display a small quantity of figures that you know will fit.

5. Do you think we've seen the end of the Cantina wave? I've yet to see them and I'm starting to think I may have to order them online. Have any been spotted recently, or has the Preview wave seemingly ended OTC's run...

I've seen no shortage of these figures between all the places I visit in a week. I'd keep hunting if I were you, and don't be afraid to expand your search. A lot of stores kept getting in Saga late during OTC's run so I wouldn't be surprised to see more pop up in the coming months. Just don't keep checking one or two stores and expect them to appear, though, collecting is rarely that simple.

6. Can it be confirmed from the pictures that the Entertainment Earth exclusive Clonetroopers ARE NOT the newer clones that look like a cross between clone and stormtroopers? On a secondary topic with the constant question about "why the repacks instead of new figures" Can the plus side(from consumer and Hasbro) be looked at so this can be put to rest for good!

If I understand you correctly, this is right, there are no current plans for a Revenge of the Sith style multipack of exclusive Clone Troopers, just these based off the super posable design from Attack of the Clones. If you want Revenge ones, start making a fuss now and buy the other ones because if this is a hit, surely Hasbro and stores like Entertainment Earth will want to try to do something similar in the future.

7. I've been looking at the list of basic figures for Episode III you guys have put up, and I couldn't help but notice that there are figures that specifically mention two very large size vehicles which are in the ROTS. There's the AT-TE Gunner, and the Turbo Tank Driver (The Turbo Tank being the old Juggernaut design which dates back to ROTJ apparently). It seems highly unlikely, but do you think Hasbro could be planning some sort of vehicle blitz for this year before they conceivably will have to drop them when interest dies down again? As far as I can remember, Hasbro have never made a pilot figure which has nothing to pilot, although I could be wrong I admit.

Hasbro, sadly, has made figures without a vehicle to pilot, just recently with the Cloud Car Pilot. It took Kenner a while to put out the TIE Fighter pilot way back when, and who can forget the decision of releasing the cantina twice without a bartender?

In the modern era, though, you're right on the whole. Hasbro has yet to make a pilot prequel figure without also making an appropraite ship. As such, I wouldn't be too surprised if they were laying the groundwork for something later, but I could be dead wrong-- we'll have a better idea after Toy Fair.

8. Whatís the deal with Obi-Wanís two R4 droids having the rounded R2 heads? I know the on in AOTC was explained away has having been built by Anakin. I always wondered if George didnít call all the droids R2 something or other and Kenner started giving them different numbers. If I remember correctly, didnít Luke call R5-D4 an R2 when itís motivator blew on Tatooine?

I have yet to find an official satisfactory answer-- one may exist but my Insider subscription seems to have lapsed and I dunno if they tackled it. As such...

Obi-Wan had a droid he referred to as Arfour during Attack of the Clones and as such, I think this pretty much opened the door to calling droids whatever you want. In the past, round domed droids were R2 units unless the domes were clear, and then they were R3. R4s had the weird blocky domes, and of course everybody knows what an R5 unit looks like.

It's entirely possible that referencing one droid as another is like calling any kind of facial tissue "Kleenex" or any photocopy a "Xerox copy." Or, more accurately, this is evidence that people don't care about such things when it comes to continuity.

Sadly, we don't know George's full thought process here but we do know what the toys are called, and as such we'll probably be retroactively re-thinking a lot of things as we go. The best answer I can give is that this is the name because that's what the movie says-- there may be some reason for it, and hopefully someone out there will either come up with a story to explain this or we can all just pretend this was another one of Anakin's pet projects.

9. Adam: I was interested if you know anything about a more inclusive Attack of the Clones soundtrack, much like the Ulitmate Edition one for the Phantom Menace. Is Ebay the best option for the Target Exclusive Cup and Figure of Slave Leia? Is there any more speculation when the next wave will come out (or if) ?

Both questions have a dubious answer-- basically, I don't know. Amazon Japan is selling those cup sets as preorders but things get cancelled all the time, so who knows? The two-disc soundtrack for Clones was expected but never announced, and as such it might be a while before such a thing happens-- although this year is as good a time as any, right?

10. When will Gentle Giant produce EP1 & EP3 mini busts? Why has GG been missing there targeted release dates?

With Gentle Giant, they will make what they think will sell. I've heard rumblings we can expect some ROTS stuff this year but who knows what, or when? Certainly not I. As far as release dates, everything associated with Dark Horse has been delayed as of late, it seems. It seems to be the nature of the business, but hey, at least they're still coming out.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high about Episode I stuff, though-- other than Darth Maul, can you honestly say you want a lot of those characters available to you in some $50 form? (Don't lie to me, I can see right through you.)

Aside from villains, to me it seems these would be a tough sell. There were very few truly iconic designs from that film. There were tons of great looking creatures and suits, but it's not like they had a Greedo or a Stormtrooper or even a Bossk. Fans haven't warmed up to them too much as of yet, and the designs never seemed to friendly to high-end collectibles as far as I was concerned. As such, I would say "maybe later." This year is Revenge of the Sith, and we've got a few years to buy stuff before this ends once again.


Most commonly asked question this week: what's coming out in April? I don't know. Seriously. Totally clueless. I have access to all sorts of information and this isn't in any of it. I'm guesstimating about 30 figures, and an unknown quantity of vehicles-- although if AOTC was any indicator, I'd say we're going to see pretty much every thing that was leaked in the first month of release. But, I do not know this to be fact.

Because I'm a putz, I'm still in need of three small black G.I. Joe weapons. This is what they look like. Do you have any for sale? Please let me know. (Hasbro, while excellent about replacing my Boba Fett rocket from the Slave I, does not replace G.I. Joe parts of exclusives and claims not to replace parts from any exclusive. Odd.)

Oh, and for next week, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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