Q&A For January 17, 2005


1. I was wondering if the Rebel Pilot figures that were included with the POTF Target Y-Wing, Saga TRU Red Leader X-Wing, and the more recent OTC TRU Y-Wing were the same? They appear to be the same sculpt but are the paint jobs any different?

They're not the same, although they are very similar. The Saga Red Leader X-Wing uses the same mold as the POTJ X-wing Pilot Luke Skywalker, with the same head used for the other Y-wing pilot bodies. They each have unique helmets, though, and are just different enough to make you want to buy them all.

2. I just read the latest Q&A, and I really do want to believe you that Hasbro gears SW toys to the kids. However, do they realize how hard it is to get some of these toys out of the package? I dang near tore Skiff Lando's head and AT-ST Han's head off trying to get them out of the plastic. I'm 30+ years old, and I struggle to get a toy out, how is a 7 or 8 year old to suceed?????

Well, many of you may not know this, but I'm actually quite the Hasbro fan-- a lot of people have company loyalty to McFarlane because they like his style, I'm kinda like that with Hasbro-- so I've picked out a lot of their toys over the years and let me tell you, they do this to everybody.

Aside from G.I. Joe figure two-packs (which are the most prone-to-theft-by-swapping toys on the market these days) Hasbro tends to tape, tie, and wrap the bulk of their toys down so you can't get to them too easily. I'm sure TransFormers collectors will tell you just how hard Unicron and Omega Supreme were to crack open, and sometimes the various multi-packs are a real bear to open. Why Hasbro does so much to keep the toy secure in some cases and absolutely nothing in others is beyond me.

3. Hey dude.how many silver figures have been released so far?I lost track after the clonetrooper.

Hasbro told me, last year, that the Silver figures have run their course for the time being. The run included two completely different Darth Vaders, a Sandtrooper, Boba Fett, R2-D2, and a Clone Trooper bringing the total to six.

4. I was just wondering if the only color ARC Trooper we are getting in the Animated Clone Wars line will be red? It seems like a recolor of this figure would be easy to do. Thanks!

I asked Hasbro this one last year, and was given the answer "what do you think?" without a real yes or no-- which to me means yes, just a matter of time though.

5. Hasbro puts out pure gold with their Unleashed line, but it totally lacks in some areas. Particularly Lando and Leia. Is it the L's that scare 'em off. Or is it the chicks and brothers? I know, I know, slave Leia. But come on, Sultry? And with a line called "unleashed" this Leia persona is entirely inappropriate. But the big gaping hole in that line is shaped like Lando Calrissian. Personally, I would like Lando to be the first "celebration" unleashed fig. Endor style with an ewok humping his leg maybe. Does this sound crazy to you?

Well, I agree in sorts, but you have to understand the market for these is mostly 20somethings, and as such, things like Leia undressed or Lando in a less-than-flattering pose are the kinds of things bought by this audience.

We're due for another Leia-- Boushh would be awesome, but I'm not too picky. Bespin, ANH, whatever Hasbro had would be great. Lando tends to get the short end of the stick a lot of the time-- but I'd be first in line to buy a Skiff Lando unleashed.

6. With the year behind us, I have to say that 2004 was one of the best years for Star Wars Action Figure Collectors of all time. For once, both product and distribution were relatively good. As I went back and looked over the releases for 2004, I could not believe the quantity of figures released and the new faces in plastic. For the 3 3/4 inch line, there were

20 new figures in the saga line
clone wars animated wave 2
12 VOTC figures
38 OTC figures
8 post-OTC figures
the OTC vehicle line, includind a new Sandcrawler
Saga Ultra line, including a new Jabba and Court Denizens
4 Jedi Council Three Packs

I'm sure I have missed some. This doesn't even count the exclusives, which included

Holiday Jawas (Entertainment Earth)
3 OTC DVD Packs (Wal-Mart)
2 Cantina Three Packs (K-Mart)
Figures with Cups (Target)
Silver Clone Trooper (Toys R Us)
Silver Sand Trooper (San Diego Comic Con)
Holographic Emperor (Star Wars Hyperspace Fan Club)
Silver Darth Vader (Toys R Us)
Battlefront Scout Trooper (starwars.com)

I can't decide what my personal favorites are. Either the fact that we saw four new cantina creatures (Kitik Keed'kak, Feltipern Trevagg, Myo, Dannik Jerriko, 5 if you count blue snaggletooth) or the fact that we got a new sandcrawler and 2 new sandcrawler droids (R1-G4 and RA-7). These favorites leave out so many other cool figures that were released like the animated clone wars figures andthe holographic emperor. In a movie year, 2005 may bring more quantity of product but I doubt the choice and quality of figures will be as good. Anyway, to the question, what's your favorite from 2004?.

Now there's a question with a year-in-review as a bonus! Good question. Here are some of my picks-of-the-year.
My favorite figure is such a hard choice to make because the first half of the year was populated by so much new stuff, most of which were fan favorites. I'd say my personal favorite figure of 2004 was R-3PO. The sculpt, colors, and personality just really sold me and even though it wasn't too much of a breakthrough toy.

My favorite exclusive was probably the Kmart Blue Snaggletooth pack. It was overpriced, it included two figures I didn't want more of... but it was a-- as the kid's say-- fan wank. And what a fan wank! With the Sears/Kmart merger it's all the more charming, even though it's just a repaint and a mishmash of existing parts.

7. A couple of questions. Do you know what ranks the different colours of Clone Troopers represent? Secondly, what do you reckon the chances are of us seeing more PM and AOTC figures appearing in future assortments. It seems ridiculous that we haven't had more AOTC figures, including the Lars family.

The clone coloring is such a popular question, and it is as follows: Red = Captain, Blue = Lieutenant, Yellow = Commander, and Green = Sergeant.

As far as other prequel toys in the works, well, yes-- some will appear in the next film, and Hasbro will be looking at all six movies-- so it's more than likely we'll see more figures from those earlier prequels because they're a cash cow of excellent designs.

8. Hello there, Adam. Thanks for all the great Q&As and reviews. Any chance we'll see a VOTC Lando review? Anyhow...

I am slightly confused over the classification of Hasbro's Star Wars lines. As I understand it, the Saga line wasn't the AotC line. The AotC figures just happened to fall into that line under that title. Now, what are the RotS figures going to be classified in? I remember Hasbro saying that they wouldn't divide the films into separate lines again, so is the RotS line technically a new Saga line in itself? Is it Saga Part 2, or a continuation of the past Saga line? And for that matter, where do I classify the POTC figures? They're not OTC figures, but they would fit into the Saga category, save for that OTC-ish packaging. I noticed that the POTC assortment only comprises of 15 or so figures labeled as '05 #1, or what have you, and then the numbering restarts with the RotS figures. This makes it even harder to classify them into a line.

Another thing that I haven't seen brought up that bugs me is the numbering of some of these figures... in the '04 Saga figures, I think it was Hoth Luke who was #3 and then Jedi Luke #4. Why not spread the same character a little further apart? Hoth Luke could easily have been #1 and Jedi Luke #5. Hasbro also did this with the OTC line... too many Lukes bunched up together. What gives?

Well, "Saga" was, at first, an unofficial name for the line which was built around Attack of the Clones, and the idea for the line was to not alienate Trilogy fans-- Episode I split the line up and apparently there was some worry that there wasn't going to be any figures for the older fans. As such, "Saga" covered the gamut. It looks like ROTS may not, at least not at first "Saga" is everything in that blue packaging-- there's no "Saga part 2" in fanspeak yet, it's just one big line.

For the time being, ROTS is ROTS and will probably be called such unless Hasbro renames it. "POTC" will probably be classified under OTC in the long run.

As far as the numbering goes, it's a mystery to everyone-- I don't think there's any significance to any of the numbers given to these figures, really, and Hasbro just assigns numbers seemingly at random by wave.

9. I had heard that the wookie sneak preview characters name was "Captain Tarful" or something like that. My question is, do you know if that's the character's name or is it just a generic wookie warrior? It's the difference between me buying 1 captain or 10 generic warriors.

Captain Tarfful is indeed a Wookiee captain's name, but it is not yet known if there will be generic Wookiee toys. Although we'd be surprisd if they capped the Wookiee tally at two.

10. Beside the rumored 500th figure Vader are there any plans for Original Trilogy figures in 2005!

While there were numerous rumors last year, it seems that it's unlikely there will be many. I expect to see and hear more at Toy Fair in New York next month.


That's it for this week-- a lot of surprises are hitting the stores, making me wonder just how early we may see Sneak Preview Hasbro toys in the USA! I'll be hunting as I keep looking for clearance figures all over the stores, and there are a lot-- Wal-Mart's OTC stash is $2 per in many locations, for example.

Oh, and for next week, just email me with your question and I'll put it in queue. (If you do not put "Q&A" in the subject line I cannot guarantee it will get through due to the high volume of spam these accounts get.)

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