Q&A For October 25, 2004


1. My question is about the "gunner stations" that came out in 97- 98. I remember reading somewhere at the time that a Tie Pilot was also going to be made. was it ever produced? if not are ther pictures of prototypes somewhere? I would love if they revisited this line.

While there were rumors that a TIE Fighter Gunner Station was in development along with an X-wing Fighter with Wedge, I only heard that the second one made it to some developmental stage that got it close to release-- it's possible the TIE was developed a little more fully too, but I have yet to hear anything on it.

When it comes to those lost toys of 1998, few have actually surfaced. The Complete Galaxy Hoth prototype set was shown around quite a bit, as was the Millennium Falcon Flight Controller-- which was the vehicle on a stick, and package samples showed up in Hong Kong. Also produced, but in very low numbers, was a remote control Luke Skywalker on the Speederbike-- the Scout Trooper version was pretty common, but I've only seen two Lukes thus far.

2. With all the repacks, aren't we about due for at least the carbonite block from the Han Carbonite figure to be thrown at us? I mean, geez, it's been almost nine years since that thing was released. (Yikes!) Personally I'd like to see a new sculpt Han with it, complete with full articulation (so he can look up at Leia and Chewie as the pit lowers), and proper binders for his arms. The block doesn't really need a resculpt. I would've liked to see that thing with the new slave 1 and Boba Fett at least, as an homage to the vintage one.

How 'bout throwing the block in with either a Jabba's Court 4-pack (Pote Snitkin and Yakface are also due for repaints and re-release) or a Carbon Freeze 4-Pack with Han, Leia Bespin Escape, a Stormtrooper and a couple of Ugnaughts? I'd actually buy that one.

I'd say there's no doubt that we're due for a new version of this figure. The initial release was in 1996, and the "freed" version with the playset came out in 1999-- it's time for an upgrade, but odds are that'll be in a year or so at the earliest.

I'd take it a step further and say he should be tossed in a screen scene set, that way we might be able to get a new Leia as Boushh out of it.

3. I've tried emailing Hasbro but they just send a prefab answer email. What I was wondering is if there may be some figures on tap from the new video games? An expanded universe 2? I know the first set was a hit with fans, figures did well but vehicles did not. I was mainly looking for figures from the MMORPG game Star Wars Galaxies. I know that those would be fan only type figures but there could be a contest or something to get your Galaxies character immortalized in plastic.

A sub-question is what if a fan wanted their figure made and packaged, would Hasbro do a single prototype and what would it cost? The OTC packaging is perfect so that would cut some cost. Just curious.

Lemme tell ya a story.

When it comes to the video game toy issue, basically either be sure to tell all your friends to let Hasbro know how much you want to see these whenever you get the chance (email, conventions, etc.) or you can sit and wait for them to decide to do them. Hasbro's done quite a few over the years but there's always room for a few more. There may someday be room for a diverse number of characters from the likes of Galaxies, but I wouldn't count on it.

As far as getting Hasbro to do a single figure? Forget it. Not happening. If you really want a figure made of your character or some other figure, you'll need to do it yourself or do it with the help of the very talented custom figure scene. Hasbro doesn't deal in quantities you can carry in your car, their minimum orders are usually in the tens of thousands which, most likely, you cannot afford. (Heck, I doubt any of us really can.) Hasbro also is fairly limited as to whom they will give an exclusive, it used to be the Big 5 only, but now they're extending exclusive products to the likes of Entertainment Earth and some de facto exclusives to the likes of Meijer's. (Who are getting some very cool TransFormers sets that I can't seem to possibly find here in AZ.)

4. I've noticed on Ebay that a certain seller from Hong Kong has huge amounts of Star Wars army builders on sale such as 20 Jawas, 10 Sandtroopers, 10 Fleet Troopers, etc. After those sales end, he puts up more of the same sets. That's 100's of army builders! Where do you suppose he gets them? Here's an example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=751&item=5928691837&rd=1.

The true nature of these sellers is speculated upon but not really known. Some of the guys may hang around the dumpsters if Hong Kong, others may work at the factories after hours to make more of these. Some of them may be leftover samples to test the tooling, or were produced by accident when some other figure was supposed to be reordered instead. The same guys are selling small battalions of G.I. Joe figures as well, thus proving there's a market for this thing-- something Hasbro seems to ignore at retail but may indulge as exclusives from time to time.

Frankly, I like the "after hours production" concept. But who knows?

5. I was just wondering for OTC/Post - OTC other than the Rebel/Empire symbol missing in the upper corner and the figures name intsead of OTC written on the bottom front, are there any other differences on the front? And what about the back?

Well, some figures sport Prequel-era insignias in the top left corner of the package, and the numbering system has changed-- so really, not all that much is new.

6. Hi, do you know if all 12" Clonetroopers produced have a yellowish/greenish hued head or were there some released with the proper white heads? The only ones I've seen with white heads are the KB exclusive yellow and red sriped Clone Commander and Captain.

I'd like to open this one to the floor-- has anyone seen the white Clone available in 12" and not discolored? Every one I saw had some discoloration on it.

7. I heard a rumor that VOTC 3-PO is no longer shipping. What is the deal?

The deal is that they all sell fast and are still shipping. I'm still looking for C-3PO myself and have no doubt there's still a number of them in the pipeline.

8. Why can't the Tonnica sisters be made?I'm sure you've answered this question a thousand times but I still don't understand.

The story I hear is that it has to do with likeness rights-- one of the sisters did not sign away her face when she appeared in ANH and now that means there will probably be no new merchandise made based on her character, even though you could argue that the characters rarely look like the actors in some cases. Frankly, I think they should just do something like "Leia in Tonnika disguise" or some Expanded Universe craziness to work around it-- we can always turn their heads just so and then it'd look fine.

9. Are there any plans to release a two CD version of the AOTC soundtrack like they have with the other four films?

As of now there are no known plans to release an item like this. Or an AOTC Manga, it seems, which is very disappointing because those are cool. They probably will down the road, but as of today, no plans have been made known to the likes of us.

10. Now in the last Q&A you said you wouldn't mind seeing the VOTC end. I really don't care about packaging but I do care about the figure's look and articulation. I did not buy all of the VOTC because of how much they were I did buy a couple of the ones that I thought were exceptional. Will Hasbro put figures like the VOTC with the added articulation in the regular assortments. I gave up on the 3 3/4 figures because I got sick of the horribly posed figures. I love the VOTC and would fully get back into the 3 3/4 line if they were all being released with this much detail and articulation. Let us not also be crazy they need to put basic packaging and drop the price.

I said I wouldn't mind seeing it end, but I also wouldn't mind seeing it continue-- there are several figures that would be great to see revised and released in this style, but as you say, I could do without figures that aren't exceptional. There's barely $5 of value in the likes of C-3PO and Yoda.

I don't think they'll ever continue the VOTC in basic packaging-- because by definition, they're basic figures. The VOTC figures are pretty much only unique because of how they package them, even the articulation isn't as special as you might think-- the superposable Clone Trooper from 2003 is pretty much as posable as the 2004 ROTJ Stormtrooper. So what I'd like to see is either more and better figures in the main line or a small amount of new Vintage releases which odds are Hasbro would really have to rush if they did them any time soon.


Got some reviews on tap this week for ya-- including a figure I've been waiting for since 1998, Yarua.

I went and saw Freezepop and it was worth it. Not only was it cheap, it was really good. That's a one-two punch of goodness, people.

That's all for this week. So get those questions in for next week, and if you could put "Q&A" in the subject line, that would greatly help my email filters find your message. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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