Q&A For June 14, 2004


1. I recently ran across a Tanus Spijek figure at my local Target and picked it up immediately. It was a hard to find figure, so it was definitely my lucky day of the week. I was reading the back of the card where it says "He was hired by the Alliance to carry messages between Alderaan and the Rebel Base on Yavin 4." Well, while taking the figure out of the package, I couldn't help but notice his uhhhhh...boobies. So, I guess my questions to you are: (1) Is Tanus a he, she, or uhhhh...both? And (2) why did Hasbro decide to sculpt the figure with such protuberant anatomy? He could seriously injure somebody with those things!

It is a curious thing, isn't it? The stock art of Elom I saw as a kid on a Return of the Jedi paper cup always left me assuming it was a male, and the bosom-like protrusions on the new one are, to say the least, new.

Decipher says, flat out, that's it's a boy. You can see the card here. This leads to a bundle of questions, such as do both sexes have breastlike appendages, and what does the female look like? As we have no way of explaining it, we offer up no answer.

2. What will become of the Ultra (or Deluxe) assortment now that the Saga line is officially dead? Are there any plans for any more deluxe figures for the Original Trilogy Collection? I have not heard of any, though I seem to remember the Ewok Catapult mentioned.

The Ewok Catapult was a rumored item that seems to have evolved into the glider, so I don't expect to see one just yet. No more deluxe, Ultra, or otherwise larger figures are currently known for release. A shame, as Jabba would look spiffy in OTC packaging.

3.A few years back, the Insider/Fan Club offered Insider badges or passes. Some were free with orders from the fan club and others came with Insider issues. I believe there were 6 total. I have #1 Mara Jade, #4 Wuher, #5 Darth Vader, and #6 Mace Windu. What were #2 and #3 - and how did you obtain them?

While I have no definitive answers, I do have a checklist I used to maintain, and offer it here for your use.
__ #1: Mara Jade (Darktrooper/ Spacetrooper Bundle)
__ #2: Jek Porkins (intl. Amidala/Maul bundle)
__ #3: Aurra Sing (intl. Obi-Wan/Maul bundle)
__ #4: Wuher (Wuher)
__ #5: Darth Vader (Mara Jade/ Kyle Katarn bundle)
__ #6: Mace Windu (12" Valorum/Guard set)
__ #7: Darktrooper (Jek Porkins, as-of-yet unreleased)

4. I recently aquired some Gentle Giant artist proof busts. I got a Padme, Mace, Blue Clonetrooper, and a Green Clonetrooper. My question is that I don't think the green clone is an artist proof. Mostly cause it says "promo" at the bottom. Any idea what kind of promotion they used this for? or how many were made? Thanks

In the game of limited statues, Artist's Proofs are a confusing thing. Some companies, like NECA, made some APs that were different than the normal ones, with added or altered decoration to make them more desirable. Others just use APs as a promo item, to send a magazine to review or photograph. A few units outside the limited number often get made just for quality reasons and in case a few break, as you can't go selling those to the public. In the case of the green Clone, we don't know what the intent was but it's neat to hear you got one.

5. What is happening with numbers 19 through 20 in the 04 figure line? I travel a lot up and down the east coast, and can usually find most anything as it is released. But with this new cardback, I can only find them in the new style. I thought they would be the last for the gold stripped cards. Could you please clarify if Lando, Han, and Madine are the old blue cards with gold stripe or the new OTH style.

Your question is a little confusing, so let me assume what it is you're getting at. I believe what you want to know is what's the deal with Saga figures 0419 and 0420, AT-ST Han Solo and General Madine. Those figures are currently shipping on the blue cards with the gold stripe, just like all 2004 Saga figures thus far. These figures are scheduled to ship on OTC cards later this year, and these are not yet available on OTC packaging.

6. Toys-R-Us keeps pumping out these 4 packs with little or no changes. The Endor set appears to be NOTHING new at all? Is that correct? What about the Naboo 4-Pack? Does any of the figures have articulated legs so that they can be seated up the Kaadu? Captain Tarpals perhaps?!

Also, do you think a petition to Hasbro helps AT ALL? Next year they will be pumping out non stop Episode 3 product with very little new characters from the other five films. Do you think a fan petition asking for characters like Commander Willard, Hermi Odle, new TPM & AOTC Amidalas, all three members of the Larrs family, additional Cantina creatures, creatures from Jabba's Palace, Pod Racers & other obscure characters will help at all? I think the new VINTAGE OTC figures are Great and I would love to see more CORE characters released that way but I think that the standard figures from the other five films should ONLY be new character releases, not rehashes of old characters with lame new gimmicks.

Would this work at all? Well, we did get the Fan's Choice ball rolling but they are few and far between and Hasbro does not seem to want to reissue the last two that Fan's are still searching high and low for. (Ephant Mon & Concept Stormtrooper)

I also heard a rumor on a German website that Galactic Hunter referred us to see photos of the complete Jedi Council sets that a third wave of CLONE WARS figures is coming and a list of the Sneak Peek figures. How accurate are their sources? Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

So many questions...

The four-packs for Toys "R" Us are an oddity, and it is true that the Endor set is made of completely existing items. Of course, these things are made to get old product back to stores and to kids, and as such the Endor set is a real winner-- $20 for the $6 Ewoks two-pack, a $5 Han Solo Endor, a $5 Endor Trooper, and a $10 Speederbike with a Scout Trooper? That's a decent price, and as the Speederbike hasn't shipped in a while I'm frankly glad to see it shipping again. The Naboo set supposedly has a newly articulated Captain Tarpals.

Petitioning Hasbro in this day and age is a fool's errand, mostly because of the fandom. When we petitioned them before for the likes of Wuher and the Skiff, everybody got behind it-- there were THOUSANDS of signatures and these were items that Hasbro could easily make in the first place. Current petitions for the esoteric and the lame do nobody any good, and the sad fact is fandom as a whole is largely satisfied with Star Wars, if you can look at that as a sad fact. Do fans really want Willard? You might. I'd buy one. But on the whole, no, I don't think you can get 15,000 people to sign a petition for it. Hasbro will NOT be pumping out non-stop Episode III product in 2005, as many trilogy figures are rumored to be coming in the line's midst, just like during Attack of the Clones, and if some of what I heard is true there are some surprises that will knock all of you on your collective asses. I mean, it knocked me on mine, after all.

Hasbro's lack of desire to reissue previous Fan's Choice figures is puzzling to say the least, but when you get right down to it there were more McQuarrie Stormtroopers than there were the Coruscant Night Club trio from that wave which still warms pegs at a Toys "R" Us in my town. Odds are Hasbro will pump out a few more someday, and I fully expect to see Ephant Mon in a multipack, eventually.

As far as rumors go, take them as you will. If you've never heard of a site before, why should you rely on it? What's their track record like? It could be true, but it could also be a load. Same goes for what we post-- on the whole, our Swami has been pretty spot-on, but things change and Hasbro can always mix things up or shift things around. More Clone Wars beyond the three waves of "normal" and two waves of Animated figures are rumored, and with the added cartoons, I'd wager likely.

7. I've had an idea for a while about playsets for the modern line. Since Hasbro is so bent on not providing playsets for our figures to be displayed; what if Code 3 or Master Replicas designed themed like mini locations and playsets in a high end style. Forget Hasbro lets see some real playsets. For instance when Hasbro does make them they usually exaggerate the scale or other things for the toy aspect. Would'nt it be nice if we could get a Lars Homestead set or Echo base and many others that are in scale with the 3-3/4 figures. I can see unlimited possibilities with lights and authenticity. That way only collectors that are interested in getting them could buy them and they could be limited on production. Is there any email address where you give ideas and feedback on items to Code 3 or Master Replicas? If not then maybe you could mention it to both manufacturers in the future.

Licensing conflicts. Hasbro has the rights to make action figures and accessories, period. In the USA, LEGO has the right for construction/block figures, period-- hence, no Kubricks. Hasbro is fully aware of our desires for playsets and at this time doesn't want to risk big ticket Trilogy items based on new molds, which is a bit of a shame. While the Arena wasn't a huge hit, I seriously doubt a similarly sized Death Star would have any trouble outselling it.

8. My question for you is, will they be re-releasing Unleashed Darth Vader like they have done with Slave Leia and Obi-Wan Kenobi? I need to get Vader with removable head and $60 on eBay hurts my colon.

Well, you can also trade for it. Hasbro has made zero mention of putting out another Vader or repackaging the existing two, which is truly odd given the market for them on eBay. Right now, your best bet is to cough up the money, or wait patiently for Unleashed Vader 3.0.

9. In your answer to question #4 of your latest Q&A (June 7, 2004) you comment that R2-A6 is the "only Star Wars figure to exist in the large scale and not in the small one." This is incorrect: don't forget about Episode I Portrait Edition Queen Amidala "Return to Naboo" (purple dress) and most recently the Ewok that was packed with Logray (forgive me, I don't know his name).

While I consider the 12" Padme dolls a separate beast, good call on the Ewok-- totally forgot on that one.

10. I guess this is sort of topical since the new Vintage Darth Tie comes with an old Gunner Darth (I think).

With the recent glut in the market of NEW figures, I have been embarking on a mission to plug all of the wholes in my loose collection. Most of the holes are from older pack-in figures. I just don't want to g picking up repeats if I can help it. So, here goes...

Is the Complete Galaxy Yoda the same as the regular carded Yoda?
Is the Han from the PC Millennium Falcon game the same one as the Gunner Han?
What are the differences between the Complete Galaxy Darth and the Gunner Darth?
Is the Complete Galaxy Luke the same one as either the Rancor Luke or the Target Skiff Luke?

What are my chances of getting someone to part with the 3 3/4" Tauntauns that came with the Han beast set and/or with the Hoth set from last year (the Han tauntaun - not the first release Luke tauntaun)?

Thanks for any help.

Complete Galaxy Yoda is very, very similar to the POTF2 version. Mine seems to be sculpted slightly more detailled, but honestly, you'd have a hard time eyeballing them and noticing big differences.

PC Game Han Solo has articulated knees, Gunner Station Han does not.

Complete Galaxy Darth Vader has his hands facing palms-down on his knees while he's sitting while Gunner Station Vader has his at the normal angle, with the palms facing each other.

Complete Galaxy Luke, Rancor Luke, and the Skiff Luke each have unique poses and articulation-- so if you want to collect them all, you'll be needing all three.

During the POTF2 run, every time Hasbro repackaged a figure, it was changed slightly. All of the Millennium Mint Coin figures have different decoration than their previously released counterparts, the Darth Vader in the Death Star Board Game is a mishmash of Complete Galaxy Vader and Removable Helmet Vader, and so on. Hasbro took care to paint figures differently or to recolor them back then, and rarely if ever did you see a situation where they took a pack in figure and stick it with another item, or re-card an old figure with new accessories and no other changes. So if you have any doubts as to if you need a POTF2 figure that's packed with some other toy, the short answer is yes, you do.

I, too, am still looking for the Han Solo version of the Hoth Set from last year, and I'm willing to bet someone out there is looking to unload one-- try our forums. (Heck, I'd like more of the R3 unit, too...)


Good questions, folks! Keep 'em coming!

This week, we're reviewing the OTC X-Wing and Saga's Admiral Ozzel.

I found out that the GameBoy Advance game "Bubble Bobble Old & New" is in fact coming to the USA as "Bubble Bobble" in early July. So for those of you looking to get the overpriced import, no need. I've been playing the crap out of WarioWare this past week, and while old news to most, I'm quite taken with it. (Targets in some areas are clearing it out so you may be inclined to snag a copy.)

That's all for this week. So get those questions in for next week, and if you could put "Q&A" in the subject line, that would greatly help my email filters find your message. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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