Q&A For February 2, 2004


1. I was wondering if you would be able to answer a question for me about the Clone Wars figure Asajj Ventress (the original version). Do her wrists swivel?(or her gloves?) It looks like they do in the pictures. Actually, on that note I have another question: are you planning to post a review of the figure any time soon?

Her gloves are jointed, as are her shoulders, waist, neck, and hips. As far as articulation goes, she's at the top of the class. As far as a review goes, since you asked, sure. Come back Wednesday.

2. A quick question about the Unleashed Line. I heard that Hasbro would be showing the next wave of Unleashed figures in the next Star Wars Insider. I've also heard the Figures would be Bossk, a Tusken Raider and a re-release of a past unleashed figure (I think Slave Leia). Now don't get me wrong I Love the unleashed line but, don't you think Hasbro could do better by putting out a more popular set of characters? If it were me, I would do Stormtrooper, Qui Gon Jinn, and Lando. I think these would make a more attractive line of core characters, what do you think?

Right now, it seems Luke and Leia as well as a few other figures are being released on the new Unleashed packaging, which is good,as it's nice packaging.

As far as character selection goes, so far, so good I'd say. The only figures to really poison the pegs have been Padme and Anakin, with the others they've done so far selling a little more slowly than others. Since Tusken Raiders have been in more movies than Lando, it's not a bad choice, and Bossk is a bounty hunter and therefore fanboy friendly. Unleashed isn't a line that needs to appeal to the general populace, with its limited production and distribution making it a fantastic collector-only product. Of course, I'd want Tusken Raiders and Bossk, but I do love the aliens and so far, Unleashed has been lacking in this area with only the likes of Yoda and Chewbacca, and they're so well known they really don't seem all that "alien" in this era of fandom.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Stormtrooper, and actually, if Hasbro doesn't do one I'd be very surprised. Imperials are always gold, but characters from Episode I like Qui-Gon Jinn never really seemed to strike a chord with collectors. But if they were to make, let's say, a three-piece series in which the bases for Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were to connect... now that'd be pretty slick.

Lando would be great to see, as I was a huge Lando fan growing up, but it seems that he's been a third-tier character to Hasbro since POTF2 ended.

As to what I would like to see-- as, you know, I have so much say over this-- I think it'd be nice to have a Scout Trooper being mauled by an Ewok, possibly R2-D2 and C-3PO, and a Gamorrean Guard. And Unleashed BoShek.

3. As of our latest confirmed data, which of figures from the original line need to be reproduced. I know you answer this a lot, but should I go a head and cross the silver death star droid off the list or wait until there is an announcement about the sandcrawler. Which ewok comes with the hang-glider?

Right now, this is a tricky question. The Sandcrawler's release date is a big question mark, and we have yet to hear a name for the ewok. Also, there are little things, like the Nikto released in POTF2 and the Nikto released for ROTJ (1984) being obviously different in their costumes. Plus there's R5-D4, and while we did get an R5-D4, it isn't one most people liked.

Right now, this is what I would consider the figures that we need to see that as of now, are not 100% confirmed.

B-Wing Fighter Pilot (Human)
Bespin Security Guard (other ethnicities)
Cloud Car Pilot
Chief Chirpa
Death Star Droid (silver, Jawa Sandcrawler, pending release)

Of course, there's a few where the vintage figure and modern equivalent are different, or some where a resculpt might be in order. But as far as I can tell, as of today, these are the figures we don't know for 100% certain are on the way even though we may have seen prototypes or heard rumors about them. I'm optimistic we will see a few of them before the line ends, but I'm not exactly expecting more ewoks even though I'd love to see more of them. And more Scout Troopers, those are nice too.

4. What has been your biggest action figure disappointment. This week I received a Jedi Luke (from Jabba's palace). Not only does the figure's cloak not look like the picture, the right hand can't hold a weapon. I thought this might be the bets figure of the year, although the new skiff-guard Lando looks dead-on.

There have been a few figures that were made before the final design was finished, and those turned out a little worse than they should have. Right now, I think that trophy goes to Dexter Jettster, a character I liked and a figure I wish was a little more like he looked in the movie. From the original trilogy, I have problems with Wicket and Logray from the Ewoks pack in POTF2. Those guys could have been better... Wicket seemed big and angry and Logray seemed too cuddly and short.

5. Do you think the saga line will get the pilot figures right? I'd love a better b-wing, a-wing, and y-wing figure. I was disappointed when the saga a-wing figure was incorrect. I also thought the rebel pilots cinema scene was great expect for the screwy paint jobs.

I'm not exactly a fan of the concept of pilot figures being packed with the vehicles. If it were up to me, every figure would be released on a blister card so I could get as many or as few as I'd want, plus it would give me more control over the paint jobs. I went through numerous Adi Gallia and Qui-Gon Ginn (Naboo) from Episode I before finding decent eyes on them, and well, it's a hassle.

I've been good with the quality of my pilot figures over the years, but I'd rather be able to buy them when I want to instead of having to track down extra Y-Wings or the like.

6. Hello Adam I am a collector that has a problem with dust. My collection is on display but over time it collects dust and it is quite frustrating to go thru each figure and clean them off one by one. I've seen small plastic cases for figures to be put in so they won't collect dust. My ? is would you know where I would be able to purchase some at a great price, because I do have quite a feww figures from vintage to new figures.

I'm not sure which kind you have in mind, but if you're getting small boxes to display your collection and not to store it, I'd advise getting armoires or some sort of book case with a door. Perhaps a glass case of some description would be good.

Dust is a nuisance, but small individual cases are an expensive hassle. I mean, there are hundreds of these things...

7. I'm wondering if you can tell me the manufacturer on a couple of old vintage items; first, those figural erasers from Return of the Jedi, the little ones about 3" tall that smelled like cherries or something else delicious.

I have Ackbar, Royal Guard, Gamorrean Guard, Baby Ewoks, Max Rebo, Vader, Artoo, Wicket; are there any I'm missing?

I think you pretty much listed them all, which brings up an interesting point. Baby Ewoks exist in eraser form, but not in toy form. Hasbro, you might want to start packing Woklings with bigger Ewoks. We can't leave this Ewok gap. You did miss a couple, though, and you can find a list at the Star Wars Collectors Archive.

These were made by Butterfly Originals.

8. the other night I was unpacking some figures that I'd stored during a recent move. A lot of the Saga Jedi lightsabers (the ones with the removable hilts) had come apart, and I found myself with a little baggie of various blades and hilts.

I'm not such a purist that I gave much of a crap if I partnered the right hilt with the right blade for the right Jedi, but I noticed that I seemed to have a lot more green blades than blue blades. So my question is, did I just lose a bunch of blue blades, or have the majority of Hasbro's Jedi figures come with green-bladed lightsabers? And just in case I find myself with too much time to start making changes to my displays, is there a list anywhere that shows which Jedi figures came with which colored lightsaber? Or geekier yet, is there a list that compares the color of the toy lightsaber with the character's actual lightsaber from the movie (I swear that Bariss Ofee had a blue blade in Attack of the Clones, but she came with a green one)? If not, wanna make one as part of my answer?

Not only is there an issue of color, but those blades sometimes have different sculpts which we may have a hard time determining. As such, my advice to collectors out there: do not separate your weapons.

You can find images of the weapons and the figures which go with them in our photo gallery or other photo galleries, and there are some errors in which color Hasbro gave which figure. The most glaring error is Plo Koon, who has a green blade as a 12" figure and a blue in his standard size. I wouldn't say Hasbro has produced obviously more green or blue off the top of my head, but my figures are a little spread out right now. I know of no list for you, but if someone does, I'll gladly link it.

9. On the point of the Ultra Jabba and no dais, why aren't people satisfied with the pop-up jabba's palace? While people like vintage-themed stuff, it's not like the vintage one is movie-accurate. Other than the "chain" for the slave leia, I think the hasbro pop-up diorama is much better than the vintage dais, since the pipe and bowl are included with the new fig.

To be honest, I'm sot sure. It's a fantastic piece but a lot of people just don't like cardboard. A lot of people hated Jabba Glob as well, and yet when they paint him a little, suddenly he's the perfect ROTJ Jabba, which I've been saying all along. I agree with you, though-- fans, go to eBay, go get the pop-up diorama and be happy.

10. What's going on with all this buzz of vintage style toys for 2004?

Right now, as of me writing this, I haven't seen the pictures but I hear that we might see a slightly retooled Millennium Falcon as well as some figures that are in the vintage style, whatever that means to Hasbro. I'm hoping it means new sculpts or new characters, because frankly, I don't want reissued vintage figures. They made millions of them, they aren't in short supply.


OK, favor time. The DVD for Tim Burton's Ed Wood was produced and shipped to some stores and recalled, but many stores like FYE received them and are selling them. I want a copy of this. If you know where I can get one (not on eBay) or would be willing to snag one for yours truly, I would be most appreciative. Or I can swap it for a Jorg Sacul or something. Let me know. (Seriously. C'mon. Be a pal.)

This week, we'll be reviewing Asajj Ventress (by request) as well as Unleashed Chewbacca. "Why are you reviewing Chewbacca first," you ask, "he sucks!" Yes he does. And you can find out just how much he sucks later this week.

Toy Fair in New York is just two short weeks away! We're getting ready to provide the best in Galactic Coverage for you, so be prepared, we can't wait to see what we can show you!

Anyway, get those questions in for next week. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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