Q&A For October 27, 2003


1. I was wondering what your thoughts are on people bidding several thousands of Jedi Points for stuff that can be obtained on e-bay for reasonable amounts. For example, I just came across a 12" ultimate Jango for $30 buy it now. The bidding at Hasbro is over 3000 points! Aunt Beru is another. She can be had for under $20 with shipping yet she's got over 5000 points! I know this isn't a really important question, but am I the only one baffled by this?

It's a little something called inflation. Jedi Master Points, as of now, have absolutely no value outside these auctions. As such, people are willing to shoot a huge wad of them on something relatively cheap, as the cost to them is still zero dollars.

2. Have you had the opportunity to evaluate the Jedi Master Points Auctions? How do you feel about it now that it appears it will take obscene amounts to win the mdse. ? Also what about the unreleased Cantina Bar Sets, rumor had it they weren't going to have unreleased mdse. to bid on? All in all I wasn't happy from the begining but you said to give it a chance. Well I did and looking at the reactions from fans I hope they never do this again.

This is my only complaint about these auctions... right now, it seems the only collectors able to participate are the ones who are big time army builders. As far as unreleased items go, Hasbro's even considered auctioning off prototypes... so really, anything goes here.

So you didn't like it? OK. But did it hurt you in any way? It sure looks like I'll never be getting anything from these auctions because my points aren't exactly all in one place and I'm too lazy to collect them all together. It seems a lot of you got offended by this, and, really, I can't figure out why. Hasbro wanted to do something with the Jedi Master Points that wouldn't result in millions of lost dollars due to the vast quantity of these things floating around. This is what they came up with. This promotion, in no way, hurt anybody. I mean, I'm not even seeing figures with the JMPs ripped off like I used to always see with mail-in Hasbro toy promotions. As far as I can tell, aside from those of us who aren't getting to take advantage of this, this was a pretty good promotion.

Would I have rather seen a mail-in offer for anything? Yes. But this is what happened, so let's accept it and move on, and hope Hasbro reconsiders a mail-in offer for the Episode III sneak preview toy(s).

3. I am sad to hear that the upcoming Target glasses are re-issues of the old Burger King glasses. Doesn't it occur to anyone that completing the set with prequel glasses in the same art style would make more sense? You can still find the old glasses in mint condition for around $5 a piece which is probably less than these new ones will cost.

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why I dislike reissuing old things. The originals aren't exactly rare collectibles as it seems like, in the early 1990s, everybody made it a point to have a set, even non-collectors thought they were the most fantastic things and were valuable for some reason.

When I first heard Target was getting glasses, and that Target was getting animated Clone Wars, I assumed that those two things might go hand-in-hand. But the more I think about the Burger King glasses, the less sense it makes. Hasbro has and had nothing to do with the originals and as far as I know, has never made glassware. Is this a joint production with some other company? Will the glasses be updated to include the modern BK logo? And, like you said, will the cost be appropriate? There are 12 of these old glasses, people aren't going to collect them all for $10 per unless the included figures are really something.

Right now, I'm going to have to wait and see what happens here because the more it's discussed, the less sense it all makes.

4. HI. I was able to find the white and blue clone trooper packs at retail, but I had to resort to ebay and online stores to get the other three. Are there plans for more color variants? Iım sure Hasbro could make troopers every color of the rainbow and they would fly off the shelves. Thanks.

There are currently the five variants and rumors of a sixth, but we don't know what and when to expect these. Right now, I'm hoping they shelve the idea of a sixth and just ship a case with two of the green, two of the yellow, and one red and one blue. While I understand Hasbro doesn't want to flood the market, the Clones and the Jedi are the only sets that really fly off the shelves consistantly.

5. Ive been to KB several times and have yet to turn up any value packs. The store manager told me they sold out within hours. my question is dfo you think KB will be getting continuing shipments of the value packs or will it be a one time thing like walmart?

An important thing to remember about toy store employees is that inless they're collectors like you, odds are they don't know and don't care about weird exclusives that come and go in the blink of an eye. I'm willing to bet most Wal-Martians (I think that's a good term) wouldn't know their store had the Clones even if they did, because people like me swooped in the night they came out and snagged them. That said...

These could show up anywhere at any time. As such, you need to hit the stores whenever you can and take a look around. You'd be amazed what eight minutes every two or three days can do to keep you updated on what's happening in the stores.

Lastly, I'd like to say on a personal note that I've never seen these sets out of Wal-Mart on the weekend of September 12-14. K-Marts and Kay-Bees are supposedly getting them, and I've gone to a lot of Kay-Bees on my quest for $2 Zoids, but have yet to see any Clones there. So keep looking, or just buy a set off of eBay, as they don't really seem to sell for all that much.

6. I appears that here in Southern California, the TRU figure sets are popular, reasonably priced, and sell fairly well. Although Hasbro has mentioned a forth set consisting of previously-released Jedi figures, do you think they will continue releasing these sets next year?

While these weren't instant sell-throughs, they seem to be selling particularly well over time. It seems all the broken tusk Tauntauns are gone and have made way for the new ones, and the Imperial sets are all but gone, so it's fair to say there are other packs planned, we just don't know when to expect them. A Naboo set is rumored for 2004.

7. Which A-Wing pilot is more movie accurate, the new one (target exclusive) or the old one?

The new one seems more accurate to me, the old one's helmet was just the thing that goes under the helmet. I think the new one is wearing the Y-Wing pilot's helmet. The most accurate A-Wing pilot I've seen so far is part of the Action Fleet line.

8. A short time ago I asked if the lightsaber in the TRU hoth 4 pack was recasted and why didn't they use an updated one with the flair near the hilt. That is the way the one with the hoth Han is after all. Anyway, this made me think to look at the Tatooine encounter Luke. His lightsaber is the same as the hoth 4 pack, which didn't surprise me because I believe I read that this was another POTF rehash. BUT... GET THIS!!! I turned the card over and the picture on the back shows Luke with a lightsaber with the flair near the hilt. Has a carded version of this figure with that lightsaber ever been confirmed???!?!?

I've noticed this as well, but as far as I can tell Hasbro has never packaged a new lightsaber with an old figure, despite what the packaging shows. If anyone does find a legit sample of the figure with a new lightsaber, please share with the rest of the class.

9. I read your Q&A and find it to be a great source of information. I have been researching the Separatists and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. I have paired up the representatives and their respective organizations. I am baffled. Has anyone noticed that the photos form the Databank on starwars.com of Toonbuck Toona (and the Image Attack: Separatist Crew 10/02/02) and her/it's digital look in the movie (seated to the right of Nute Gunray at the table when Obi-wan is spying on them) are completely different? I understand that such things change in the process of making a movie but it strikes me as odd. The actual movie version of the character looks exactly like the official databank interpretations of a Bothan. Which resemble something like an ox or waterbuffalo. No big deal right? Well, what if George decided to throw in a Bothan at the last minute to later explain how Bothans have access to the secret plans for the Death Star? The character has no speaking part. And if you blink you miss her/it on screen. And if George did, this is a significant little detail I believe has gone unnoticed. Has my imagination got the better of me or what? And if I am completely off base here, what would the action figure of Toonbuck Toona look like? And if that is not Toonbuck next to Nute Gunray, who is it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

LucasFilm has never pointed me to any Bothans that appeared on screen. As such, I say there are no Bothans that have appeared on-screen in the Star Wars Universe. Also, these were the plans for Death Star I. The Bothans were responsible for getting the plans for Death Star II, Leia and her crew tracked down the plans for the first planet-sized super-weapon.

10. I was wondering if you know where I can find a list of all the Star Wars Christmas ornaments made by Hallmark over the years. Also, are there are any online stores that sell older ones? I got a Death Star and Jango Fett last year and am interested in tracking down others that have been made.

While I could have gone through my stash and listed the dozens of ornaments released in the past decade, well, I'm in a hurry this week. The best way to learn about what was released is to do one of two things, or if you're feeling saucy, you can do both. First, an eBay search. This tells you what's out there and what it's going for. Second, a Google search. This can supplement what you discovered on eBay and can often result in a list of information. I prefer eBay searches because a lot of harder to find items end up there more often than on "complete guides to..." whatever.

So a little research goes a long way. As that's what I would have to do to verify the list, this is like an interactive portion of the column. You'll find that two quick searches can tell you a lot, plus you get the satisfaction of having learned it yourself. And I get the satisfaction of having finished this column in record time.


A good week for questions? Yes, I'd say it was. Keep it up, guys and gals, you asked some great ones this week.

Anyway, get those questions in for next week. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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