Q&A For October 20, 2003


1. With images of the new ultra figures hitting the internet, any word if Wal-mart will carry the Ultra figures or deluxe sets for 2004?

Right now, Wal-Mart's 2004 plans are unknown. It is said they are re-examining their stance on carrying Star Wars outside of lightsabers and basic figures and when that first sighting happens, we'll be sure to pass it along.

2. Hi Adam. I have a life size watto(Pepsi). His legs have fallen off because there was not much original glue. What should I use to put his legs back on?

Unfortunately, repairing large-size items is beyond my expertise. After doing some Web research, it's still beyond my expertise. So I'll tell you what I do know.

When it comes to toys, I've found Super/Krazy Glue to be the best solution to a broken toy. It's very strong, dries clear, and seems to hold up fairly well over time thus far. As such, I'd advise you consider trying this if you're willing to hold the leg in place for a while as it dries.

The only other solution for this I can think of is basically leaving it broken, but using cords, fishing wire, or clear plastic supports to make it look like it's still in one piece. If the item has a habit of breaking repeatedly, I'd advise you try this. Best of luck here, and let us know how it goes so we can share with the rest of the class!

3. Just wondering if you could ask the GH Swami for a bit of clarification on the Burger King glasses that he's predicting will be recreated for Target... Will the glasses be sold individually in three waves of four glasses or as packed together as three boxed sets of four glasses? Any info on the pack-in figures and how unique those will be to the line as a whole? Will the classic Burger King logo still be present on the glasses or will that be replaced by Target's? Will the glasses still be glass? -- personally I'm hoping for Lexan or something similar so that the glasses can have a funtional use, I've shattered too many of those promo glasses in my lifetime!

Well, the problem with our delightful Swami is that while he can see the future, he can't see it very well. It's like John Edwards or something... he sees a glass, but that's it. I asked him about copyright issues, logo updates, and so forth, and he couldn't tell me just yet. (Accursed Spirit World.) After all, these glasses were made nearly 20 years ago and if I recall, and the Burger King logo has changed since then. Would it be updated? Heck if we know.

Right now, we don't know what to expect. Originally some people speculated that the glasses would be packed with Clone Wars Toon figures, but that's before we heard the glasses would be BK reissues. So who knows?

4. I was recently looking through the Star Wars Super Collectors' Wish Book (2nd ed.), and I saw a photo of Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin Spirit figures that were listed as unauthorized Japanese figures. At first they looked very similar to the versions released by Hasbro in the Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene a few years ago, but upon further inspection they appeared to be superior sculpts to the official versions. This is partly because they are one-piece molds, so there are no visible connection points and the robes seem to hang more realistically. I was wondering if you might know by what channels these were released, being that they are unauthorized. Also, do you think it's possible Hasbro will revisit these figures for the better in the future? Thank you for your time.

The short answer? Is there anything Hasbro isn't considering revisiting? It seems each and every vehicle and figure released previously is fair game for a redeco, a resculpt, or repackaging.

As far as these specific molds, they were sold through the Japanese Fan Club (or so I'm told) but remain unauthorized figures. As such, I'd say hopes shouldn't be high for these to be rereleases. They were very fragile, I've heard many a tale of severed heads. While the joints in Hasbro's aren't exactly nice to look at, but the thing is, Hasbro is usually very good at making sure your toy doesn't get decapitated before you own it.

5. I think most collectors appreciate the release of a new Emperor Palpatine figure, which was obviously made with great attention to detail. However, his hood is incredibly huge. Do you think there is a possibility of Hasbro updating this figure with a more-to-scale-sized hood? Thanks for your time.

Hasbro has been really great about running changes in Saga if they make sense, for instance, the Red Battle Droids and the corrected glove on Luke's hand. Of course, no mold changes were required for those... this is a bit more of a tall order. As such, I wouldn't hold my breath, but I wouldn't discount it either. Aside from the issues with the hood-- and those are big issues-- this is a most excellent figure.

6. I found (and bought) something very interesting today at a TRU in Santa Monica, California. Looking through a pile of Battle of Hoth 4-packs for one with the cleanest packaging, something surprising grabbed my eye. There was one the contained the green R3-T7 droid (without the blue electricity piece) instead of the orange R3-A2 droid. What's with this? Is this a limited variant? Was this a mistake? If it is just an error, it seems rather coincidental that it is the same droid that the orange one was patterned after. Are you familiar with this and if so, would you call it a true, intentional variant or just a random error? Also, if anyone is interested, as I am not an error or variant collector, I would love to either sell or trade it for something.

Well, short answer: you got hosed, dude. An epidemic in the toy world these days exists in that people see no moral problems with buying a figure, removing one, and returning it missing that piece or swapping it out for another. "Nobody will ever know," they say, "I can just point to the 'contents may vary' label," they say. But people do know, and as you can see here, this causes problems on the collector's market, and for toy columnists.

The level to which I've seen this in the past two or three months is nothing short of shocking, and shameful. I can assure you it isn't a small child that bought six Shipwreck vs. B.A.T. sets, removed the B.A.T.s, and replaced them with the figures from that six-pack.

And you bought something just to sell it or trade it? For shame. Who would ever do such a thing? (shoves extra Jorg Sacul figure back under trade pile)

7. Just wanted to ask if all of the new green A-Wings (Target exclusives) were being released without the sticker set for the cockpit? I thought they might come preapplied. I opened mine up and there were no stickers to be found anywhere in the box. Thanks.

Mine didn't include one, and it doesn't look like the ones showing up in the Target stores have any either unless they're hidden. My guess is Hasbro dropped the stickers in favor of decoration. On the bright side, the red ones are really cheap... so if you simply must have labels, you can probably win one on eBay for a few bucks and tell them they can keep the toy if you can pay for it and just have the stickers.

8. going backwards... Is the saber Luke uses in ESB the same one that was given to him in ANH by Obi Wan? Will Anakin then use this saber in Ep III with it ending up with Obi Wan after their battle?

While Master Replicas has designated the sabers from ANH and ESB as different, and I recall being told that there was a slight redesign between the films, they're meant to be the same weapon. (Where would Luke get a new one in that time? He certainly wasn't meant to have built it.)

Now, you all remember the line in Obi-Wan's hovel when he tells Luke that "your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough." We don't know what that means, exactly. Is it true from a certain point of view? Did Anakin, at some point, say "make sure my son receives this weapon so he can avenge me?" after Obi-Wan beats the crap out of him? Right now, it's a great place to speculate but part of me hopes we don't see too much on-screen about this.

9. With the apparent success of the Clone Wars line do you think Hasbro will take another look at their dealing with the Expanded Universe? I have read in your recent posts that Hasbro says that EU doesn't sell. I find that impossible to believe. A normal check on the secondary market shows pretty much everything EU going for pretty decent prices so fan interest is there. Does Hasbro really believe that EU stuff won't sell or are they not in touch with what many collectors see as a goldmine for potential?

Hasbro's approach to the Expanded Universe since Phantom Menace has been conservative, but fairly well done. There were six non-movie figures in Power of the Jedi, two in (or coming in) Saga, and of course the whole lot of Clone Wars. Right now, I can't fault them for trying, but odds are you're thinking what I'm thinking, and that's the fact we want other characters. As such, I fully expect a figure or two a year as we continue along, but an EU assortment-- or three, like in 1998-- seems unrealistic. As they continue to mine the core characters for more figures, though, it's not impossible to think they might do a "Star Wars Adventures" type line and put out Luke and Leia from Splinter of the Mind's Eye with weapons and gadgets... you know, for the kids.

10. Do you know if any more Jedi 3 packs are slated to be released? That set is HARD to find and all I see are those god awful Droid Launchers. I remember Hasbro said that everyone should be able to get at least two of each figure, well that doesn't seem possible any chance that can be corrected?

Actually, Hasbro said everybody should be able to get one of each figure, and that was under a different brand manager. (Andy said this often, Jeff made no such comments as of yet.) Rest assured, I feel your pain-- I've seen only red, white, and blue Clones and am starting to worry yellow and green will be things I have to plunk down cash for on eBay.

Right now, there are no plans for more Jedi. I get this question a lot, and Hasbro hasn't said anything about any intention to do more. As many of you say, it should be easy to do... and as such, customizers, this one's for you.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that those Droid Launchers are far too common for their own good. They make a nice toy... but for $10, I'd rather have something else.


Another slow week for news, except for the Swami. He's good people. Here's hoping he has more for us on tap.

This week's toy reviews are Unleashed Han Solo and the Geonosian Fighter, both of which turned out better than I had expected. So stay tuned for those.

"How do you pick which toys you review?" you ask. Well, typically I just review whatever is new and we have photographed. If there's a specific new toy you'd like to see reviewed, write us and let us know. We aim to please.

Anyway, get those questions in for next week. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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