Q&A For October 13, 2003


1. Hello Adam! I read your Q&A all the time, and I just wanted to comment on a question in ur most recent issue of Q&A. There's a question about where to find a floor plan for Jabba's Throne Room. There's one at FFURG that might help him, here's the link: http://www.ffurg.com/references/jabba.htm Please pass it along to him, hope it helps, and keep up the great Q&A!!

Thanks! Much appreciated.

2. Do you think that hasbro will make the band from the mos eisly cantina? It would be a great thing to make in my opinon.

Well, looking into my crystal ball, I'd say we might see it around 1997... but certainly not before. Will I be right? Only time will tell!

3. It takes six Jedi Council bases to complete the circle, which leaves a hexagonal space in the middle. (I realized this when I eagerly put my 4 together. Oh well.)

We got a few pictures, and as we don't post them in this column, let me say it looks a little goofy. But it does work.

4. Whats going on with the Fett wave of Unleashed in retail? We just got word of who's going to be in wave 7, but no sign of wave 6 in stores. With the Yoda add that is running in the comic books, do you think that it is an indication that we will see them at the retail level soon?

Unleashed hits direct market sources like comic shops and online stores before Toys "R" Us. As such, I saw a bunch of the Unleashed Luke wave hit Toys "R" Us stores this week... so keep checking back, these things are still coming.

5. I was wondering if you could provide a list of the mini-head playsets that were, I believe, made by Galoob and sold in Pizza Hut Kid's Meals several years ago. I was going through a box of stuff and found a bunch of them which led me to wonder if I had the whole set or not.

This was a great promotion-- all the otherwise unreleased mini-heads were sold at Pizza Hut except for four-- C-3PO, Snowtrooper, X-Wing Luke, and 4-LOM. A few samples of the three-pack with the latter three came out, and a gift set with the former three came out as well. But as to the Pizza Hut sets...

Miniplayset Pizza Hut Premiums, Wave 1
__ 2-1B/ Medical Frigate
__ Bossk/ Executor
__ Duro/ Cantina
__ Royal Guard/ Death Star II Hangar
__ Sandtrooper/ Tatooine
__ Weequay/ Dune Sea
Miniplayset Pizza Hut Premiums, Wave 2
__ AT-AT Driver/ AT-AT Cockpit
__ Jabba the Hutt/ Sail Barge
__ Salacious Crumb/ Jabba's Palace
__ TIE Fighter Pilot/ TIE Cockpit
__ Wampa/ Wampa's Cave
__ Wicket/ Endor

6. Why the fan interest in things like Clone Troopers and/or stormtroopers? I don't mean the difference between a Snow Trooper and a Biker Scout. Those are 2 different figures. But I hear so many people excited about spending money on the same figure but with different colors on them.

Sure, the articulation may be different on some. Others come with different accessories. But let's face it, a CLONE trooper is just that. A CLONE. Isn't this just another kick in the groin by Hasbro with the "We know they're buy them if we make them" mentality?

I hate to use the old standby, but when we were kids, we had ONE stormtrooper. If we wanted to recreate a scene on atooine, we painted on some shoulder pads.

I guess I'm asking "whatever happened to 'imagination?'"

What are you, a commie?

7. So who is getting the bonus Clones packs now?

At first, it seemed to be just Wal-Mart, but our grapevine told us that all the major accounts were offered these. We've had a few confirmed sightings at Kay-Bee stores, an unconfirmed sighting at a K-Mart, and it's entirely possible these could show up at Target, Toys "R" Us, or even a second time at Wal-Mart.

8. Hey. Whatıs actually the word on the street concerning which version(s) of the Hoth set is shipping from Amazon.com? Which Taun Taun (Hanıs or Lukeıs) is mainly shipping now? Also, is it my imagination or is the escape pod C-3PO kind of short (look at his shins)? All in all this seems to be a very nice set however I think Threepio wouldıve looked better with a gold metal vac finish instead of the dull paint.

As far as I can tell, the more common version of the Hoth set is still the one showing up most places... and that's the cracked horn version. When it comes to mail ordering a variant, never count on getting the one you want unless it's specified to be a specific version, and that's something Amazon doesn't do. So if you're like me and still need one of Han's Tauntauns, wait for a trade or for it to show up in stores.

The Escape Pod C-3PO appears to be a slightly modified version of the deluxe Attack of the Clones one that came with the droid factory components. As such, he may be a smidge short, but as Lt. Dannl Faytonni is the same height, I'm gonna let it slide.

9. the silver Fett is cool and itıs great that the fan club is selling it, but whatıs with the steep price and exaggerated shipping costs? This single figure will set you back $17.

Well, that's the nature of mail-order exclusives. People always beg for the Fan Club to get one, and when they do, this seems to always happen. The cost of the figure itself (about $10) is fair given the fact it's a lower run than most other toys and the Fan Club has to pay for its infrastructure costs. Toys don't sort, box, and ship themselves after all. Of course, that's what the shipping costs are for, and while it does vary from order to order, shipping is almost always too high when ordering a single toy online. As such, always order two... it's not like you won't be able to trade it.

10. What's in the Sears toy catalog this year? I heard they had the exclusive shuttle?

This year, Sears' Holiday Wishbook is "powered by Kay-Bee Toys." What this means, is everything Sears offers, Kay-Bee offered Sears. As far as Star Wars goes, all they offer is the Shuttle (#5210855, $99.99,) the Playskool Millennium Falcon (#5260928, $29.99) and the Interactive R2-D2 Astromech Droid (#5299164, $69.99.)

Other notable items include Unicron from TransFormers, the Masters of the Universe Dragon Walker, and the Crimson Attack Tank from G.I. Joe. All this and more is supposedly up at www.sears.com/toys but I didn't much feel like checking tonight.


It was a really slow week for questions... you must've all been at the theater seeing Kill Bill which was... uh... Kill Billicious? Never has pure violence been so much fun.

I did get asked what the deal with the odd spelling and punctuation in some questions was. To the curious, I print what I get... yes, I am just that lazy at times.

Anyway, get those questions in for next week. Just email me with your inquiry, and we'll see what we can do.

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