Welcome to the NEW GalacticHunter.com!

By admin — Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Notice something different? Yeah, we did, too. It seems that not even the venerable GalacticHunter.com can escape the changing times, and it's suddenly all bright and shiny and stuff! Read this if you want to know what's in store for GH for Comic-Con and beyond. (Note: If you want to keep up on the site changes, watch the New Site tag.)

80 uc.png

After many years of the same old look, GalacticHunter.com has changed its image, and added long-requested interactive features.  Posts can have comments.  We've integrated Twitter and added social sharing features.  We're readable on mobiles (somewhat; we're still working on that).  And there's more to come.


Here's what you need to know right now:

  • For the moment, old GH content will be accessible from the "Classic GH" link in the left menu bar (under "News").  Soon, we'll be migrating the old content into the new system, so it will be visible and searchable in the new interface.
  • See that new login area on the left?  In order to access the new Comment feature, you need to register for an account.  But wait — if you're already a user of our Forums, you should already have an account!  Simply choose the "Request new password" link, enter your Forums username, and you will get login instructions in your e-mail box.
  • The Galactic Hunter Forums still exist at their old location, and will stay there (with separate profile/login information).  In the coming weeks, we will be beta testing a new forum system, integrated with the new site, that will share profiles with the comment system.
  • RSS feeds!  You can now subscribe to the front page, or any Tag, with your favorite feed reader.


We don't want to confuse you with too much information, so that's it for now.  As we test new features, some parts of the site might break momentarily.  However, if you see a persistent problem, don't hesitate to let us know at webmaster@galactichunter.com (and please mention what Web browser and version you are using).


i've been waiting for GH to get with the 2010's for a while now! love the "share to facebook" but i would love to see a GH widget available for my google homepage. or have i overlooked it?

Que? Google?

What is this Google you speak of? Is this the company that just nixed that thing called Google Wave? (What have they done now?)

I like it!

It's always good to freshen up your page!

welcome back!

Hey Mike, great to see you back! Nice job with the post comments and social media connection to them. Makes signing up super easy. If you're in town for CV, we should meet up for a beer.


Finally! I'm so happy this site has a new design.. for years the damned lines in the background/sides of the old site would burn into my eyes (I'd see them well after leaving the site, closing my eyes, whatever). I am SO GLAD to see this revision!



The new site looks good. I look forward to more great content, just like the old site, but now with new interactivity. Nice work guys. :)

Thanks Rev! Big thanks to the

Thanks Rev! Big thanks to the talents of Adam May and Todd for putting it together. We have a few more enhancements to come, but wanted to launch the new and improved GH in time for Comic-Con. Please keep the feedback coming!

Thanks Rev!

And more and more thanks to Todd, as he had to put up with ME while it was all pieced together. If I cared enough to send flowers, etc. etc. etc.

We're still working out the kinks

...but it's getting there.