TRU Stores Reset for Clone Wars

By Mike — Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toys R Us stores around the nation are heralding the launch of Clone Wars Season 3 by showcasing a new Star Wars Feature shop.  Store reports coming in report new ARC Troopers and Mandalorian Commandos Battle Packs and ROTS Wave with UGH's out now. The exclusive Nikto Guard is still sitting at warehouses but should be arriving any day now.



CW Toy Reset

can't wait to check out TRU and see all the new product of POP displays....been looking forward to seeing a nice large reset since July....the TRU's by me still are pumping the Toy Story 3 POP's....

hoping to score a set of either the ARC troopers or the Mandolorians this weekend....


It is so good to see STAR WARS back at the front. Is that a life size Captain Rex in the pic????
Galactic hunter rocks!!!